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    Regarding the server split

    I'm super excited to lose my base on S2 personally, and as long as people keep asking for it to be closed nobody will ever build on it when it's open and it will only ever continue to be a gear-whoring server. Let it stay alive long enough to garner it's own community and infrastructure.
  2. Why not have the Dex do something different like give you more stamina bar or something (if possible), that way it could be utilized to counteract having a heavy load. In essence it achieves a similar goal to Epi, but with a unique and interesting application.
  3. "One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted...If one were to present the sportsman with the death of the animal as a gift he would refuse it. What he is after is having to win it, to conquer the surly brute through his own effort and skill with all the extras that this carries with it: the immersion in the countryside, the healthfulness of the exercise, the distraction from his job." Jose Ortega y Gasset, Meditations on Hunting Spanish philosopher & politician (1883 - 1955) Hitherto the publication of this journal, the entries therein are to be considered the personal logs of one Vikander Foxley, known by the operative Callsign: Kestrel. My name is Vikander Elias Foxley, and I kill monsters. a profile has been requested by the [REDACTED] in the case of my death so the following is considered my current status. I was born on a compound buried deep in the forests of southern England. There I training to carry on a legacy of slayers as old as humanity itself. My life there was a daily gauntlet consisting of intense physical training, marksmanship courses and history lessons. We learned that the world was infested by terrifying beasts and monsters hiding beneath the surface of modern civilization, silently preying on humanity in the darkest corners of the land. I am a soldier of no remark but I carry out my tasks with efficiency and vigor. As a graduate of the [REDACTED] Program I specialize in hunting beasts in the Canis Versipellis family, or colloquially known as Werewolves and their packs both turned and common wolf variants. My tools of choice are the Winchester Model 70 hunting rifle with specialized .308 caliber 140 grain split-point bullets. Fortunately, given our current situation, I can utilize common household tools to manufacture similar ammunition to the factory-milled standard. I am a qualified tracker and survival specialist as well as being certified in covert information acquisition and local diplomacy. My current mission brought me to the South Zagorian coast before the so-named apocalypse two years ago, and I have been operating here ever since. F.S. [REDACTED] informed me it would be a safe-house establishment request but that went south a week in. The corpses interfered with my objective in the beginning but I have studied their patterns and created a file dedicated to their physiology and annihilation. Frustratingly enough, I have yet to meet a scientist with enough skill to discern the nature of the infection and it's source. Nonetheless, they are easy enough to handle in singles, but three or more and it becomes dangerous. (The larger portion of this section has been water damaged. It has been transcribed to our fullest ability to preserve the intentions of the author.) It has been six months since my last entry. The safe house has been installed within a warehouse in [REDACTED]. The combination for the entry locks is [REDACTED]. I have also installed -- --- -- - - ----------- - - - - - - In th-- to allow you to climb up on top of the roof somewhat safely. --- -- -- - is nearby and we regularly visit it, as the villa-- ---- - -- - - --- canteens. I have returned to my journal now that I have achieved relative safety, so I will periodically be ------- addendums to the profile as events transpire. ------ - -- -------------------- ---------------------- -- - ----------- - - - - - -- - --- - ------------ - - ------------ -- - - ------------------- - -- -------------- Dislikes People who posture and brag People who talk with their gun before their mouth Those who have no respect for nature. Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, etc..) Likes Reading Peace and Quiet Kind and giving folk Fishing is his favorite Hunting Campfire Songs Trapping Flaws Is prone to distrusting strangers Reacts poorly to force Too generous Feels overly-responsible for his friends well-being.
  4. Nice to meet you Joey! feel free to private message me if you have any questions or want some pointers on roleplay and character building! I'm always happy to help!
  5. Cherryfeather

