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  1. Instead of the Winchester Model 1895, What about the Model 1865 ?
  2. Nick Wilde


    Get rid of the silly twatch shirt. Thanks
  3. @Voodoo I'm really not sure. I posted the report about 15ish minutes after I saw the things missing in my base. I'm not sure when this happened because soon after I saw it the server restarted/crashed so Its a good thing I took a photo or the evidence would be gone. As for the fences, no. They jumped in the base, took the stuff they wanted - dropped the things in the tents/barrel/ and took those and jumped out. No Fences were broken though. Im sorry, I really have no Idea as when this happened because when I got it it was just like that.
  4. Server and location: S1 Between Zub and Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): A couple hours ago? (Logs will show) Your in game name: Dennis Colson Names of allies involved: @Will @FknSnow Name of suspect/s: (Unknown, logs will show) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Photos will be posted below. Detailed description of the events: Last night we had two little blue tents, and two barrels outside. The red one wasnt touched, the other one next to it , the supplies were taken, the rest were dumped on the floor and the barrel was taken because we can not find it. The tents were also taken(Small ones) and the items inside were dumped same with the barrel.
  5. Hey those are my screenshots
  6. -1 Absolutely Not. I hate.. despise first person roleplay servers.. This is a terrible Idea. Plus I actually like to see what my character looks like, and not only by opening the inventory.
  7. Anyone up for a Zombie Piggy Back Ride? @Will
  8. Nick Wilde

    Slava Chedaki!

    *Dennis drinking from his canteen as his radio starts going off, picking it up off of his belt, hearing Hughes voice giving Colson a small smile, his smile drastically changing into a worried, distraught frown as he listens to what Jayden is saying... Dennis starts to shaking as he's listening.. Hearing the shots on the radio after Jayden is finished talking, Tears drop from his eyes, his Canteen falling to the floor, Dennis dropping to his knees*... *thinking to himself" "N-not hughes... W-why.. I-I'm all alone now..."
  9. I think adding the Build Anywhere Mod onto the server would be very beneficial. There are some very nice spots that the terrain just doesn't allow you to build on. Let me know what you think
  10. Nick Wilde

    Galápagos | Medical Roleplay | Open Recruitment

  11. Nick Wilde

    Stamina to fix all your needs

    No changing your votes
  12. Nick Wilde

    Stamina to fix all your needs

    I literally shot a zombie 6 times and it didnt fucking die. I'm stunned how no one wants Unlimited Stamina honestly. Its kind of sickening *puke*
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