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  1. Alexei Rodov, Born in Chernarus, brought to the world in the hospital of Elektrozavodsk. A child living in a simple hunter family, no wealth but happiness to spare. Life was simple, no school, childhood friends and the outside life. Building camps, starting fires and being home before dark. As a child Alexei loved and was loved, parents and neighbours and friends a like had a liking of the young boy. His father was always out hunting until the late hours, money was to be put on the table and he did so by hunting and selling his prices to the local butcher. His mother was a stay-at-home mother and took care of the household and Alexei whilst her husband was out for work. Once Alexei grew to the age of 16, his father started taking more care of him. Cutting down trees, chopping the logs up into firewood and storing them next to the house. Hunting, skinning and handling a bolt action rifle were daily chores and Alexei loved to grow closer to his father. He hadn’t been in his life primarily for the first 13 years. A rough man was the lightest way of describing Valentin, no affection to the mother was shown when Alexei was around. He knew his father loved his mother but he did not show it, such was the way. He had grown closer to nature than his own wife and so did many a hunters. Their household was a classic one in the area and none thought any weirder of it. However to every dream comes an end. 20 years of age. Alexei’s hunt on his own was going fine. A blood stained boar adorned his back, ropes tied around the hind legs as it dangled lifeless. The smoke from his barrel hadn’t decently settled as he had started his march home, a few kilometres of walking through the snowy fields of Chernarus. Nature was eary, birds didn’t sing their songs of glory in the morning, the wind had laid down and it felt as if the world was numb. Alexei felt something was wrong and picked up his pace only to find that his suspiscion to be true. The sight of his house brought the young adult to his knees and tears to swell up from his eyes. Windows were smashed, curtains torn from their bars and what seemed to be parts of a chair hanging out of the windowstill. Once Alexei got to his knees and swept away the tears that distorted his view, he sprinted to his house only to find complete despair. The door was removed from its hinges and was seemingly kicked inward from the snowy bootprint on it. Several bootprints trailed inside to the living room where snowy footprints mixed with the pool of blood that adorned the right side of the livingroom. The sight inside was one to never forget. His mother, who raised him to be a good man, laying down on the floor. The back of her head one big exit wound. The wintercold had already made the blood clot a little which made the blood stickier than warm blood. Alexei walked in slowly and examined his dead mother. One exitwound, mouth wide open. Gun stuffed in her mouth. Execution. The snow enfatuated footprints trailed further into the home. There was more, there had to be more. Sadly Alexei was right and as he stepped into his parent’s bedroom he found ‘more’. His father naked upon the bed, one bullet wound to the head and a leg of the chair stabbed into his stomach. Just like his mother. Yet this scene was different. Bruises covered the body of his father, he had received a beating and was then murdered. Luckily one item caught his eye. A police badge from Novy Sobor. To Be Continued.
  2. Nickson

    2016 Group of the Year nominations

    Nominee: Cerna LiskaReason: The best group I've been in to date. The roleplay was solid and everybody knew who we were in our prime. Rumors were spread and stories were told about the fierce yet fair approach of the liska. And the spiked baseball bats always did the trick when we needed them most.Evidence: Threads, videos and good ol memories.
  3. Nickson


