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  1. @Kittendo You're very welcome <3
  2. @Hebee Thanks! I had fun too, I ran out of that shed and got my leg hit with bam, good thing there was a doc
  3. Amazing Job!
  4. Looks Amazing <3
  5. Dennis Grande

    Dennis or "Denny" was raised in a childrens home in Washington. He never knew his real parent's only that his far uncle lived in Chernarus. He was not okay as a child, and started to bite other children, and attacked them. They found out his uncle was in Chernarus, and they sent him away to his uncle. His uncle abused Dennis and locked him in the shed.. One night Dennis Escaped and went to the police station. They figured Dennis was crazy, and sent him to the mental institution in Khasavyurt. The outbreak started and he was locked in Solitary for so long. The door was broken open and he still had his straight jacket on. He slowly walked outside, Insane... Lost.. In this world he hasn't spent much time in.. He sent out for supplies hopefully looking for a weapon, losing all h is hope and belief for humanity in this world.
  6. Yeah please don't just go up to someone and kos them lol
  7. Yeah , I always used to play on S2 a lot , But usually now S1 is always full usually , But I would like to see S2 up more
  8. Into
  9. I'd rather not have 1st person ... From my perspective it makes me more nervous and I've played on a few first person servers and it makes my head spin..
  10. I shall try to Attend , Isn't this date April Fools day ? Heh
  11. *Jack hears the Radio and presses down the PTT* "Yes Yes... I know you want to have "willing" people you say? But how do you know that this world isn't too far beyond saving. *You hear sounds of butcher knives chopping into chickens* "There is no world to save anymore my old Friend... It's... All Gone..." *Grabs a chicken, and you hear it squawk as it's head it severed by a butchers knife* "Peace is nothing anymore my old friend.. Nothing" *Releases the PTT*
  12. *Jack hears the radio transmission and presses the PTT* *Smirks as he chomps down a pumpkin slice* "There is no Peace anymore Friend.. You want to try to bring people together , May just end in more bloodshed, It will never go back to Peace Friend.. Never" *Smirks and lights a cigarette, Releasing the PTT*
  13. Mhm Thank you Akraisia Was fun working on the farm Lol <3
  14. Can't wait to meet ya in game fellas
  15. @Sarilla Ah Yes , The RP the Akriasa place was much fun ;3 , And amazing Screenshots , Keep up the great work ;D