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  1. updated characters pictures. woop. 

    1. MouseWB


      Did ya now?

    2. Alan


      Very nice man

    3. Malet


      Colt is coming back?

    4. SgtSmithy


      @Malet hell yeeeah bud ?


    5. bloodcrusader


      can't wait to see Colt again o7

    6. Malet


      @SgtSmithy I wish you best of fun ? 

  2. I should really get back to it ?

    1. Jaxon


      what do you mean with “it”

  3. Charlie

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku








    2. Jaxon


      I dont speak army, but i know what that says you son of a bitch.

  4. First time falling asleep at the PC yesterday while waiting for Dayz to reinstall. Apologies to anyone that joined the channel and tried to speak to me ❤️ 

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Is he coming back?

    2. SgtSmithy


      Possibly ? need to remember the controls and everything else. Refreshing my brain. 

  5. Shout out to @Blackburn thanks for the great RP. Really enjoyed my first day back as my old character Michael Smith even if it was just scavenging, driving and looking for civilisations to interact with. Look forward to our next RP session ?
  6. Updated character page with new pictures and music. Tell me what you think. Will update graphics and detail a bit more tomorrow. 

  7. Feel so bad for @Roach in seeing his group archive due to events in game. I won't beat around the bush and say we all just got bored i will speak truthfully here and say people got bored of being killed every day and having to re spawn and then gear up again only to rinse and repeat.  Hopefully the group comes back in 0.63 where we can mix PVP with RP rather than just defending pvp all the time. 

    1. SgtSmithy


      Also now deciding on which character i should be switching to as i now see no point in playing Antonio since this group as archived. Somewhat annoys me because i spent ages with help in writing up his backstory and @Clumsy using up her time in creating the awesome graphics for my character. 

    2. LukeRP


      This is very wrong you guys chose to not comply to Kamenci and you guys without a doubt were in support in helping Anarchy fight them. 

      You brought this on yourselves. 

      If you did not want hostility with Kamenci then comply and do what they say work with them till they cant be hostile to you. 

    3. Zero


      What's the point in this status update? I've went your leader several times on an out of character level and said over and over "If you have a problem with the roleplay we are providing TELL ME. Because I can tell Louie and help make it enjoyable for everyone." But I keep getting reports and seeing that you would rather complain behind our backs instead of actually attempting to fix it. Fuck it. I am done.

    4. SgtSmithy


      I said that to people ooc'ly to talk with Anarachy IC'ly and negotiate. But i think they just felt from the above and reading they felt like they didn't have a choice in going to green mountain in their eyes it was more go there or the alliance will be broken or die.  

    5. Mexi


      Is this a joke? We win ONE fight out of however many and you guys archive because of that? My god.

      Whatever, honestly. Enjoy whatever comes next for you and your group.

    6. SgtSmithy


      I honestly don't understand it either @Mexi cheers for the best wishes. I personally didn't want to archive. 

    7. LukeRP


      @SgtSmithy I was there you were not can you explain when I said move to Green mountain or die I spoke to the leader at the time and he said he is doing it with me I sped up things don't be telling fibs. 


    8. KyleRP


      So your bored and when hostility got brung to you to spice things up you complain? Welp, okay then.

    9. LukeRP


      The only reason you guys wanted to be allied with us was in fear of getting attacked by us and that's it but we, in reality, Anarchy wanted to be friends with you for the roleplay and to have a good experience its great that all goes void as soon as you archive cuz things did not go your way. 

    10. Zero


      I said to Louie to suggest moving down south to Green Mountain and Zelenogorsk because Lopatino is BORING. Zelenogorsk has a lot of cooler buildings that I think could open up better RP. Like the corner bar, apartment buildings, military installation, grocery store, and police station. If he implied it was a do this or die situation I am unaware of that.

    11. SgtSmithy


      @LouieRP not telling fibs mate i asked a question of discord with everyone and i even watched the stream but i left it after the meeting. I asked on it did Anarchy say move to Green Mountain or die and people said yes. I was confused by it honestly. Also noting what i posted above was a vent of how pissed off i am about us archiving because i honestly didn't want to archive as i believed the situation could of been handled IC'ly or ooc'ly by talking with people but the majority decided it was best to Archive. 

    12. Para


      Some people didn't like the constant attacks, you're right @SgtSmithy, there were far more problems than just the attacks. Some people didn't like it, yea, but this is a very simplified view of the problems that doesn't shed a lot of light. 

      Most of us had more complex feelings about the group's direction than "PVP > RP" crap. 

    13. LukeRP


      @Dakotaen can confirm that I never said move or die It was come with us or we are abandoning you and then I said I will even give you up to 3 days to see if you can last in Lopatino without us. 

      So yeah stop accusing of me of lying when I am not smh. 

    14. Para


      @SgtSmithy if you felt the situation could've been resolved ICly or OOCly, why are you bashing them for an PvP > RP behaviour instead of just talking things out with them.

      Also, @LouieRP is correct, he said they would abandon us, not kill us. I mean he threatened to kill me but that was for something else ?

    15. Manic


      There was more to why the group archived then that and I'm not trying to be mean to you here Smithy but you were involved in one fight and it wasn't even a fight. You got initiated on, you didn't comply, you took a chance and you died. This is the first death you've had on this character since you made it months ago. Don't go speaking for the group when you haven't been involved in a lot of the things that have been going on. This was more then just being attacked, way more.

    16. Taryn


      /locked because I don't see this going well. Take it to PMs or TS. Let me know if you need moderation. 


  8. @DrMax my profile a thing of beauty or what? ? 

    1. DrMax


      Not beautiful! AMAZING! 

    2. Taryn


      Omg. I love it too. 

  9. Did i mention how awesome you are @Mademoiselle
  10. I approve this also being an old Paladin I started my first dayzRP days in a group named this. Great to see them coming back. Good luck guys and i hope you guys provide awesome roleplay and big up make a name for yourselves.
  11. Would you want a border? Yes pleaseIf yes, what colour? Yes please but i'll you decide what looks good as i have no idea on what colourDo you want a certain character/image? If you find a better picture please upload it as the quality seems a bit meh.
  12. Hows life treating you at the moment?



  13. Hey!


    1. Jaxon



  14. Need a new theme for profile bored of this one now...any recommendations or ideas? 

    1. Spartan


      Pink unicorns

    2. Whitename



    3. Limpan


      In hell I'll be in good company - The dead South

      Used to have it on my profile for a short time.

    4. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      Since youre part of the Morettis how about The Godfather?

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