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  1. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    -User was warned for this post-
  2. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation:N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: Had a problem logging into server, turned out my name was too long to join under same as forum character. Tried his best to help, wasn't good enough but found some more knowledgeable admin who was able to resolve the issue so now assumed legendary status in my mind. Suggestions for improvement:Brain transplant
  3. Doug Hamilton

    Douglas Hamilton was born in the East End of Glasgow in 1977. Poverty stricken and with little options upon leaving school Doug turned to drug dealing, this resulted in his imprisonment at the age of 21 after he almost killed a man in a drug fuelled rage over an owed debt. With 10 years to consider the direction of his life, Doug decided to turn things around and took part in the prison schooling program, managing to be one of only a handful of inmates to earn a degree while incarcerated. His particular interest was in military history and antique weaponry and upon leaving prison he planned to open up an antiques, coin and medal shop. On 21/10/2008 Doug was finally released from her majesty's custody and was free to pursue his dream, after the horrors of the last 10 years he was determined to live a quiet and happy life and so took a job at a local museum to start saving. After a huge effort, living wherever he could, from his friends sofa to his mum's garage at last he was able to begin the process of opening his store in Glasgow City Centre. With premises secured, shopfitting underway and money to buy stock Doug decided to travel Europe, attempting to find and secure deals. It was this fateful journey which brought him to Chernarus, with its history of conflict it seemed the perfect place to source some war medals or antique weaponry, exactly the kind of exotic items his collectors in Glasgow would be clamouring to buy. After arriving at the Airport in the North East....... *WIP
  4. Home Destroyed [Open Frequency]

    *hears his brothers and buckles at the antagonistic nature of their replies* "Damien, the stupid fucks let me go after spitting in their faces under torture, they are weak. " "I have a space on my necklace for this puta, gained some valuable info from their so called torture session, i will be in touch" "they took a finger but never broke my will" *Puts down the radio and drifts off into a peaceful and relaxing sleep in the knowledge his enemies are useless and weak*
  5. Home Destroyed [Open Frequency]

    *Contains his laughter for a moment to entertain the shit nugget throwing his weight around "To my pagan friends, lets band together and rid our land of these wannabe gangsters" "Together we are unstoppable" *Puts down radio and begins enacting a Spanish dance with his imaginary friend*
  6. Home Destroyed [Open Frequency]

    *reels in the big fish he just caught taking the bait "And i thought we were friends, take care radio warrior, you should know by now i enjoy the pain" *eddie gets back to his well laid out plans, detailing his revenge.
  7. Home Destroyed [Open Frequency]

    *Eddie stops sucking his severed finger and picks up his blood stained radio* *Pushes the button and begins laughing hysterically* "Why did the blonde schoolgirl sleep with a mexican?" "Because she was told to do an essay" *Begins laughing uncontrollably "Big mistake letting me live hombre, revenge is sweet, i can't wait to taste you all"
  8. Muhahahahaha, Eddie has a death wish, till we meet again
  9. Taken hostage and lost a finger this evening to Mr Shark his comrades along with previous victim Sam Mathews, was touch and go for a while but still alive. Good RP guys, i tried to make it challenging but you always stayed in character, amazed im still breathing, should have killed me, might live to regret it .
  10. Yet another newbie joining

    Welcome, hopefully meet you soon as i need new shoes

    Hi received 3 warning points for : Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Admin asked for anyone involved to post POV or evidence Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Assumed because it stated anyone who was involved in the situation to post their POV that i should state i had no evidence relating to the RDM as there was video showing me interrogating the member minutes before he was shot. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?: Not posted even tho i was only trying to help and state the situation was unrelated to the video evidence presented which showed me with the reporting member. Admin stated : In addition to that, will anyone who is involved please provide us with full, unedited video evidence if you have any. Considering i was heavily featured in the video was just trying to show i had read the report and state unfortunately i wasn't recording.
  12. DayzRP's dead. Move to VineRP

    The fate of DayzRP is tied to the development of the game whether we like it or not. If the devs get their arses in gear and ever actually finish the game with working vehicles, base building, pets, detailed crafting etc then this place will see an influx of new people joining. The game has become stale so had a knock-on effect on the site, that and too many immature members of the site who get panties in a twist if someone farts in their direction. Still some quality people left and i commend them for their effort getting the site to this stage, just hope they maintain patience as eventually things will pick up again imo.
  13. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Only joking Seen you around on the forums but never met in game. Not been around on the server for last couple of months so maybe that will change soon. 7/10
  14. What We Can Do

    I would suggest the demographic this site aims at would be highly entertained by dick shaped nuggets.