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  1. Came from the wires all around my gpu and cpu
  2. So basically, a few hours ago I decided to hop onto my computer for a little bit. Turned it on, it started smoking, and have yet to even figure out what happened but the thing is fucked. I dont see myself being able to buy a new computer within the next year or 2, so I suppose this is goodbye. Ill maybe lurk around the forums just to see how things are going though. Best of luck to you all, I enjoyed my time here.
  3. Screen+shot+2010-06-27+at+10.08.28+PM.pn

    1. Cody Husky

      Cody Husky

      Shit I owe you 2

  4. Life servers are extreme fun and all, but if you want real RP, the ArmA community is not the right place.
  6. *Tyriq hears the transmission and presses his PTT* "Hmm.. but you all sure did run from.. one nigga? Hows your friend feeling, I unloaded on that fuck boy and had a good time getting target practice in as all y'all pussy niggas booked it out that bitch." *Tyriq releases his PTT*
  7. amac-customs-off-white-vans-01.jpg?w=102

    1. Dan


      actually disgusting

    2. Cody Husky

      Cody Husky


    3. groovy nate

      groovy nate

      that's fuckin cool

    4. Dew


      yall are broke boys anyways haha

    5. Cody Husky

      Cody Husky

      @Dewskeet Skeet Aint no broke boy

  8. Tossing it out there, if an ArmA 3 server is implemented I'm pretty experienced with making textures and can texture just about anything if I'm given something to go off of. Something I enjoy and still do to this day for a few pretty popular ArmA 3 life mod servers. I also have done some pretty creative shit with map editing.
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