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  1. JackZRP

    I'm Back

    Happy to see you back brother
  2. JackZRP

    Give Loremasters Admin Tools

    Yeah give them tools they'll be able to create sick events on an active rate as they dont have to deal with admin shit so can focus solely on events. Good idea bro
  3. JackZRP

    Our people, our lands, our country.

    *Khabib picks up his radio and presses the PTT* "I agree this message, I reopen my gym in vybor come grapple and learn for be champion You have defend yourself otherwise you get smashed, you must be standing up for something. Chernarus be free again. I will smash capitalist." *Khabib releases his PTT*
  4. JackZRP

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Good Luck fellas slava bernarus
  5. JackZRP

    Server wipes every week, encourage map / group settlements, & bring in points of interests.

    Monthly wipes sound cool to me, not weekly. That would be annoying
  6. Dont worry guys im still here!! Ready toRP 😎

    1. Zanaan


      Glad you survived, and to all the others that have thus far.

    2. Brayces


      Be sure to be extra careful now, okay? ❤️ Some people may just wanna see you THANOS SNAP just because of who you are/are friends with.

    3. JackZRP


      thankyou my loyal followers

  7. JackZRP

    Staff Feedback: Hofer

    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: No Feedback: I think you should put yourself in others shoes and not try and force your own personal opinion on way things should be anytime you can. Past few days you tried to closed a perfectly fine thread for no reason and you seem to weigh in on matters you haven't even experienced or know nothing about. My feedback would be to put yourself in other peoples shoes and try not to swing your GM power at every moment you can. Suggestions for improvement: Get more sleep at night or exercise more
  8. Because he always do it it gets tiring
  9. Literally nobody is caring about pvp on this thread. I don't get why you always bring it up to take digs The whole 'We are an RP server not a PVP server' is so old Like bro you haven't even played in 4 hours you probably haven't even experienced how diabolical it is to play with the lack of loot and high amount of zombies
  10. Just want to gather some of the issues people are experiencing with the new map. I'm currently experiencing a few; - Zombies are literally around every corner, and there's usually about 50 of them. I caught this horde after hitting one zombie in the industrial area of Kamenogorsk. - Loot. Have been in-game for a solid 3-4 hours now and have looted different 3-4 military bases including one as soon as the server came back up. The most i have found is an MP5 and a few mags with little to no ammo. What issues are you guys experiencing? Please discuss here so we can get some fixed. I think it's ridiculous how there's more zombies but less guns to defend yourselves from them. Discuss.
  11. JackZRP

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    Maps fun however there's a shortage of the assault rifles and there's literally hordes around every single corner.
  12. Hordes?




    1. Rover


      Jesus christ that is horrifiying. Did you spend an hour rounding them all up, or did they come from the sound of gunfire?

    2. JackZRP


      I spent exactly 1 minute rounding them up after punching one zombie.

  13. JackZRP

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    @BraycesDraw me
  14. Right boys remember if somebody is inside of a base or inside of a wall you cant initiate they have complete immunity and you can do absolutely nothing to them. Rules need to be more organic and allow roleplay to flow how it should.
  15. Anybody should be able to initiate from behind a wall. These new rules are restricting the way you can play so much it makes things so bland lol
  16. JackZRP

    Current State of Rule(s)

    The whole thing with 2.3 is not good either. Role play should be organic
  18. Imagine asking the developers to waste time changing how farming works. Sounds about boring to me, -1
  19. @SquirtleKitty Nice playing with you dingle!


  20. Anyone want a scrap

  21. facts its the best gun in the game
  22. Walking to the gym takes so fucking long

  23. dont act like red tracky man wont frag you and your sisters at the lady night

    1. SquirtleKitty


      We'll castrate you 

      juri snip GIF

    2. JackZRP


      @SquirtleKitty // no u dont have permission

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