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  1. Ok you got evidence of smoke from my gun? because i didnt shoot so if ur saying i did please provide evidence. Also i never said i was rescuing him i said we was going to talk to them, and actually wanted to rp before u decided to tell us to put our hands up? And i didnt know you was apart of the situation as the guy in the prison building said the people that robbed him was not mexican and u guys were mexican? So what your group of "ONLY mexicans" are not all mexicans now?
  2. Server and location: S1 at VMC Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 18:45 - 11/12/18 You're in game name: Ernie Webb Names of allies involved: Abraham Name of suspect/s: YoungBrandonRP Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): A detailed description of the events: Basically one of the hour friends were getting taken a hostage in the prison inside VMC. We were scouting the area to make sure that there was no one else and then we stumble upon a Mexican. We knew that he wasn't involved in the sit so we decided to let him go. After I leave my friend that I am with he initiates for no reason. So I decide to run back to him to try to talk to them and I spot them so I hid just behind a little hill and then I get shot in the back. And my mate that got held up gets executed. At this point in like no idea what happened and why they shot. I contact him in discord and he doesn't really want to resolve or talk about it as seen from the screenshot above. The guy told me that he saw me the shot but then I asked for evidence and he said just post the report so I said ok. To be fair I'm fed up with the amount of hostile pvp that the Mexicans do and this is why it has come to this.
  3. Didn't know you could drive the floor in DayZ?



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      What happened when you run into groups on DayZRP


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      its ok rusty we still love you. 

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  5. Recently i had a run into with a group of people, now when they initiated on me, i couldn't 1. see a gun or some time of item that is supposed to look threatening. 2. I didn't see him himself initiating on me? i heard him but didn't see him. So basically i had someone tell me to put my hands up, but realistically do i need to if i cant either see them or some time of weapon that they are threatening me? because really he could of been initiating on anyone, with anything? The rules i have in mind are below: - You must have some sort of weapon that will look threatening towards a person (i.e - a gun, or melee weapon) - You must be visible to the person you are initiating on so they know who and why they want to initiate on you.
  6. I think what haggis is saying is yeh, there is a lot of things you can do. But would it be better if the limits wasnt there? so you could take it even further, because at the end of the day there are limits but people get carried away with it and dont realise and thats what leads to a ban. So basically with this other server you wouldnt need to worry about the limits and the bans coming your way.
  7. Yes of course its low, we all know that, but this would be for future purposes
  8. Great, idea i think it would be awesome to see people open up their darker side or rp, as of now a days many server dont allow it, and most people like to have either a crazy weird stupid character that is racist and stupid. But then again people might look at this weirdly and say no its not on. As a character you really are a different person to who you are in real life so i guess this could work out fine +1 from me <3
  9. Hi, my name is Bradley. People call me Brad for short. I grew up in a small town in the UK. It all went to shit on the day of April 21st about a year ago from now. I first saw it on the TV, an emergency broadcast from the UK government, pfft scums that's what they are. "This is not a drill, this is the UK emergency broadcasting system, we have breaking news of a outbreak virus in the UK. We recommend all citizens of the UK to lock their doors, barricade their windows and turn of their lights! Whatever you do, do not leave your home until another emergency broadcast has been made that it is safe!". That's the last we heard of the government. As you know i don't like the UK government so why would i listen to them? Your right, i didn't. What i did first was get my plane and get out of the UK as fast as i could. As me being me i had a pilot license for about 2 years and i had my own plane in my on air garage and the main airport close to where i lived. That's how i ended up on Chernarus. A small quiet Russian island that was protected by the CDF and NATO forces only letting in people if they were not infected. Well at least they protected the island for a small amount of time.
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  12. I would like to comment on what is said here, im going to list out a number of things that i didnt know and that you have completely wrong in your sense of what was going on. 1. I was not the guy going around calling people a retard actually the guy in the full red, me and him spoke to the full guy in yellow with the silenced ak which was the person that was going round calling people pricks and retards after asking him not to say such things in the church as there is respect needed for the church he became really hostile and started targeting me, i then decided to stand up for myself and ask him to leave. He continued to argue, shortly after he left thats when "the black fangs" decided to initiate. 2. I did not realise you were all together, there were many people around close to 20, some outside, some in the church how was i supposed to know who was who? 3. As the initiation dropped i did not look around, i was looking at the guy who i heard initiate which i believe was the one to my right, after he turned to point the gun at me after the initiation was dropped we traded as i shot him and he shot me. I did not know however there was a gang in the church with me, you or someone apart of you gang should of stated that. 4. Personally if you want to report me then thats fair enough, but in my eyes i did nothing wrong it was a bit of rp that turned badly, if you want to do an initiation i believe it needs to be clear and you need to know who you are initiating on. Because i can tell you straight up that i had no clue who was enemy. I was just focusing on the guy that was pointing a gun at people like i said the one to the right of me, you either of your gang mates have a video you will see that. Next time i advice you to not initiate on people when there are 10-20 other people around.
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