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  1. Its alittle of both but the unit and structure is the real deal.
  2. I appreciate it but most of my people are either prior service or in then the service as I am so people that are not, we will do our best to train them in the basic of the military life in Milsim Form. Much Appreciated & Hope to meet each other.
  3. About the 1STMRB: 1st Marine Raider Battalion is organized, trained and equipped to deploy for worldwide missions as directed by MARSOC. Each Marine Special Operations Companies (MSOCs) is task-organized with personnel uniquely skilled in special equipment support, intelligence and fire-support. The MRBs are MARSOC's combat units. MRB operators are trained in direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, and unconventional warfare. ---------------------------------------------------------- “1st Marine Raider Battalion - Loading up to move out” The Blood Pack is where this story begins. 3 soldiers who happened to end up being detached to the same Marsoc Combat Unit (1stMRB) and activated to assist with the outbreak. Where the US had pulled back troops from South Zagoria to Utes Island and was calculating the next move as the NATO fleet ambled off the coast of Chernarus, unsatisfied and annoyed with losses and failure to reach ground zero. As the outbreak spread across the northern parts of South Zagoria, Chernarus, the CDF was vastly undermanned to deal with the threat. A NATO task force from Utes was sent to help evacuate civilians and secure the south. Sources from CIA operatives and drone footage and the Russian bombardment of the Kamensk military site, suggests that this was possible ground zero. A MARSOC team along with several US army scientists deployed on the 9th July to venture towards the base, however, shit hit the fan. Few Raiders died and eventually we had no choice but to withdraw back to Utes. On our time back on Utes lot of rigorous training was forced so we would be better prepared once we were redeployed so we trained day and night waiting to be redeployed it took us almost 2 years before we got a new assignment. The new assignment was to go back to Chernarus, South Zagoria to observe the Russian border since hostilities lately have been escalating between the two countries and to conduct some peacekeeping missions. Our deployment had been approved by the Chernarussian Government, but we must report any findings back to our command and the 93rd Brigade South Zagoria stationed on Utes/Miroslav too. When I look back from where we started I am honored to walk beside and serve beside my heroes every day," Jackson said. "Just living and breathing and sweating and gun fighting beside guys like that ... they just work in the shadows, that's all they want and they care about their brothers. ---------------------------------------------------------- A decade after the Marine Corps stood up its new special operations command, Marine Raiders are helping lead the charge against the OutBreak, training local troops across the South Zagoria and quietly conducting missions across the Cheranarus region. “Marine Raiders with US Forces, 1st Marine Raider Battalion.” Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command activated on Feb. 24, 2006, to lend the Corps' muscle to U.S. Special Forces Command as it took on expanded operations in South Zagoria, Chernarus and beyond. “1stMRB on the MARSOC the Individual Training Course (ITC) pictured on an exercise.” Beginning as a fledgling force drawn from two Marine force reconnaissance companies, MARSOC expanded to three special operations battalions — each with its own support battalion — aligned with Chernarus region. “1stMRB with the United Nation (UN) engaging BPR forces from inside/behind a Kawasaki LTATV-2 vehicle while on patrol” MARSOC has grown into a mature Special Operations Forces organization over the last 10 years and is on a sustainable operations path. ---------------------------------------------------- Team Commander ( Lieutenant Colonel): @kingofkingskey1 / Zach Brannagain Team Leader (Captain): @WESTSIDEBULL / Jackson Black Team Chief (Master Sergeant): Operations Sergeant (Gunnery Sergeant): @MrMeepMeep / Justin Epps Assistant Operations Sergeant (Staff Sergeant): ------------------------------------------------- Element Leader (Staff Sergeant): Assistant Element Leader (Sergeant): Element Member (Corporal): @AFluffyBrick / David york Assistant Element Member (Private - Lance Corporal): @Austin Merkelo / Austin Merkelo Navy Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman (SARC): ---------------------------------------------------------- - Provide food, water, and medical supplies to those in need (Indefinitely) - Secure areas to be called 'safe zones' free from infected (Ongoing) - Eliminate all terrorist / Opposing organizations in the area. (Ongoing) --------------------------------------------------------- - Attempt to restore long-lasting peace to Tisy and the surrounding area (Ongoing) - Meditate Harmony between groups, and promote peace (50%) - Help to Reinstate the Chernarussian Government back over all of Chernarus (Ongoing) - Attempt to clense Chernarus back to its former state. (Ongoing) - Recruit all dedicated personel to assist in the cause (Ongoing) - Create a faction that Assists other faction with peace and Harmony (Complete) ------------------------------------------------------- Coming Soon! --------------------------------------------------- OOC Info: If you are interested in joining Fill out this form and PM it to @WESTSIDEBULL or @kingofkingskey1 for your next steps. -FORM- -RULES- Headers contributed by @Major#6565
