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  1. JackZ

    'The Crew of the Charlotte'

    *Pete firmly holds down his PTT with his right hands thumb and begins to talk in his distinguishable english accent* Come in Come in, The Crew of the Charlotte. I've found something you've been looking for so desperately. I've taken a trip to Kamensk wearing a Hazmat Suit and i have managed to find something you told us you were on the hunt for. It's Petey talking if you didn't distinguish me by my accent, A member of Aurora's Right Hand. The Fuel Tanks at Kamensk Military Base, Ground Zero of the Infection - *Pete sounds ecstatic* Th-they're rich with diesel Fuel! There's many there too, If you're prepared to go they're it's yours for the taking. *A loud aggravated noise is heard from an infected in the radio* Here we go again. *The radio turns to static as Pete lets go of his PTT and drops his radio*
  2. JackZ

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Mate i said 'Hello Mucka' and you say 'Did this guy just call me a retard' and i said 'No mate, Mucka is english slang for friend, So i'm just saying hello' and then you persist in saying that i'm a retard and constantly ramble on for the next 2 or so minutes calling me a retard constantly and a 'Broken Record'. I simply didn't respond as no response was needed to such aggression. I was prepared to conduct a lengthy and talkative roleplay with you but my character simply does not respond to such aggression as it just adds fuel to the flame. Thanks for your feedback nonetheless, I'll take it into consideration and i'm sure this discussion can stop here.
  3. JackZ

    It’s Time to Say Goodbye

    Take care mucka.
  4. JackZ

    Nordic Battlegroup

    After being called a 'Retard' literally 10+ times by your Character, I felt it necessary to not respond as i didn't wan't to add to your aggressiveness, So i simply observed and listened. If you remember rightly i was rather Talkative before you began to call me a Retard for saying hello mucka which is english slang for hello mate, Which i specified in character. Will take the comments towards me as Constructive Criticism and talk more in situations that require a lot of focus, However my Characters Characteristics will not change.
  5. JackZ

    Nordic Battlegroup

    Responding to @Para Me and the two i was with were actually Hard Muted in TeamSpeak throughout mostly the entire situation. We were acting quiet due to the extent of the situation that was up with Retro. The whole situation revolving Retro had to be dealt with extreme secrecy and delicacy, Which explains the quietness among us. I'm sorry you were on the end of the stick that received little RP, but we had to conduct the situation with secrecy as Retro was a threat that we could only deal with after orders from a Leader. The extended period of quietness was mainly due to us waiting for our Leader, Svenne, to arrive and take charge of the situation and give us orders. We had contacted him via radio before hard muting (turning off our radios), as well as saying it in-game, to which he gave an ETA of 5 minutes. We simply wouldn't tell civilians that Retro was a carrier of the infection (Which only my character knew) as it would cause widespread panic among the town, So we kept it a secret, I fail to see how this is bad roleplay in any way just because you were rightfully not included. Once again apologies for giving you little roleplay but secrecy in this roleplay was necessary.
  6. JackZ

    Truth or Lie

    False but i which it's True. I think Wario is the best Mario kart character.
  7. JackZ

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @JoffreyRP Leader of the crew of the Charlotte, Great roleplay in general clearly a good leader. @UndeadRP Friendly but not-to-be fucked with member of the crew of the Charlotte looking for supplies to escape the rock that is Chernarus. @Svenne Leader of the settlement in the school area offering information for nearby materials the crew of the Charlotte needed. @Reaper Great roleplay both ingame and in comms. @jacob67121 Great roleplay both ingame and in comms. @Avery Great roleplay both ingame and in comms. @UndergroundLV Great roleplay both ingame and in comms. @Kriss Blade Great roleplay both ingame and in comms. @xdproslim11Great roleplay both ingame and in comms.
  8. JackZ

    Town Of Bromwell

    *Pete firmly presses down his PTT and begins to talk in a distorted voice* Living inside of a home assigned to you by somebody with the guarantee of protection and a homely feel is going to cost. This cost is extremely low as well, So is not much to ask for in exchange for what he is offering. In addition, "Hobo's don't like paying rent" - this is most likely why they have the title of being a 'Hobo' in the first place, So there's no surprise there. I would personally have no issue with paying rent for living in such a safe and homely town, As well as have medical assistance on the response of a raised voice. *Pete puts his hands on his head* These survivors who didn't lose their life to the infected have lost their minds to it. *Pete then lets go of his PTT*
  9. JackZ

    Brayces - COMIC/ART

    That is crazy good man, You've got mad talent.
  10. JackZ

    dimitris theme thread

    The one on the far right looks pretty sweet
  11. JackZ

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nah mate. Dimitri
  12. JackZ

    Real life picture Thread

    Above average!!!
  13. JackZ

    Real life picture Thread

    I look small, I'm not, I'm 6'0.
  14. JackZ

    The Levy's Slavic Happy Fun Time Party (revitalized)

    As Svenne said, It's good to see an event in Severograd, We'll be sure to watch over and help where necessary.
  15. JackZ

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a great time helping open the new Settlement in Severograd with some of these! @Svenne @dimitri @xdproslim11 @Mrsunny @SebbePwnYou