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  1. I want backpacks with interesting stuff like this, and any chance to carry my gun in any other position than vertically over my shoulder is a good choice for me. I do think if this gets added the Munghard backpack should be heli loot...it's too unbalanced in terms of all the things it can hold at once without taking up inventory space.
  2. I would like more options purely for the roleplay aspect of things. Currently the only military weapons I've ever seen drop of out choppers so they aren't exactly common, at least on Livonia. I wish bows would make a return as a silent option somehow. Having both a sub-par crafted bow and a hunting bow that has damage models that can take down most game like deer with a single shot would be wonderful. Of course I would like to see a difficulty increase across the board, and a longer night time..but hardcore roleplay focused decisions have never been RP's strong suit.
  4. I don't have anything against hostile roleplay. SVR and it's constituents were an issue in 2014 because these groups only chased that roleplay. To the point that bases and rp hubs were a waste of time because they were just stalked constantly by these massive groups. I've seen it time and time again when RP hubs like the current "Soup Kitchen" come into being...6 dudes who want PvP just sit inside, insult people and bait for a "reason to be hostile" then their boys jump them outside. That or an outright hostile initiation on the whole camp. If hostility is what you seek, you shouldn't complain when your actions are picked apart on the forums, that is the balance that comes from the rules being fairly lax on how you initiate these interactions in-game. It's a volatile kind of roleplay that can easily lead to tense emotions and a feeling of unfairness. I believe that this could be helped by assigning our most level-headed staff members to the task of balancing the reports and forum conversations to the best of their ability as well as positively and openly recognizing the hostile situations in-game that are handled maturely and within the rules as part of a growing community. Balance and consistency are important.
  5. My group and I tend to avoid most robberies with two tactics: Don't walk around kitted out in edgy black military gear and always open conversations with charity, ask them if they need anything or offer food or ammo. Generally people who want to rob you for your gear will just do it, and it's fun to report them, but if they are in it for the roleplay then losing your gear is worth the interaction in my opinion. They shouldn't leave you to die so just ride the adrenaline and keep moving.
  6. Exhausted and cold, Foxley climbed the stairs of his new home, freshly cut boards creaked against the nails beneath his feet. The last month had been harder than any before, and the trip to Livonia proved daunting. Nonetheless he found a new place to lay his head and new hunting grounds. As he leaned against the railing above the courtyard he smiled down at the progress. The tents lay prepared to hold any supplies that he found and was willing to share with travelers who visited his home, he only hoped greed wouldn't lead to anyone stealing the tents themselves...For now though, his outlook was positive.

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  7. *The rugged survivor held down the PTT on his radio, and throughout his speech the sound of boiling water could be heard. It smelled twice as good as it sounded, and tastes three times as good as that.* Tagged my radio to a nearby tower, heard you folks over the radio. I'm set up Krsnik way, been hunting around the countryside. Feel free to stop in if you're passing through, food for any who need it. *The sound of stirring could be heard as he released his PTT*
  8. I went through this like 3 days ago for The attached picture....but one of the top played characters is just an assortment of faceless riot officers....Just seems like something the new supports monitor to prove they're doing something to the higher-ups since it seems promotion is based on merit. Honestly seems pretty goofy to lock players out of playing the actual game for it. In protest I have changed one of my unplayed characters main picture into Danny Devito as the Penguin, because it fits the rules.
  9. Sure but I mean the Outlaw pass has a lot of solid content so I just there's a way to access that content instead of itjust being unavailable.
  10. I am curious how a private server would work because I would hate to lose items from things like the Outlaw pass and stuff.
  11. I'm curious how this image is an invalid representation of his appearance, and how that is worthy of an account ban, to which I replied and got no response or explaination.
  12. Great to have you! Feel free to PM me with any roleplay or rule questions!
  13. Kill rights usually imply that you have been attacked or robbed by the person you have kill rights on. It let's you skip the formalities and outright attack that person as long as the timer is still active. This does inherit the risk of you firing on the wrong target and ended up in the report section though. As for the executing bit; if they had attacked or robbed you and you gained kill rights, as long as the execution is justified and within the logic of your character that does apply. Give the "victim" some roleplay though, as that's what it's all about in the end.
  14. I'm cool with the zombies tbh... before you could just single-tap them with the FNX so it was like they weren't even there. At least now they're a real mechanic.
  15. Wish I could give your profile song beans.

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      Well, if you come across some more BeanZ, send them my way. 😉 

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      Who is it? Sounds like Grandpa's Cough Medicine. You should check them out if you haven't.

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      Grandpa's Cough Medicine sounds familiar. As for my profile song it's Ashes of Mt. Augustine by Rhonda Vincent.

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