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  1. Great to have you! Feel free to PM me with any roleplay or rule questions!
  2. Kill rights usually imply that you have been attacked or robbed by the person you have kill rights on. It let's you skip the formalities and outright attack that person as long as the timer is still active. This does inherit the risk of you firing on the wrong target and ended up in the report section though. As for the executing bit; if they had attacked or robbed you and you gained kill rights, as long as the execution is justified and within the logic of your character that does apply. Give the "victim" some roleplay though, as that's what it's all about in the end.
  3. Cherryfeather

    Nerf zombies #2

    I'm cool with the zombies tbh... before you could just single-tap them with the FNX so it was like they weren't even there. At least now they're a real mechanic.
  4. Wish I could give your profile song beans.

    1. Camo


      Well, if you come across some more BeanZ, send them my way. 😉 

    2. Cherryfeather


      Who is it? Sounds like Grandpa's Cough Medicine. You should check them out if you haven't.

    3. Camo


      Grandpa's Cough Medicine sounds familiar. As for my profile song it's Ashes of Mt. Augustine by Rhonda Vincent.

    4. Cherryfeather
  5. Cherryfeather

    OOC in IC

    I will applaud @Camo's use of //Timestamp, always the clever one there. I think that those of us who value roleplay should definitely come together and make a strong push for the mentor program as well as exemplifying what we see as positive roleplay experiences as much as possible in the forums. I've seen a lot of DayzRP..and I've had my ups and downs with it but I always come back chasing those special rare moments that I know can still be possible. I definitely think with evidence like this they should be required to speak to a mod or something and go over the situation. The issue our community faces with the whitelist is the constant battle of it being too difficult and risking a stagnant player base or being too easy and swarming us with low-effort roleplay..the tightest of ropes.
  6. Yeah it's suddenly reached the tip top of my priority list. I don't even need the military loot, just looking for tac pouches, More disgusted than anything.
  7. Currently all entrances are boarded up and I believe it is being used to farm military equipment for shenanigans. The roof has tents from what we can see from the nearby hill. I just wanted to ask what the ruling is on that and if building on military loot spawns is foul play to bring it to the mod's attention.
  8. Skills Firearms training Wildlife Identification Animal handling Bush survival Anti-poaching tactics and prevention Big-game tracking Combat triage and treatment Animal care and treatment Field dressing and meat preservation Basic gardening Trap-making Background Glaston Alexander Foxley was born into an immigrant family from Scotland, and lived most of his life in America. Named after is great grandfather and speaking in a blended scot-american accent made him a target for bullying growing up which left a lasting distance between him and his peers. This drove Glaston to explore the deep woods around his home instead of fostering friendships at school. In high-school he began hunting with a group of people and he seemed happy to have friends for the first time but that ended quickly, the reasoning being that they showed no respect for the animals that were their prey. This pushed him further into seclusion, eventually causing him to leave home at the age of 18. He moved back to Scotland to live with his cousin and worked with him at a lumber mill for the next four years, again uneventfully. He met a girl and fell in love during this time but it didn’t last. One day without warning he spent all of his savings on a plane ticket to Botswana, Africa where he enlisted to become a Ranger for a wildlife conservation park. Foxley would spend 7 years working and living at the park where he learned many useful skills. He made his first real friend here by the name Jiri Svoboda. He hailed from a small town in the north of Chernaru. The two quickly made names for themselves as shrewd trackers and harsh negotiators, constantly proving their effectiveness and eventually fitting in with the other members of their team. Jiri left shortly after getting a letter from home and not long after that Glaston began hearing whispers of escalating conflicts in the region from the more connected locals until news of in incident hit mainstream news. Foxley hopped on the first plane to italy, selecting the closest airport he could find to get to his only friend. From there he moved on foot and by car through the chaotic countryside to discover Jiri’s fate.
  9. Cherryfeather

