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  1. SgtSmithy


    Main page music added. Hope it's good :)

    1. Gaylaxy


      A little overused I reckon but still a good song choice! As for your character page it appears we both have chose Jamie Dornan as our characters ;) Hawt

    2. SgtSmithy


      Updated my character page music also i tried to fit the front page music with my character also. And yes if i was gay i would go Jaime Dornan ;) 

      I got his picture as he was the only guy that looked like Michael and he was in a military uniform :P

    3. Gaylaxy


      ofc :D Glad the guide worked for ya's! Enjoy the donor lyfe!

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Its a great song for your page smithy! Dont listen to little snakeboy @Galaxy ;)

    5. SgtSmithy


      Any advice on updating up my character page @Galaxy i would be greatful :) 

      easy now @osku197 ;) 

    6. Gaylaxy


      @osku197 :ph34r: 

      I don't think you can add graphics or anything at sponsor level, some grammatical mistakes and shiz. Most you could is a lore and stories thread maybe with some ventures in the forums or story/narrative/journal. Other than that it makes sense.

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