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  1. Thanks baby gurl. Gotta find that passphrase again fml; although, i assume there have been many rule changes.
  2. Thanks, will do will do shall do it when i'm free.
  3. Wagwan Peeps, I have been away for a while, and I am seeing that I am no longer white-listed. Is that just the case? Is a re-whitelist the way to go now? Thanks thanks
  4. Andy123

    Well..... The Time has come....

    Goodbye Mate!
  5. I don't understand what your trying to say. neither do i most of the time.
  6. Holidays too. Schools breaking up, peepz going on holiday. Late night is the best time for a packed server
  7. Andy123

    [TR] The Remnants [recruiting]

    M8 i r8 8/8 btw
  8. Andy123

    [TR] The Remnants [recruiting]

    Saw you IG and your RP was great, this is gunna be big bro. Your RP has been top notch since i met you.
  9. May be wrong section? Seriously, coming on to SA was great since I returned. Decided to role-play as a crazy Asian at that Naderzino camp and hats off to everyone that was there, even though it led to my execution for being too insane. Seriously RP was sweet, much better than some I had seen back in the mod; mod RP was sweet too. Just for I'd post this to say that you guys are great and this community is too. Much love.
  10. brotherhood were the shit cmon
  11. Andy123

    Populating the servers

    No. The mod ¨died off¨ because the server had some desync issues, then as a quick-solution they added EpochRP while they were fixing the server. And it didn't work IMO. Alot of people agreed at the time.
  12. Andy123

    Populating the servers

    The reason the community died was through Epoch and dysnc you know that?