    Completely Unedited Beauty.
  4. Nickson

    New Era - Media Thread

    The Sun That Brightens Our Lives
  5. Bear in mind that we did not kill your character and that the people who executed you ingame for not complying to their demands as their hostage havn't killed your character. Your character dies when you seem it is right, you and you alone have that right to decide if you want to 'perma' your character. Bear in mind that stating that I'm an oldie in this community doesn't mean that I think I'm superior to you. I'm a member of the community and so are you, I roleplay under the same rules that you do. It makes me no different from you. I will not be dropping this report however simply because of the clear nature of trolling/badRP. Your friend decided that it was better to give a witty comment instead of a POV like he was asked this also gives me more of a feeling that you two still need to learn from your mistakes. If you want to express yourself in humorous RP be sure to it that you discuss with your friend to how far you want to go. Because randomly shouting out names of real diseases and then fakishly re-enacting them through ingame bugs/glitches is not the way to go. In that way, by not even knowing what diseases you are shouting out and claiming your brother has, you may just insult people who have those diseases. And I would also like to point out that your brother wouldn't even be able to carry a gun like that if he had Polio. The strain on him would be too heavy if he was misformed like he was 'RP-ing' out. Please do get your facts straight before you attempt anything with real-life diseases as it is a sensitive topic. Therefor I will not drop this report at all. I feel that all the needed evidence from my side has been given in the way it is supposed to be given. Therefor nobody else from my group shall be posting until staff has reached their verdict.
  6. Server and location: S1 Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 5/08/2016 approx 22.00 Your in game name: Nicko Valer Names of allies involved: Thomas Hyde and Summer Daye Name of suspect/s: Aziz Keem and Ben Keem Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): / Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Multiple screenshots Video [video=youtube] (I have more of the encounter on video, this is the most core part. The rest is just the 'normal' acting one saying that he's got cerebral posee and then goes on a little bit before we leave) Detailed description of the events: As we are roleplaying in Stary Sobor, having quite a good RP-session with numerous people. Some better than others, all of a sudden a lot of movement is going around in the town. People getting rowdy and running around, people pulling out of the town and in the background stuff can be heard as : put your hands up in the air for ..... Now out of the buildings we were hearing it from emerge these two people. And the rest can be seen in the video. At first these two seemed like they were going to rob me and Summer, as you will hear at the start of the encounter between them and us. From there on, stuff begins to go to the trollish. The man rants something like 'Put your hands up for' numerous times which almost made us think it was an initiation sometimes. Other people must have heard it as well. Then comes the blaming the one that is acting trollish on having Scoliocis and after cerebral diseases. Basicly downright trollish. I'm an oldie in the community but this is one of the worst cases I've seen before. It drained me from the want to RP so I just came here to report it.
  7. Nickson

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    We aight now, we guuud
  8. Nickson

    New Era - Media Thread

    Exploring new territory
  9. Nickson

    New Era [Recruiting] Blame Zunn

    Some new photo's that I've taken in game with the group, I'm loving it so far. (Warning : Unedited photos) Beautiful Sunset The Big City
  10. What is this thread even ... Just no.
  11. By this post, I submit my last video for Liska, my last tribute to what was our group and the tribute to my character. May Alexei fertilize the soil of Chernarus. [video=youtube]
  12. Nickson

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    [video=youtube] The last moments of Alexei Rodov, Bratr of the Cerna Liska
  13. Nickson

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    Since everyone is doing the whole emotional and crying-my-ass asleep posts, I feel obliged to do so as well. I remember coming back from a short break and talking to Staggs about not finding a good group to join, nothing that spiked my interest. And he told me that I could try out Liska, see how it was and see how I felt doing it. I tried it and kept on trying it and I was hooked instantly. The way we RP'd was new, fresh and awesome. I was hooked from the start and felt that I was growing closer to the people I was RP'ing with. Everyone in Liska was amazing from our snake (Shark) to our radical racist and personal 'Rolf Usx, to our not so smart but loud Jitka and well our general douchebag Emile. I love every liska member, all unique and still bonding behind a common goal. To show the server a hostile RP group they've never seen before and I feel like we accomplished that goal. There was a peek in our activity where people knew instantly who we were from the moment we spoke or walked into a compound, there was a moment where nobody stood against the black armbands and then there was another moment where everybody stood against us. Hell even groups were made to be anti-liska and that is what we set out to do. To show the server that we're unique and fresh. And that we are and will always be. And therefor, I salute all my bratrs and wish them a lot of luck in their future DayZRP moments and in their RL, because face it. Pebbles is always going to be our trashman. o7 lads, much love.
  14. Nickson

    Cerna Liska[Closed for Good, Thank you uSx, Andrei, and Emile. Loves you All]

    Footage of the last 30 minutes of one of the last liska members is going to be posted soon. Be prepared for feels (and bad video)
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