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  1. Nick Wilde

    Operation Kopec - Lore Event [RP-PvP]

    Add me to the UN side on my current UN character, thanks
  2. Nick Wilde

    The Last Light

    I-I'm home >//<
  3. Nick Wilde

    DayZ RP Streamers

  4. Dennis Colson's POV : The guy in the helmet was complete terrible RP, He was coming to the Pub we have and was there Text RP'ing saying such as IDK... and I AM THE HELMET .. And walking up to people and sniffing them but yeah pretty everything Kiera and kyle said
  5. Okay well Mango was robbing the Frenc guy and we initiate on mango and bring him into barn, the snfguy had a bounty on him, so we was hunba let the snfguy deal with mango, then the snf guy shot Kyle because mango said to put his m4 on floor and Kyle and other guy traded shots, I got nervous so I shot the world coat guy, I couldn't barely hear anything one of my headpiece was falling off and the sou nd w asnt coming through, again I'm really sorry
  6. Again, I'm really sorry.. I know I've messed up, And for that I apologize. Today was just not my day I guess .. ;c
  7. Dennis Colson POV : Pretty much what Kyle said above.. I understand I messed up, and I honestly feel terrible for shooting that guy, Ii thought he was Jango's friend, Also my Headset wasnt working so the sound was choppy, and my PC was bugging out. I got nervous and shot the guy with the wool coat because I thought he was with the jango dude
  8. Nick Wilde

    Brotherhood Of Thieves [The Depot]

  9. Nick Wilde

    WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *Dennis smirks and laughs a little, pressing down his PTT* I'm not sure if that is supposed to be scary or what... My wheelchaired granny could scare me more than the VDV.. You ain't scaring no one.. *Dennis cuts up some of his wolf steak, and then releases the radio*
  10. Nick Wilde

    WHO Hostage Rescued from VDV camp

    *While poking a stick at the fire, Dennis presses his PTT* T-that's great to hear! I-i'm glad that you are all still looking out for each other j-just like family.. N-no one can take away t-the bond of a f-family feeling... *Dennis's hand shakes a little as he lets go of the radio and smiles*
  11. Nick Wilde

    • Nick Wilde
    • Nihoolious

    fake nick wild tbh

    1. Elmo


      Banstrike incoming :x

    2. Nick Wilde

      Nick Wilde

      oh no dad please ;c :P 

    3. Aiko


      Dont talk to my Kitsune like that!

    4. Nick Wilde
    5. Nihoolious


      I was here first. You imposter

    6. Aiko


      You heard me fake nick! Leave my Kistune alone!

    7. Nick Wilde

      Nick Wilde

      ;c why cant we all just be friends :( i guess we can both be nick wilde :P 

  12. Nick Wilde

    Why the sudden jump to S2?

    I would agree, I think it's a good idea to keep both open.
  13. Nick Wilde

    The UN/WHO South Zagorian 1st Response Unit - UN Lore Faction

    @Razareth I'm always getting into trouble lol..
  14. Nick Wilde

    [OLD] United Nation's media thread

    Damn @Lemons lookin sexy AF lol