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  1. Desperation {OPEN FREQ}

    *Alec hears Todd talking to Daniel and quickly switches to the frequency, leaning back in his chair and propping his feet up on the table, holding down his PTT* "You fucked up" *Alec pauses and begins playing with his clown mask* "Can't trust shit nowadays... Anyways.. I'll be around" *Alec releases his PTT with a giggle*
  2. 20160909200301_1.jpg

    From the album Old Times

  3. Old Times

  4. 20160826223858_1.jpg

    From the album Old Times

  5. What do you listen to ?

    [align=center][video=youtube]http:/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loHZjOsMD3Q/ [/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] [align=center]Most people don't like this type of music.. Just kind of what I grew up around so I guess that's the main reason I like it. Have it playing very low in the background most of the time when I play [/align]
  6. [align=center]*Eratic gun shots with the sounds of thuds and numerous slurred screams and growls. Alec pushes his PTT yelling over the amount of infected that can be heard in the background, and by the sound of his voice you can hear that he is talking and running*[/align] [align=center]"ANYONE NEAR THE SCHOOL IN ZELENOGORSK, I NEED URGENT ASSISTANCE! I'VE GOT A LARGE NUMBER OF INFECTED ON MY ASS AND THEY'VE TRAPPED ME IN THE SCHOOL."[/align] [align=center]*Alec rushes to the top floor of the school, having no where else to go, being backed into a wall of the hallway next to a classroom*[/align] [align=center]"I've moved to the top floor of the school, anyone nearby PLEASE FUCKING HELP!"[/align] [align=center]*More gunshots can be heard in the background followed by more thuds, the slurred growling and screams in the background getting louder. You hear the sound of a door slamming in the background as Alec locks himself in one of the class rooms, and moves a desk in front of the door to hold it shut.*[/align] [align=center]"Fuck.. Fuck FUCK! They have me trapped in this classroom.. Come on some one has to be fucking nearby and hearing this.. PLEASE!.."[/align] [align=center]*Alec sits with his back against the table that is holding the door shut for extra support, feeling the force against the door getting stronger.*[/align] [align=center]"Fuck I don't think I'm making it out of this.. I DON'T WANNA DIE MAN!.. Todd... Lyca.. Dalton and the rest of you guys.. I guess this is goodbye. Thank you for taking me in as one of you.. for everything.. especially you Lyca for coming for me that day.. when I didn't even know you."[/align] [align=center]*Alec sits there in silence for a few seconds before the door to the classroom collapses, and Alec jumps up dropping his radio. He backs up to the end of the classroom, and numerous shots can be heard followed by a sudden click - clearly the sound of an empty gun. Another thump can be heard, and you hear screams of Alec joined by sounds of flesh being torn and more slurred groans and screams. The radio goes silent*[/align]
  7. Military emergency frequency

    [align=center]*Alec hears the transmission while he sits on a limb high up in a tree and presses his PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Ladies and gentlemen, your average Russian soldier.. Trapped in a building."[/align] [align=center]*Alec releases his PTT*[/align]
  8. [align=center]*Alec wakes up after falling asleep on a hay bale in a barn with his radio still tuned in on the frequency, hearing an unknown voice talking about clowns and pressing his PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Oh yeah stay away from those big bad clowns!"[/align] [align=center]*Alec mimics a laugh over his radio*[/align] [align=center]"Fucking idiots."[/align] [align=center]*Alec releases his PTT*[/align]
  9. [align=center]*Alec hears the man from the Free Peoples Republic discouraging people from going to Kabanino and can't help but giggle, pushing his PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Woah.. Why so against Kabanino? That's such a great place to be.. Really beautiful. If anything I wouldn't listen to your other advice about the Free Peoples Republic or whatever.. What the fuck even is that? Sounds like some bullshit trap to me. Just so you can torture this poor human being you sick bastard."[/align] [align=center]*Alec releases his PTT while still giggling*[/align]
  10. I Could Take It Off We'll see how the next popcorn session goes when you aren't included in it nerd
  11. [align=center]*Alec hears Todd's transmission while flipping through frequencies and presses his PTT*[/align] [align=center]"......You ruined me pants...."[/align] [align=center]*Alec releases his PTT[/align]
  12. My favorite was probably when my group and I took some SOF-004 guys hostage and were torturing them in the forest. Something about torturing an old friend and then another group who I think was RHM coming and trying to save them just felt so right.
  13. To The Masquerade [open frequency]

    [align=center]*Alec hears the transmission, laughing at the kid and pressing his PTT*[/align] [align=center]"Jesus fucking Christ kid, you again? It seems like every time I hear you on the radio you're just bitching about something else. No one wants to come meet you, waste of fucking time for us to come and fuck you up. Do us a favor and do it yourself, will ya?"[/align] [align=center]*Alec releases his PTT giggling*[/align]