    Regarding the server split

    I'm super excited to lose my base on S2 personally, and as long as people keep asking for it to be closed nobody will ever build on it when it's open and it will only ever continue to be a gear-whoring server. Let it stay alive long enough to garner it's own community and infrastructure.
  10. Why not have the Dex do something different like give you more stamina bar or something (if possible), that way it could be utilized to counteract having a heavy load. In essence it achieves a similar goal to Epi, but with a unique and interesting application.
  11. "One does not hunt in order to kill; on the contrary, one kills in order to have hunted...If one were to present the sportsman with the death of the animal as a gift he would refuse it. What he is after is having to win it, to conquer the surly brute through his own effort and skill with all the extras that this carries with it: the immersion in the countryside, the healthfulness of the exercise, the distraction from his job." Jose Ortega y Gasset, Meditations on Hunting Spanish philosopher & politician (1883 - 1955) Hitherto the publication of this journal, the entries therein are to be considered the personal logs of one Vikander Foxley, known by the operative Callsign: Kestrel. My name is Vikander Elias Foxley, and I kill monsters. a profile has been requested by the [REDACTED] in the case of my death so the following is considered my current status. I was born on a compound buried deep in the forests of southern England. There I training to carry on a legacy of slayers as old as humanity itself. My life there was a daily gauntlet consisting of intense physical training, marksmanship courses and history lessons. We learned that the world was infested by terrifying beasts and monsters hiding beneath the surface of modern civilization, silently preying on humanity in the darkest corners of the land. I am a soldier of no remark but I carry out my tasks with efficiency and vigor. As a graduate of the [REDACTED] Program I specialize in hunting beasts in the Canis Versipellis family, or colloquially known as Werewolves and their packs both turned and common wolf variants. My tools of choice are the Winchester Model 70 hunting rifle with specialized .308 caliber 140 grain split-point bullets. Fortunately, given our current situation, I can utilize common household tools to manufacture similar ammunition to the factory-milled standard. I am a qualified tracker and survival specialist as well as being certified in covert information acquisition and local diplomacy. My current mission brought me to the South Zagorian coast before the so-named apocalypse two years ago, and I have been operating here ever since. F.S. [REDACTED] informed me it would be a safe-house establishment request but that went south a week in. The corpses interfered with my objective in the beginning but I have studied their patterns and created a file dedicated to their physiology and annihilation. Frustratingly enough, I have yet to meet a scientist with enough skill to discern the nature of the infection and it's source. Nonetheless, they are easy enough to handle in singles, but three or more and it becomes dangerous. (The larger portion of this section has been water damaged. It has been transcribed to our fullest ability to preserve the intentions of the author.) It has been six months since my last entry. The safe house has been installed within a warehouse in [REDACTED]. The combination for the entry locks is [REDACTED]. I have also installed -- --- -- - - ----------- - - - - - - In th-- to allow you to climb up on top of the roof somewhat safely. --- -- -- - is nearby and we regularly visit it, as the villa-- ---- - -- - - --- canteens. I have returned to my journal now that I have achieved relative safety, so I will periodically be ------- addendums to the profile as events transpire. ------ - -- -------------------- ---------------------- -- - ----------- - - - - - -- - --- - ------------ - - ------------ -- - - ------------------- - -- -------------- Dislikes People who posture and brag People who talk with their gun before their mouth Those who have no respect for nature. Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, etc..) Likes Reading Peace and Quiet Kind and giving folk Fishing is his favorite Hunting Campfire Songs Trapping Flaws Is prone to distrusting strangers Reacts poorly to force Too generous Feels overly-responsible for his friends well-being.
  12. Nice to meet you Joey! feel free to private message me if you have any questions or want some pointers on roleplay and character building! I'm always happy to help!
  13. Cherryfeather

    Allow Megaphones to be More Viable

    Megaphones used as general initiation tools are basically report magnets. Nobody can use them correctly and the correct applications are vague at best, being subject to specific context. I don't think the megaphone should be used as an initiation tool at all because they have a range that is shaky at best, and as we've seen in the past it's nothing but a pain in the ass for the admins every time a group of lazy bums pulls their "everyone in this town drop your guns or die" crap.
  14. I think small amounts of 7.62x49 should be added to hunting loot, personally. Now that weapons like the CZ and the SKS are in, we need more options for finding it besides scrambling up to the nearest base.
  15. I think the fog is great but far too consistent. It needs to be restricted to early mornings and during heavy rainfall. Getting rid of it is just silly. A dark, foggy, rainy night would be atmospheric as hell and bring some amazing roleplay. The real problem is that Zombies aggro way too easy now, even the knife doesn't stunlock them so they scream and call six more from nowhere while you smack them 10 times.
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