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Pre Lorewipe - KoS Event (Chernarus)
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"Easier to step over 2 corpses than to fight 3 people"

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  1. Great job, does this mean we can expect monthly updates after lore wipe with a new newspaper.
  2. +1 no reason not too.
  3. Anyway, the main point people are trying to make is that it was a racist joke (the videos) targeted at a specific person aka Turk, the things Ryan says in discord is not targeting a certain member of the community it is simply messing around nothing is wrong when it's just joking around, But it crosses the line of simply joking when you start @ing members. Though if you honestly feel offended by what Ryan post in discord you have to bring it up to staff or talk to Ryan himself. As it stands they will only see it as messing around until someone who feels offended speaks up, it's just like when people who go on general text in discord and say kill all Russians it's seen as nothing more than a joke. Personally as I see nothing productive will come of this thread and will just lead to more drama and should just be closed but im not staff.
  4. Well, as In my post if we want this to stay civil the best way is to simply post your point don't @ just post your view on the matter and a possible solution for possible future issues. Otherwise this will simply get /closed by morning
  5. Just my personal as I'm not staff but since it was directed at another member of the community the punishment should be very severe. Now on the same note if the member who it was directed at didn't care or took it in good faith the punishment should not be as bad, still, punishment should be handed but not as severe. This just needs to be case by case like it normally is with everything else with basic guidelines for staff. 10-20 points if the person wasn't offended and didn't take offense (as racism is banned points still need to be given) 30 points if they took offense and it was considered harmful
  6. Mate the post above you is Deer isle new TOS aka its allowed to be used on servers like dayzrp XD
  7. I Get like someone has said that some LM work will go down the drain for Livonia but it was dying long before lore wipe, and as other have said Deer isle could always be a extension of Chernarus to have a better gateway for Lore. Even as someone who played Livonia on Arma as well its crap there too.
  8. Though I do like your idea, I suggest you wait till you get more info on the new lore since apparently very different than what we are used to. Pulse would love to see some higher ups in suits, guarded walking around.
  9. Personally we do not know if the lore will start at the beginning of the Infection, But if they already have a plan for money I +1 this idea. Though I think we should wait till the original plan takes place
  10. if your using the steam launcher, I can normally fix that by going to steam - settings - downloads - clear download cache And it should restart steam. Heads up it will ask you to relogin
  11. sadly the mod nowhere near finished yet and probably wont be for almost a year
  12. If server performance won’t tank I’m fine with it. I’m not a dev but I’m fine with making things for this, just ask @Crim Im very precise lol +1
  13. @Tyran I understand where you come from on that one before I stop playing and trying to get back into it, Hopefully LW will help you get that old feel once more I believe 2016 was one of the wipes can't remember
  14. Honestly I wanted it earlier because I thought we were just waiting on mods, But as the LM has said its not done and needs its time so its as you can put in simple terms wont be Shit. Even though I'm dying to play like everyone else just be patient you wouldn't want a car rushed to be finished just so u can drive right? + as @IsaiahCortez said we dont to be EA here
  15. I'm with the other I used to always pull my map when I was using my phone or something to get a direction or for rp. I would love just a simply addon to disable the GUI
  16. O it did but the lore wasn't announced so far ahead I think it was 1 to 2 weeks before wipe, So the pop was still about 40 ish constant not the 3 with the few hours of 40 that this one has. I think this wipe had more time since people complained not enough time last time. *looks at last played* not that I have much room to talk
  17. I get your point, but even if its 90%, people used to just spam duct tape on suppressors anyways so they usually never broke. Maybe for a form of balancing it suppressors could have a lower spawn as someone said above
  18. I'll Hold of On voting until someone can tell if the slots can be reduced to help prevent hoarding?
  19. Now, I'm not judging But who were the ones who voted no for something useful *looks around*
  20. This is nothing new with a Lore Wipe, If anything a dead server would be like 2017 ish If I remember correctly where the server was dead for almost a full year very rarely did the pop go higher than 45 for 7-9 months
  21. Been ages since I last played but planning to come back with a teen character who came over for a fishing/hunting trip, Will adjust to see how to adjust to lore
  22. I goto the FM but it no work
  23. S.Bradley


    I haven't really had this issue, though I haven't used my Trackir for about a month
  24. When ever I last played so about 4-5 days ago, certain cars do work better than other but they tend to all still have a little space program left in them
  25. Whatever the Wiki says U need x2, the Dayzrp Made it so everything for base building needs x2 the normal amount. The dayz wiki really isn't the best place for info for here, as the devs change a lot of things.
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