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    Megaphones used as general initiation tools are basically report magnets. Nobody can use them correctly and the correct applications are vague at best, being subject to specific context. I don't think the megaphone should be used as an initiation tool at all because they have a range that is shaky at best, and as we've seen in the past it's nothing but a pain in the ass for the admins every time a group of lazy bums pulls their "everyone in this town drop your guns or die" crap.
  6. I think small amounts of 7.62x49 should be added to hunting loot, personally. Now that weapons like the CZ and the SKS are in, we need more options for finding it besides scrambling up to the nearest base.
  7. I think the fog is great but far too consistent. It needs to be restricted to early mornings and during heavy rainfall. Getting rid of it is just silly. A dark, foggy, rainy night would be atmospheric as hell and bring some amazing roleplay. The real problem is that Zombies aggro way too easy now, even the knife doesn't stunlock them so they scream and call six more from nowhere while you smack them 10 times.
  8. Cherryfeather

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Well currently it's #gunfireRP I do think it was a cool coincidence that the zombies grew stronger as the LM's started doing this radiation thing, lots of RP chatting about if the radiation changed the zeds.
  9. If there was a way to make the mist stick to when the rain gets really heavy it wouldn't be so bad, just another weather event.
  10. Cherryfeather

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    We came earlier to go hunting, glad our plane didn't crash. It actually seems to be a trend that like, 60% of the foreigners came here jacked up on redbull and dual-wielding machine guns, with their PMC logo tattooed on their foreheads.
  11. Cherryfeather

    Zombie Buff

    The point is that now we don't have to look like we just climbed out of a swat van to survive a few rounds, which is good, and the tougher zombies as a result is pretty great. I think the knife damage should be returned to it's original values so that it goes back to being a viable option for dealing with zombies up close, as of right now it's pretty useless.
  12. I liked the mist AND I want night time back, it sucks that everyone is so scared of both when they bring new dynamic gameplay and atmosphere to both. Now that lights are fixed there's really no excuse not to have night time again for the reason in these pictures.
  13. @CamoRP, was a great time tonight, thanks for being wholesome and kind while our characters go through some rough emotional bumps. You're good folk.
  14. Nothing we need like more military groups. Smersh Vests and black skull masks, so hot right now.
  15. Good luck from the Old Guard, boys. Been missing Haven something fierce. The Rogue Initiative is glad you're back.
  16. I'm only bringing the negative opinion of RP's current state as spoken to me by the quiet many. Someone told me before to be the change that I want to see, so instead of staying silent I will address the big M4 carrying, black skull mask wearing elephant in the room until we expect more from our bandit groups instead of letting them run free with no expectations, delivering the bare minimum to avoid reports to gain loot. I watched the video, and you guys did fine, even though the act of forcing him to give up his vest with no reason is obvious low-key gearrp, at least he had some roleplay out of it. This isn't a direct commentary on you, this is me bringing up a problem that many speak of silently in discords and in-game when not IC. It's not banditry that's the problem, it's the quality of it that I aim to change. Keep delivering good roleplay and have real reasons why you do the things you do and I support you.
  17. I'm actually curious why they took it as well, which is the only reason I posted. Why not GIVE you something? Or do nothing at all? What's the motivation that any of these groups have to do what they do? DayZPVPRP.
  18. If you put the roleplay in, then sure, I'm not flaming your exact instance. I was only making a commentary on the fact that the whole server is just kids in Call of Duty costumes robbing and shooting eachother, and has been for months. Places like Green Mountain get trampled purely because everyone who tried to actually roleplay is just robbed and killed there. And Hasn't New Moon been in like 80% of the reports since it's inception?
  19. That's the excuse I always get, but it's not original or fun for anyone except the bullies getting free gear.
  20. It's the current culture of the DayZRP community that nobody wants to talk about, and you get flamed when you complain about it. It's become a place for people to abuse rules in order to bully others and get their rocks off. They give the most minimal amount of roleplay possible not to get flagged or banned, take your stuff or kill you for saying no, and continue on to find new prey. It's not strong arming when every nutjob in swat gear does it now, it's just killing roleplay.
  21. Cherryfeather

    Can you base build inside of military bases?

    Really surprised there are no rules for building actually, though it's not like they're hard to break down.
  22. Cherryfeather

    Swapping to Namalsk

    Maybe just run the other server on that map, that way we have two servers going but ghosting is impossible.
  23. Cherryfeather

    Please Remove or Lower the Volume of Megaphones

    Definitely allows Initiations from far too safe of a distance.
  24. Cherryfeather

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    I got a basic sickness from well water today, which was weird.
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