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  1. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    time for me to dip good luck had fun with you guys
  2. Failed Robberies Thread

    dead ass this guy is out of control call 911
  3. Failed Robberies Thread

    dead ass this same guy tried to rob me in stary and got fucked on and poked me the exact same bullshit
  4. alcohol makes you look really cool and not like a huge pussy what so ever

    1. Brady



    2. Nihoolious



    3. Cody Husky
    4. Boston





  5. The City of Stary.

    Those god damn black fangs ruining everything
  6. What are you trying to say? Ark and I literally watched you shoot Exotic, so that gave us kill rights, and from what I understand Exotic and Lucas were for sure within 500m when Lucas was initiated on and killed.
  7. Dustin Brooks PoV: Running to Devil's Castle to help with a gunfight against Viridian when the gunfight ends and Lucas and Exotic go to Gorka and find a camp from what I hear. Lucas tries to steal a car and is initiated on without a text initiation, once again, from what I heard, and gets shot. I ran to Grishino and Exotic had already killed one when I spot the other around the corner of the church and Exotic goes around the corner to shoot him, gets knocked uncon and lights the guy up, and I run around the corner and finish him and wreak havoc on the gear (jk?)
  8. o7 Staff

    thank god. leave the community too pls
  9. since people like posting their really sick music on their profiles here's some real shit


    1. Boston


      aaaaaaaaand nobody cares

  10. Black Fang Defiance (Public Frequency)

    *Dustin hears the transmission and holds down his PTT* "What the fuck is this? Josh is still alive and kicking I just saw him a few minutes ago. You can't shoot or something? Missed him? Hey, wait a second, I recognize your voice. Aren't you the guy that tried to kidnap that kid by the church in Kabanino and molest him?" *A single tear falls down Dustin's face* "Unbelievable that you'd do such a nasty thing. Breaks my heart." *Dustin releases his PTT*
  11. Lights Hope WoW - Elysium [Vanilla WoW]

    Blizz doesn't really do anything to players who are on private servers from what I've heard. They go after the staff and owners and all of that.
  12. Why Is DayZRP Not First Person Only?

    No way. First person makes me dizzy after a few minutes. You can only bring realism so far before its just getting annoying
  13. Battle for Azeroth

    I liked MoP and Cata simply because I'm a PvPer, and MoP PvP was the most fun I've ever had in the game. I only started in WotLK, so it wasn't until around MoP when I actually figured out how to play. WoD was just pure shit though, made me quit that game.