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  1. SgtSmithy

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Shout out to @Blackburn thanks for the great RP. Really enjoyed my first day back as my old character Michael Smith even if it was just scavenging, driving and looking for civilisations to interact with. Look forward to our next RP session
  2. SgtSmithy

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Did i mention how awesome you are @Mademoiselle
  3. SgtSmithy

    The Paladins || IC Recruitment

    I approve this also being an old Paladin I started my first dayzRP days in a group named this. Great to see them coming back. Good luck guys and i hope you guys provide awesome roleplay and big up make a name for yourselves.
  4. SgtSmithy

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Would you want a border? Yes pleaseIf yes, what colour? Yes please but i'll you decide what looks good as i have no idea on what colourDo you want a certain character/image? If you find a better picture please upload it as the quality seems a bit meh.
  5. SgtSmithy

    State of decay 2 interest check

    Would be up for playing some coop i am just waiting for it to be released
  6. SgtSmithy

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    I am so buzzed and overly excited about this!
  7. Known as the wildcard of the De Luca family, Antonio took it upon himself to cause havoc where possible. He specifically targeted the other families in the area, attempting to solidify the De Luca’s place on top. He purposely picked fights, putting himself and others at great risk and causing a multitude of problems for their father. Seeing his younger son as nothing but a nuisance that needed taming, Antonio was placed under Lorenzo’s watch. Lorenzo was able to rein in Antonio’s reckless behavior somewhat, though it came in handy when someone needed teaching a lesson. Being the oldest, Lorenzo appeared to be the favourite of their father. He was a deadly combination of brains and brawn, and was able to better control Antonio’s outbursts. He was even able to use his younger brother to his advantage, giving Antonio a purpose within the family. The two brothers looked out for one another, but were insanely protective over their younger sister, Caterina. The girl was sheltered from the family business by their father for as long as possible, to keep her out of potential danger. It was no place for someone so young and pure. Caterina although not allowed near the family business was always the glue that held the family together she was always smiling and always welcomed the two brothers after a long hard day of business and violence. This however changed after a few years when the family business and everything else started to fall apart. When the De Luca’s were forced out of the country and moved to New York, their father was always out trying to get the family business going again. Most of the time, he would bring Lorenzo with him. With Lorenzo not around Antonio returned to his old ways of random spurts of violence, every once and awhile starting fights with people and members of other families for little to no reason. One day, a man named Jimmy had begun stalking Antonio’s sister Caterina, so he and his brother decided that he had to be handled. They rushed into his house, planning to settle this the usual way, and put a gun to his head but when they scanned the area around them they realized he was sitting on his couch with his kids and wife, and they had a shotgun pointed right at him. They could have easily killed Jimmy and his wife, but they didn’t. Jimmy’s wife called the cops, and Antonio and his brother were arrested. Their sister, Caterina, came into the station with doughnuts for the cops, looking innocent as she always did. However, when the cops began to eat the doughnuts they began choking and gasping for air, Caterina seemed to have poisoned them with cyanide. When one of the cops fell, Lorenzo grabbed the keys from his body and got him and Antonio out of the cell. Lorenzo had also grabbed the cops glock, and shot down the two officers at the front. The siblings all together than stole a car and drove off, not knowing what to do, Lorenzo called their father. He made it clear on what to do, come home, pack your bags, and leave. So, that’s what they did. On the 19th of December 1983 a young boy was born in a cold house in the ice-cold winter of Cefalu Italy. His name was Lorenzo de Luca, the first son of the de Luca family, the first one to be put into the family network that their father was trying to build up. On the age of 5 another boy was born; Antonio. In Lorenzo’s eyes Antonio was always a younger little brother, a little idiot that had little knowledge on how the family network worked. However, they both grew up in it, Lorenzo a lot more then Antonio hence the passion he had for his family and the love for his papa. A couple of years after Antonio was born the beautiful Caterina was born, the smart, calm yet dangerous little sister. She knew what to say and what to do and she learned how to use it at a young age, Lorenzo used to find it creepy but it just came to the point where it was damn impressive. She wasn’t an official part of the family, she mostly worked with Mama and left the dirty work to her brothers. After a couple of years when Lorenzo and Antonio were both teenagers their father officially let them in into the business, and all the disgusting and bloody things that happened in there. For Lorenzo it opened his eyes, his love and his passion for the family grew. Their mother, Maria wasn’t a big fan of her boys working in the family, she would rather have them to grow up as doctors or lawyers. Caterina wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea either. It didn’t take long till the de Luca’s became a big name in Cefalu, their father worked hard and the men working for him had the motivation to do the same. Lorenzo worked hard to climb the ladder of his family, he wanted to be big, legendary, feared. Antonio tried the same but from Lorenzo’s point of view he just wanted to be educated by his big brother and be part of something beautiful. The family wasn’t just about killing and making money, it was about love and a shared passion between men. When Caterina was just eight years old Antonio got into some trouble with another family, he killed the son of the other boss to be precise. ‘’Sei un idiota!’’ The Don of the other family wanted Antonio’s head for retaliation but our father didn’t accept this, so we got into the first ever war between family. And this war got bloody. Our father promoted Lorenzo to a Under boss of our family and he worked together with papa to fix the shit our brother did, It was hard. Lorenzo had several meetings with the other family but they were persistent on what they wanted, Antonio’s head or they were going to murder our entire family. My dad refused, and things only got worse. I understood why he did it, he wanted to keep my brother safe. Caterina played a big part in this by motivating Lorenzo and Antonio. Caterina kept her brothers safe and she made sure they stayed strong, they weren’t allowed to give up and she made sure of off that. Without Caterina the family would have most likely died years ago. The toll this war took on our family was insane, people died left and right and the streets of Cafalu were filled with blood and guns. It didn’t end here. On a dark rainy Sunday, at around 1 AM everything changed, they came to our home and broke all the rules there were set, they did something no man would do in a situation like this. They broke down the door and killed Mama right in front of Caterina, executed her by slitting her throat. When her brothers arrived at the house she was sitting there with mom, her white dress covered in Mama’s blood. This changed everything. We ran out of the country together with our dad and the workers we had left, we had to we didn’t have a choice. We didn’t know who they would come for next and the police were already investigating on our family’s, making what we had left to do extremely difficult. We moved to the obvious place where a losing mobster family would go to, New York. This was a scary and slightly confusing place but Lorenzo, his crazy little brother and their beautiful little sister were going to be fine. Their father tried to rebuild his empire over there but we quickly found out how extremely tight the cops are. The brothers went on with killing the people that wrong us and stealing shit we badly needed, we kind of did our own thing which quickly got us into big trouble. After an incident involving a man named Jimmy stalking Caterina, the three siblings had to flee the country. They went to the airport incognito and bought three plane tickets to some second world country called “Chernarus”. By the time the police found out where they were, it was too late. They fled one death sentence back home, however, all they did was walk into another one that they would never of expected in Chernarus… Antonio is a very quiet guy with a aggressive temper. It’s really easy for him to lose his temper, especially when people are around with bad manners towards his family. When his brother Lorenzo is around, it becomes much easier for Antonio to control himself, as he lets his brother do the talking for him. He also isn’t really fond of social interaction, most of the time keeping relatively quiet. He has a fondness of staying close to his brother so he doesn’t lose his temper, and showing people his true unsocial, violent self. Protect his brother and sister by any means [On going] Help his brother promote the De Luca name [On going] Hide his true self from the community [On going] Find a employment in what he enjoys doing Lorenzo De Luca Caterina De Luca Fighting Gambling Duct tape Peace and quiet Touching Speaking Impolite & Noisy people Name calling
  8. SgtSmithy

