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  1. More politics smh Just add it it makes the server better
  2. JackZRP

    Disband the DayZRP Council

    Just disband it
  3. JackZRP

    Slava Chernarus

    *Josif TImur picks up his microphone after executing two pakis I'm ready for war. Slava Bernarus *Releases his radio and throws it at a wall at 50 mph
  4. If you wanna play FPP you have the choice to lmao
  5. Jack 'Rock Hard' Jackson PoV; I rinsed a few Muslims because my character is like that, i walked around novy and watched a few people get initiated on. I was trying to pull the bird that was initiated on so i followed them into the church and was shouting at the hostages for a while and offered to check if she was pregnant or not to help out. The server restarted and when i got back in i was just humming to myself and chilling. The muslims told me to leave for some reason but i didn't want to leave so i said no. After a while of me saying no he initiated so i went for him and his mates but got rinsed. End of PoV hope it was a fun interaction boys no hard feelings love you all
  6. @JimRP Take RP out my name please

    1. Wolffe


      I'd preffer if he took out JackZ

      You would be just RP

      Embrace it

      Let the RP flow through you

    2. JackZRP
  7. Lets fucking go i'd be down completely make an event thread bro
  8. JackZRP

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    So you've been in a zombie apocalypse IRL before? That's cool bro can i have some stories? On a real note, hostilities would not be minor. Everything is down to opinion. Some people would rob everybody for what they had for the better chance of survival in a real life scenario, others would just hide and mind their business. The whole point is that some people are different and will play different dont cry because people want to play hostile, take your shit and frag you a couple times when you dont wanna comply
  9. JackZRP

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    Bro you're making no sense Of course i can compare it, they're literally the same thing. You role play as if its real life. If you want to play a character that is a pussy by all means thats fine but expect hostile groups to be hostile and pvp will always be a thing on here its the zombie apocalypse case closed B.O boy
  10. JackZRP


  11. JackZRP

    PvP Complaints are a Sign of the Times

    Its a zombie apocalypse, hostile groups will fight and be exactly what they are; hostile. People exclude "PvP" from RP, why? PvP is a result of what happens in RP. You can't expect to play a RP server on a game like DayZ and not have some bandits constantly fucking wtih you, its going to happen, it would IRL. Deal with it or man up.
  12. JackZRP


    Who are you? Welcome back Bro.
  13. JackZRP

    Staff Feedback: Realize

    Link to the situation: PMS Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Great moderator goes out of his way to do his job what this community needs Suggestions for improvement: None keep doing what you're doing
  14. More grown men crying?


    1. Eagle


      What men?

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