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  1. Glad to have you! Feel free to field any questions my way on rules or navigation!
  2. Ragnore

    Development Blog #2

    The hood excites me a lot, it would be amazing if we could have 3 burlap versions, one normal and the 2 spray paint types and have them line up with the ghillie textures. Craft it out of burlap and rope even. Then have normal clothing versions we can find in civilian loot.
  3. Ragnore

    Dynamic weather/seasons

    I mean, most of what seasons would entail is a complete overhaul of the current foliage textures and some tinkering with the temperature system. Weather is another thing entirely but seasons as a simple paint of coat wouldn't be too difficult in the scale of things.
  4. Ragnore

    Zeleno Back Alley

    Right? that whole section has houses on the left now, its much less atmospheric.
  5. Ragnore

    Zeleno Back Alley

    Taken in the first week of the game's launch
  6. I think this can be added to the additional RP items that could be added by mods.
  7. Ragnore

    new here :)

    Glad to have you Andy, you can message me any time if you have questions or concerns or need guidance!
  8. Ragnore

    My Current Character is KOSable

    The Free Medics use pink as well, but colors are limited. The Item shop does let you spawn shirts as much as you want and since you're KOSable being able to find that uniform easily is important.
  9. Ragnore

    My Current Character is KOSable

    I say as long as the admins are privy to the situation, and anyone in your general vicinity knows that you have waived the KOS rule and that they might be in danger of getting stuck in a firefight I don't see any problems with it personally. Especially if you've done this before and had positive results, just be transparent with admins and give good RP. Probably wouldn't hurt to come up with a unique style of clothing for yourself so people don't just run around killing people that might be you.
  10. Ragnore

    My Current Character is KOSable

    Yeah how would we know who you are if we don't walk up and ask or initiate anyway. Basically to KOS you we would have to go through all the normal channels regardless to make sure we don't outright kill someone else and get reported. Unless it's part of an event we should be careful with this kind of stuff.
  11. If they fixed torches that's good. I think that night time could be re-added if they let us spawn with flashlights again. Respawning at night has to be one of the worst experience in the ucrrent darkness level. I agree night needs to return but it needs to be fun too.
  12. Problem is that the torches and campfires are still sort-of buggy and the gas lamps are trash so night time being as dark as it is is just a pain to play in right now. I think that's why it was removed originally is because you couldn't make any light sources so it basically became players stumbling through the black with road flares.
  13. Moretti sat uncomfortably in a stuffy waiting room by the airfield. They were gassing up the plane in preparation for takeoff but it felt like it was taking forever. He checked his watch and shifted, idly twisting a silver ring around his left index finger. Climbing to his feet, he pushed the rolled up sleeves of his shirt over the US Rangers tattoo that covered his inner forearm. "Any idea when we can get out of here?" Luca complained, sighing loudly when the only response was from an old man behind the counter who grumbled something in a language he didn't understand and went back to ignoring him. His phone began receiving messages in quick succession, having been out of service regularly in this area of the country, and Luca pulled out his phone. 4..5..no 6..7 messages filled with pictures and updates from his secretary back in the states.. All filled with pictures of corpses and the corpses who made them..Confused, he pulled up her number and tried to call her..and then an explosion shook the tarmac.. Luca Moretti is a man in his late 20's who joined CPR General Contracting services after he resigned from the military for medical reasons. It was a way to escape his idle pacing at home and it paid the bills well. That's how he ended up here, they sent him to check out a large apartment complex near the city of Cherno that was unfinished. As if some plot of great irony by the gods he has returned to holding a gun and killing to survive. Skills: Multiple levels of firearms training, survival knowledge, carpentry, knitting.
  14. It was a great time! Always awesome meeting new people. Message me if you need anything.
  15. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://imgur.com/QJ2MiO3 Why the verdict is not fair: It seems someone named Woahbro accessed my IP, but as you'll see I'm a long-time user and I just haven't been active since almost year ago. There would be no reason for me to sabotage an account for a game I have spent so much time and money supporting and I just want to be a part of it again. I have others willing to verify that I have only good intentions. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I just want to be a part of the game. My craving for drama and survival is something I want to experience again. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My hopes are to be taken off of the blacklist and be whitelisted once more! What could you have done better?: Love Rolle with the burning passion of a thousand zombie corpses. <3