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  1. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Dennis smirks and laughs a little, pressing down his PTT* I'm not sure if that is supposed to be scary or what... My wheelchaired granny could scare me more than the VDV.. You ain't scaring no one.. *Dennis cuts up some of his wolf steak, and then releases the radio*
  2. WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *While poking a stick at the fire, Dennis presses his PTT* T-that's great to hear! I-i'm glad that you are all still looking out for each other j-just like family.. N-no one can take away t-the bond of a f-family feeling... *Dennis's hand shakes a little as he lets go of the radio and smiles*
  3. fake nick wild tbh

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    2. Nihoolious


      I was here first. You imposter

    3. Aiko


      You heard me fake nick! Leave my Kistune alone!

    4. Nick Wilde

      Nick Wilde

      ;c why cant we all just be friends :( i guess we can both be nick wilde :P 

  4. Why the sudden jump to S2?

    I would agree, I think it's a good idea to keep both open.
  5. @Razareth I'm always getting into trouble lol..
  6. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    Damn @Lemons lookin sexy AF lol
  7. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    @Lemons i'm glad that you are ^-^
  8. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    @Lemons https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyArbitraryPuppyKappaWealth Dennis : "I have a real phobia that I'm gunna fall off of this thing" - Lemons falls off *cry*
  9. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    I only was trying to be a hero incase of a fire ;c Not sure if this belongs here, But if you want to see me be stupid then here ;c https://www.twitch.tv/potatosackss
  10. [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    @Crim That was me smashing a keyboard on my wall, I got so pissed
  11. Dennis Colson

    Dennis Colson is a young man. He was raised in New York City and has been on the road his whole life.. He is a heart warming guy and is a nice person to be around. He once had a brother but his brother died in a fatal helicopter crash off the coast of the bermudas. Dennis miisses his brother every day.
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  12. @Kittendo You're very welcome <3