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Maybe people should have a talk with each other on Teamspeak without everything getting so heated on a thread. I am sure if one of the GM's would be happy to the neutral ground to sit in when everyone chatting about the reviews so people don't blow a child wobble.
  9. SgtSmithy

    Na Buachaillí Glasa - [Closed Recruitment]

    Looks good. Good luck with the group guys. I hope people don't vanish as they did before as i would still like to have a community to RP in.
  10. SgtSmithy

    S1 | Meta-Gaming | Vybor | 00:20 | 2018-14-29

    To reply i did no ask who you were. Before you and Nate came into town i was speaking with Fae and what she said over the radio i knew you guys were coming into the town. My character knows the Nate has more loyalty to Fae than to me so i instantly knew he was there for me to take me to Fae and the others and as you are walking out the door he says to me "This is one of my mercenary friends" if you listen closely. So instantly i know that you one either one of the group or a guy that owe's a favour. Now being shot by your character the day before with a revolver i instantly can put two and two together and from he's said that you were in fact the guy who shot me. Also i never stated in character that your accent was "bullshit" i just knew because things didn't sit right. I hope this clears things up. I do not want to start unnecessary back and forth on here so i shall be only answering the GM's questions from now on to stop this threat from cluttering.
  11. SgtSmithy

    S1 | Meta-Gaming | Vybor | 00:20 | 2018-14-29

    @Harvey i do not have any video evidence but as stated above in my pov before they entered the town i knew that Fae was and possibly others were coming into town to get me out and i also knew IC'ly that one of the group members carried a revolver and the interaction i had with Nate and him saying as i was heading down the stairs behind Galaxy's character that it was his mercenary friend so again i put two and two together and thought it must be him and it was also a massive stand out in my head that he was carrying a revolver and that one of the group coming for me carried one.
  12. SgtSmithy

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Thank you hun <3
  13. SgtSmithy

    Mademoiselle's Profile Picture Thread

    Would you want a border? Yes pleaseIf yes, what colour? (#000066)Do you want a certain character/image?
  14. SgtSmithy

    S1 | Meta-Gaming | Vybor | 00:20 | 2018-14-29

    People that also may help to shed some light and who my character spoke to both in town and on the radio Genji - Fae William , @OskuRP - Oscar Ross and possibly KyleRP - Aaron Miller
  15. SgtSmithy


    *Whilst listening into the frequency. He would take out his radio pressing down to transmit* Jesus it's like the Spanish inquisition with one mindset reading off the same hateful script. I am just doing Mr. Krey a favour because he saved my life yesterday. If you want to have the balls come find me in Vybor and come talk to me there..or..whatever...also please no strangers this time..i'd preferred not to get hit in the face and shot again by people i don't know. *He would stop transmitting and tune into a different frequency so he could get some peace a quiet*