  4. Isaac Desanta, 21-year-old who was on the edge of giving up on his life's ambition to become a Soldier. However, all of a sudden he discovers some lonely vet trying to save his courageous daughter, Hannah Desanta, and he was inspired by the vet bravery and decides it's time for a change. In need of some guidance, the lonely vet offered to train him the best he could to pass and make it to becoming a soldier. Having led a wildlife, Isaac finds himself unable to keep up with the training so the vet pushed harder and never gave up on him. So the lonely vet sets out to acquire some assistance from his old war buddies in Normandy instead. Soon, Isaac had all the help he needed and began to excel at his training soon after applying for Army Active Duty. He soon realizes that everything that he trained for was soon about to be intensified 10x over. Due to the shortage of Active soldiers in a certain area, he was accepted sent through BCT as Infantry and deployed straight after. So, it all began with seemingly benign activity at an old storage base north of Severograd, the easternmost base in a chain of facilities that stretched West along the Black Mountains. After the fall of the USSR and rise of Chernarussian independence the base was handed over to the fledgling CDF (Chernarussian Defense Force), any memory of the base and its activities were forgotten. So, we were sent to the base where we established a series of checkpoints on surrounding roads, stopping all foot or vehicle traffic and turning it back. I was eventually tasked out on a Foot patrol that began to move through the woods around the base in an attempt to make up for the abysmal condition of the base’s perimeter fences. Which was going well until we started to hear gunshots going off back towards the base on our way back from patrol, we began to run through the woods till we found a clearing to see what was going on and we saw what we thought was civilian attacking the soldiers taking rounds and not going down that easy. The soldiers I was with ran down to reinforce them when I heard screaming from in the woods so I told them I would go check it out so I went to investigate and saw a civilian or infect person eating an alive person so i mercy the civilian and before I could try and detain the infect civilian it charge me and I could not raise my gun so I reached for my knife and started to stab it but it would not die so I managed to get my knife under its chin and before I could push it through and branch snagged my foot and I fell backward hitting my head and stabbing the zombie in the head from it falling on me just before I fell unconscious.
  5. Jackson Black was born in a small town in The United States called Indiana. At the age of 10, Jackson father got a job opportunity to help Advance a Private Military Company. Jackson was happy he got to get more close to the things he loved, which was the Military life. 7 years had passed & Jackson was a very outgoing person who loved his new Community and Decided to be more a part of the things his Step-Father was involved in so Jackson enlisted into the United States Army. Jackson left for BCT on June, 11th 2008. Jackson remembered his buddy always being disappointed because of not seeing any action he was one of those guys who was proud to fight for his country & so was I. We both kept trying until we got assigned to a unit that was deployed to Germany but even then they could never get the ok. So on 7th of July all I remember was alarms going off and are squad leaders YELLING "GEAR UP LADIES LETS GO MEET AT STAGING IN 5 MINUTES" Jackson was like Yall have to be kidding me they must be crazy. So 5 Minutes passed & Me & all of the soldiers were along in staging area waiting for the commander to brief them on what was going on. The Commander soon came in with the brief about we're getting attached to Chernarussian Defense Force, & all I could hear was everyone saying HELL-YA where at Lt & he replied old storage base north of Severograd. So most of us asked Lt where the hell is that but he barely knew himself. 3 Weeks had passed Jackson and the rest of his unit are sitting in the base while Foot patrols began to move through the woods around the base in an attempt to make up for the abysmal condition of the base’s perimeter fences. Its time its time boys said the Platoon leader we are going in tonight Jackson was super excited only if we knew what was going to happen through the 3 weeks of constant fighting. Jackson was getting sick of seeing all the bodies of dead civilians, fellow brothers. National outrage ensued. In the meantime, events escalated considerably around midnight, when an apparent disagreement between the two sides of the base resulted in the departure of the Russians back across the border. In the early hours of the 10th, the Russian air force completely annihilated the storage base that was the source of the whole controversy, leaving only a couple buildings standing and fifty dead Chernarussian personnel within the base. In response, Chernarussian jets from the Vybor Airbase raided Russian border posts starting a back and forth between each country's military. Chernarus awoke to war in South Zagoria as national demonstrations and outbursts of violence occurred in the morning. began experiencing attacks from several soldiers that appeared to be rabid and unresponsive, the soldiers having emanated from the base. Many were severely burned or partially dismembered, and yet did not seem to care or respond with pain to their injuries. The first call came in from a farm North of the city, reporting three soldiers staggering out of the forest biting and attacking livestock. The station lost contact with the patrol sent to check on the farm. We had an all out dispersal of CDF troops in the area, Russian artillery launched an all-out bombardment of the Kamensk, Nagorno, and Severograd countrysides.
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