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  1. "wE'rE nOt a gRoUp, wE'rE a FAmiLY" 

  2. Iceman ❤️🥶 you too icey

    1. Sully


      ❤️ lemme sketch in yo diary 

    2. Kerkkoh


      💜 you can sketch in my diary any day

  3. It would be man, definitely maybe!
  4. I like it, pun-isher ol' friend
  5. YIN AND YANG dude, YIN AND YANG. There's dualism between the hostile rp and the peaceful moments, one without the other would just be boring and it ruins all realism as people have stated, restrictions just don't make any sense and they ruin RP. Also, bear in mind that you're playing in a post-apocalyptic universe where people don't survive by baking cookies together and having bible-study nights.
  6. welcome, continental breakfast runs every morning from 6am to 11am.
  7. 9/10! really good description of your odyssey! Long live the glorious CLF
  8. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A you'll just have to have FAITH. Feedback: Peril was really quick to respond when my friend and I joined the helpdesk and was insanely helpful with: fixing a variety of game errors, helping us with a discord problem and even setting up the mods we needed to play (we had not played Dayz in many moons). He even kept us company and is a really nice dude. Suggestions for improvement: none really, but I hope he enjoyed the food he was going to eat later on.
  9. Agreed. Plus! He'd really be killing himself if he's really going to trust you like that. But then again, I suppose the same would apply if you had disinfectant in your water bottle and a hostage taker drinks it from your bag? (idk if you can do that kind of stuff anymore)
  10. scream again until i crash i dare you, see what happens

    1. kiwienne


      come at me brah

  11. haha I for sure had a blast with that confrontation, cheers for the encounter to you and frank xx
  12. haha damn, brings me back to the brokers and unchained era! looks good!
  13. hey it's absolutely fine on my end, I totally understand getting absolutely blasted as it was dumb of me to not be careful enough with the raise gun button and Kjeld and I agree after looking over that the audio bug plays a big part in this. It was just mostly chaotic miscommunication that made him turn around and walk away in the first place, so just as a tip I think you guys should decide between yourselves who gets talking privileges (until as you said, you can move to a safer location!) but hey cudos for reaching out and all, I think its just a big misunderstanding
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