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  1. Have a good Easter ya dog nonces

  2. JackZRP

    The House

    Les avitttttttt
  3. JackZRP

    A song of whitenames and roleplay.

    Personally find it hilariously funny when people go OOC in voip, but i can get how it annoys some people when they're really "immersed". I'd make it a little harder but not too hard.
  4. New PC up and running.


    1. Crim



    2. ThrashRP


      Welcome back brother

    3. JackZRP


      got a 1660ti, intel i5 9400F, big fat ssd and 16GB ram

      still need to buy another hard drive 

    4. Crim


      Gonna start streaming?

    5. JackZRP


      Streaming isn't for me man i prefer just playing with the boys

  5. JackZRP

    False Report?

    Pep you know you'd get slumped Jokes love you mate
  6. JackZRP

    False Report?

    How is listening to somebody with higher authority to you bending over How am i bending over to something i agree with Your logic isn't great pal. Stop @ing me unless you want to PM me son
  7. JackZRP

    False Report?

    How is this discussion at all productive? Rolle already literally stated it was not a false report and that the verdict was fine Last i heard Rolle was in charge. Unlucky son
  8. JackZRP

    False Report?

    Case to case basis mate Unlucky son take the loss already and move on
  9. JackZRP

    False Report?

    Your mate tried it and got flopped, unlucky son OT: Good verdict Who cares if its a false report or not anyway dusty NVFL'ed while on final and got flopped for it wham bam thankyou ma'm
  10. PC broken boys. Ordering a new one in a minute. Won’t be on for a short while

    1. Osku


      I think the firefight comms just LEVELED UP!

    2. JackZRP



      It’s coming in on tuesday have fun with Good comms while you can 

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