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  1. Remove me from Roster until i'm active again
  2. Straight from Instagram, enjoy.
  3. Much more monies for the big man if everyone bought diamond for more benefits People want more benefits than priority queue for 200 bro As DuquesneLR said, he'd buy it in a heartbeat if that was implemented. Much like a lot of others.
  4. Hell yeah brother Me, You Kord and Boris in a cell would end in a scrap
  5. To start off with i am only appealing my points associated with my ban that were given due to 'Baiting' - which i never did. Link to the source of punishment: Why the verdict is not fair: I never baited anybody, nor in the outcome was it ever concluded that i was baiting, because i wasn't baiting, they were gonna initiate on me which is why my character went crazy. One of them literally said "alright i'm going to go set up while running to a position with a gun in his hand) - I never baited, my character was nice until that happened. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In no way did i bait an initiation nor want them to initiate, why would i? I had no backup at all and i'd have to comply due to NVFL rules. No reason to bait. I was simply talking shit because they were gonna set up on me (or at least one of them). What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My ban for trolling stay, but the baiting part removed and points associated removed. What could you have done better?: Not went crazy and spoke so much shit, it may have looked like baiting but it wasn't. Please ask any questions and don't instantly deny this, because i can explain anything about the situation in detail and with pure honesty because i did not try bait and initiation. They never even initiated?
  6. My character is not scared of anybody or any groups and will talk shit to anybody. Obviously i'd still comply and follow all NVFL rules etc but my character simply thinks hes harder than any of them. I have no clue how the situation was going to go, i simply was just providing free flowing roleplay that could of gone anywhere. I didn't want them to initiate nor wasn't going to initiate myself as it was only me at the time of me talking all of that shit. When i got into comms afterwards and found that there was people nearby and willing to come and help me take them out for what they had done and trying to set up on me (Which they did try and do while i was talking to them, the guy literally said im setting up now while running to a position with a gun in his hand).
  7. The server crashed bro i logged back in as soon as i could but i think i had to wait in a queue
  8. Bro I RP this character everyday and role play these multiple persona’s because he’s got the mental disorder you can ask anybody I often role play with in my group or in other groups that I come across. There’s not really any way I can prove it myself since it wasn’t on my character page prior to the incident which was stupid of me to be fair I should have had it in there // Sent from my phone
  9. Jack Jackson; This is a unique type of roleplay that only i bring to the server. To start off with i didn't stream snipe you i don't even use twitch properly nor do i ever watch anybodies steam because i only play games myself. Secondly one of you said he was setting up on me in game which triggered my characters multiple persona syndrome which is why the accents changed from nice guy to violent then Conor McGregor. I would like to also state that at no point i was trying to bait you that would be ridiculous at the time of talking to you i was completely alone with no backup my character was simply just extremely angry with how you were acting towards me and being rude when i first came up to you and throughout our conversation in game. This is why i acted this way in game as i was attempting to properly portray my characters personality. So i didn't bait or stream snipe. The RP wasn't amazing which i can get behind as to be honest i am not the best roleplayer which i will agree with but i'm not terrible and i attempt to provide a unique roleplay style when i talk to people which sometimes gets misunderstood. I can answer any questions asked of me and i am happy to talk the report out if the OP wishes. Have a good day fellas - JackZ
  10. Right who's getting KOS'ed first then? Hahahahaha this will be fun
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