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  1. Doesn't seem to be enough active players at the minute but that will most likely change when beta hits.
  2. I guess the point some people are making is that rape, racism etc aren't really worse than what already goes on, torture, mutilation, cannibalism... just because we are desensitised to these despicable acts doesn't somehow make them acceptable or any less offensive. Murder someone and you face life imprisonment or in the states even worse. Same can't be said for making racist comments, i've yet to hear of someone being sentenced to life for using offensive language. I'm happy to abide by the rules even if i think they are hypocritical. Sad that we see so much murder, violence, torture in our media that somehow it's now looked upon as less chilling than other more taboo crimes. Murder, rape, torture, mutilation, cannibalism etc are all equally abhorrent yet some on here will happily tie you up and shoot you in the face without remorse but the concept of RPing a racist character causes major offence at the mere suggestion.
  3. I Thanks mate, more accurately illustrates the point i'm trying to make. Right now there's a grey area, what one person thinks is a joke or RP could offend someone else. I was suggesting taking all RP rules away to avoid the chance of overstepping the mark. People seem to have just interpreted that as me wanting to be a serial rapist, yay.
  4. Fair point, although because someone is acclimatized to a scenario i don't think it necessarily should be considered more acceptable. However, a server full of seedy rapists and pedophiles doesn't sound like much fun now that you mention it. Hunting down, torturing and murdering rapists and pedo's does however sound like an incentive to play. Agreed tho, on reflection a server such as this would attract an undesirable demographic of internet freaks.
  5. I guess i don't like rules. Also it seems hypocritical to me to allow grotesque torture and mutilation but then take issue with racism. I'm not making a suggestion for a Rape RP server which people seem to be turning this into. I was suggesting a server which allowed anything and everything to be possible. Now that it's been shot down like a lead balloon i'll go back into my dungeon and kick the dog or something.
  6. Actually i'd prefer to hunt sexual deviants rather than be one. Ok bad idea, whats new.
  7. Yes, i want to make people afraid to join the server and have trouble sleeping afterward
  8. It's more of a follow on from the other thread..... Rapists exist Nazis exist Racists exist Much more sickness than just those examples. I guess it's about feeling free to say whatever you like without the threat of reprimand, literally anything goes
  9. Literally anything i want, no censorship to RP whatsoever. I'd probably face a ban for even giving examples
  10. *cough, no of course not. Maybe a little. Find myself questioning myself before saying certain things on the server, could be an idea for a no rules RP server where we can fully explore our characters. Can assure you that an apocalyptic event would bring out the worst in folk.
  11. You're obviously completely sane.
  12. Following on from the other thread regarding Rape RP and Racism etc. Would it be a good idea to host another server which required people to agree to a disclaimer before entering? This server would have relaxed RP rules, allowing people to explore the darker side of humanity without the risk of bans. If people had to agree to these new rules before entering it could allow for new avenues to open up and keep those who are more easily offended protected. Would be happy to pay for this as i think it would have a lot of interest, more extreme RP without as much self censorship yet following the same engagement rules would be really popular. I for one would enjoy the darker side of DayzRP, as long as it was kept realistic and in character i feel there should be a place for characters to freely express themselves.
  13. It could be argued that murder is a more heinous crime than anything else you mentioned yet is tolerated. Plenty of murderous characters walking around with little to no regret or remorse. I'm not making an argument for rape RP or racism however imo it's no worse than torturing and murdering someone. Not to mention the cannibalism, eating another human being is surely worse than subjecting them to racism.
  14. I don't fully agree with this rule, we are allowed to torture and humiliate in all sorts of sadistic and gruesome ways yet draw a line when it comes to sexual abuse or racism. Strange world when torture and murder are commonplace but lines are drawn when using certain terms. If there was a choice i'm sure most would take racist abuse over death. If we are aiming at realism you can rest assured that in the event of a zombie apocalypse rapists will not be asking permission, kind of defeats the purpose. Also would open up more RP opportunities as those accused or guilty of sexual crimes would be hunted and face severe character reputation effects, would be like prison, i for one would love the chance to hunt some beasts. I do agree that it should be kept to skype or some other form of private comms with explicit permission and i can see the downsides of this type of RP as it would be abused. I'll get my coat.....
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