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  1. Errol Rockwell

    Errol was born into the dying Rockwell family - he and his siblings were raised by a wealthy, elegant widow in Nova Scotia. As he got older, he began to develop revolting feelings towards his own mother, paired with jealousy towards his younger brother and sister -- since the twins never did like Errol much, he was always a an outsider to them. One day, the twins disappeared, and were eventually found frozen in the middle of Otter Lake - a few miles away from their manor - and though it pained young Errol to see his mother cry, he felt proud of what he had done. Errol chose a beautiful night to enter his mother's room; observing her from a dim corner of the bedroom as she downed a bottle of wine by herself. After spying on her undressing, he revealed himself and attempted to fornicate with her, but was met with a disgusted rejection as she realised how greatly ill her son was. Errol cornered her with his clean silver blade, begging her to let him have what he wanted - he realised that would never happen as soon as she began to sob and scream. In rage, he attempted to castrate himself before stopping and turning his anger towards his mother. It took Errol hours to tend to his self-inflicted wounds, days to cool down from his rage, and weeks to decide to finally bury his mother's corpse in the woods. As the years went by, he kept the Rockwell name alive - rarely leaving his remote manor but stayed busy with the studies in his personal library - learning many things about the world whilst forming his own mental universe around it. He began seducing women to his estate and did so very carefully for a time. However, all it took was one mistake for his life to capsize. The Halifax Police Department believed him to have killed seven women before fleeing the country. Errol found himself hiding Turkey, then Russia and then making it to Chernarus - frequently harassing prostitutes in Chernogorsk during the ice-cold evenings. He was caught in the act of murdering a vagrant in 2012 and was sentenced to ___ years in prison. He was tossed into a cell on the prison island south east of Kamenka - where he dedicated his time to reading about Augustus Caesar. He seized a moment during the early days of the outbreak, which gave him a chance to swim to the mainland. Errol smiled when he stood on that beach - inhaling the fresh air before walking into the dark.
  2. Dans Art And Request Thread

    always treasured <3!! dont be a stranger - hit us up on TS whenever yoo
  3. Ingi Sullenberg

    Sully grew up in northern Iceland and was born into a strict Seventh-day Adventist family. At an early age, he found himself denouncing the religion; much to his father's disgust -- whom was a pastor. Having been rejected by his kin; he fled the north and headed for the capital - Reykjavík - where he studied to become a gourmet chef. When struggling to garner money for his rent and studies, Sully got himself mixed in with Slavic loan-sharks. After avoiding them for weeks, the loan-sharks finally got their hands on him - making it clear that they would break his kneecaps and cut off his johnson if he wouldn't pay up. Sadly, Sully had no money to give; so the slavs thought of a better use for him - as a drug mule. They sent him to their home-country of Chernarus where he would receive contraband to bring back to Reykjavík - if he did this, his debt would be paid. The ship docked in Chernogorsk, where he was provided only with an apartment address - but something had gone wrong, for the apartment was empty. He waited in the apartment for days, sitting on a box of narcotics - eating food from the fridge, expecting contact - yet no one came.
  4. Dans Art And Request Thread

    beautiful artwork as always <3 also cannot believe you actually included the last one
  5. love how your own community reputation just utterly fucking bullies you no matter how many beanz you have


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  6. Polaroid Thread

    great stuff - the last one looks like it was taken from 3rd person but that one i just took behind andy so pls make no mistake, it was in first person
  7. had a fun returning to dayzrp with some buds and seeing the UN camp @Sylvester Todd sorry we couldnt travel up north but hey some other time mate, thanks for the chit-chat @baseball629 @efcjelavic @kiwienne also got blamed for some explosion????
  8. hey we have a cruise ship holding 3,000 men and women - where should we go?

    let's go to chernarus the post-soviet shithole and sink it

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      what's the problem, I regularly go on cruises off the coast of war zones

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  9. Rot and Ruin. [Open frequency]

    Barry stands in a field and smokes his cigarette - hauling backpacks onto the back of a domesticated cow. *He catches his breath and turns his attention to the radio* "Howdy, Stranger." "My name's Barry, I'm a friend of the previous fellow you just planned on meeting. Now, don't you worry, we've heeded your call and would be interested in offering you a fresh start." "Sadly our mutual friend is a bit caught up in some personal matters right now, would you like to schedule a new meeting? We'll be in contact right here on this frequency very soon - might you have a name to fit the voice?" *He stuffs the radio into his pocket and awaits a response*
  10. where have your non-problematic memes gone :(

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