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  1. Adam was raised in countryside in Poland by his uncle who was a retired sailor. They often spend holidays together in uncle's cabin in the woods where this young boy learned first things about survival. Years passed and he became student of medicine. It wasn't for the will of helpin people but of curious. He was obsessed with human anatomy, and often got into troubles because of his.. experiments. Finally, he was expeld from academy. This didn't end his obsession. And when you want something really bad.. you will eventually find a way. Thanks to some shady people he got contact with, he was able to falsify his doctor degree in medicine. He used opportunity to enlist to army in 2017. There was something going on in military and they needed every specialist they could get. Verification process wasn't very thorough. In short while he begun trening as a field medic. It was there where he met Anna. They fell in love. Soon they're both wanted out of military. Anna served in UN for a few years now. She had to go on one final mission to Chernorus. This relationship changed Adam, he wanted peaceful life but it wasn't that easy. Someone in the military find out about Adam's past and he almost got caught. He had to desert. He hid with his uncle and came out with a plan. Adam's grandpa was a chernorussian. They didn't spoke since Adam's parents died years ago. Once he was a farmer and his still own a plot of land but now he was alone. If he could find his way to Chernorus, he could hide there hopefully with Anna(cause she's already there) and no one would find them there. His uncle was terrified and angry, but he helped Adam. He knew a captain who often sails to Green Sea. Few days later Adam was on his way to the Chernorus. Few days after journey started, news arrived about what happend in Chernorus and other news started to coming from around the world, morale of the crew dropped. One of the last transmission said that UN was massacred. Ship was almost at destination when there was a mutiny. Some people went crazy and they started to kill each other. Adam managed to secure a raft and he use it to escape. Unfortunately storm hit the coast before Adam get to the shore. He barely get there alive...