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    I haven't really had this issue, though I haven't used my Trackir for about a month
  2. Scott joined the 82nd Airborne in 2015, Soon after joining up with the 82nd they were reassigned to the homefront and attached to the 7th Infantry division for NATO tasking. As the US government took notice of tension rising over in Europe and tensions rising with Russian Government over researches in the Region, Around the year 2016 a infection started in a eastern region near Russia, Taking the Infection as a excuse the US government sent a NATO detachment along with a United Nations Detachment to help Stabilize and provide aid to the locals. After a short stay and the Infection spreading to the US, the Government order the NATO detachment to return to the US and control the situation as the infection was spreading rapidly. At this point the United Nation detachment that was sent was either attacked by oppressing russian forces or killed by the infection and was left in shambles and dismayed. Upon Returning to the United states all NATO division were separated and where to help take back and control their native areas. Scott spent a year and half help containing and stabilizing the home area of the 82nd, North carolina. After the 82nd task was finished they spent a few months on R&R and where reinforced with new troops, He was now on his way back to Chernarus, With his Second tour with NATO.
  3. When ever I last played so about 4-5 days ago, certain cars do work better than other but they tend to all still have a little space program left in them
  4. Whatever the Wiki says U need x2, the Dayzrp Made it so everything for base building needs x2 the normal amount. The dayz wiki really isn't the best place for info for here, as the devs change a lot of things.
  5. The Summer map was voted on months prior to being added and it was help make you feel Summerish, its a small but noticeable change to map. While Yes more Cars would be awesome they still be like any other car in the game. Space program
  6. Honestly Roaming Solo In a Apocalypse, Wouldn't be a Big brain move. Either team up some people, or have shit people don't want when I go solo get a Kar98 or a shotgun, most people wont bother u.
  7. Im not a big fan of PVP but I know if I get in it 9/10 its because I was being a dick ingame, or IC radio. So Im gonna hit this big O'L No we have plenty of OOC restrictions as it is
  8. S.Bradley

    PVP and translating into RP

    There are many things that can lead to PVP groups, Sometimes it's just players who are tired of just campfire RP and they make a group in ways it gives them total RP jusafaction to PVP. Now for RP or campfire groups being pulled into Wars or attacked 24/7 if its the same people attacking them over and over. You could try and report for 2.3 but 2.3 is a very hard thing at times to prove when people make their groups in ways to help guard from it. I'm not apart of a current PVP bois group so I can't say how they would go about incorpting RP into it. But what a lot of people forget or don't understand that a hostile group can give good hostile RP without picking fights in a way they know they could gain PVP, And still get good Hostile RP/Fear RP.
  9. S.Bradley

    Spraypaint Reiteration W.I.P

    Voted yes, Im all for it as long as no CSGO/COD like skinz become a thing. groups tagging vest and such would be a neat thing to see
  10. -1 as Database cant be shared
  11. S.Bradley

    Accessing car storage

    +1, Need a poll mate @andysuter
  12. Voted No, Because I get your Idea and the reasoning. But as some have stated if you are trying to sneak around or undercover the rules would force u to be able to be noticed right away. Yeah I know there is work arounds like hiring someone outside the group or trusted friends but, I'm going to have to vote no.
  13. Bad pvp boi, But in honestly the plain normal color ones should not have a cool down the custom ones should be about 1-2 hours but like Whitename said dont die :0
  14. S.Bradley

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Ok, Ok loulla
  15. S.Bradley

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    @Castiel Yes there is 101 shall not breach the fort
  16. I'll Close the Poll Now Since Rolle has made this thread now.
  17. S.Bradley

    Group settlements

    I love the evolution idea I thought about putting something similar in my post but ditched the idea since I wasn’t sure how to go about, I think a week is a good amount of time maybe 2 at most.
  18. S.Bradley

    Best guns/ best equipment..... why?

    I've had 2 military characters since 2016, Most my Characters have been civilian or a doctor which dies not too long after having it since it was in the lore UN group and I was Executed for information. If I tend to be getting into a hostile situation I will stop using my normal low cal/ civ weapons and move onto Military weapons. Currently, I have an ak74-u, Since I have a high chance of PVP at the moment. But normal it is an SKS, tundra, Mosion, Shotgun
  19. Was going to bump it but when we were talking I. Discord people said to make a new one so the poll would rep the thoughts now
  20. 1. The layout would be decided by staff, I’m sure they will ask the group leaders a general idea of the base then hey will go do what they need to do. If the group disbands while it being made staff could trash the build or they could still place it in the map for others to take over. 2. That’s upto the staff team on how big they wish to allow their staff to make them. 3. Bases would be made with the builder mod/map edit to reduce the lag on the server, bases would take time to make by staff so it won’t just be a 2-3 day deal of making only certain groups with the manpower to handle such things would have the chance. I mean we could also do like a $10 fee but that for rolle to decided 4. small groups can and will still make their small huts and such but, this is for major bases/very large bass 5. To clear a base would be like in the past destroy the group that owns it, or simply take it over and out man power them/ the bases would be map loads, like prisons bridge 6. Even if the group who would own the base disbands the base would still be there unless through ic like a event or such it was destroyed, so the group it self would need to be active group to even have a chance of having one, but the less they play the more a bigger and stronger group could come and take over, just like how u could with settlements just no one does lol My main point for this theatre was so we could have unique bases and area on the map that could serve to further the lore in large directions, also to help the server since most of the large bases made by big groups have 100 objects In walls alone not including the rest of the bad which hurts the server.
  21. This wouldn’t stop u from building bases with if mechanics the bases would be major faction type group bases, their purpose is not for the group to have a safe only spot to hide loot it’s main purpose is to further the story of the group and server , just like haven IN The past they can very well be destroyed through Ic action
  22. I’m sorry my love I shall fixit in a bit XD
  23. If you voted no plz give a reason why, would help with insight.
  24. In light of recent news with how many objects were being made for bases on S1 and the lag and issue it was creating, As we had a discussion on Discord about it. Many of us would like to see the old Mod days of bases where Major faction/ Approved groups could apply to have a Map edited base ( Made into the map ). Now some of the issues that were brought up were the Staff workload that would occur from the changes, I have a few points on this. 1. More staff work, 2. Amount of Map objects, 3. Pre-built being abandoned or group disbanding. 1. Add a new staff rank that has no power All they do is be Build slaves for GMs and Admins. ( this is mainly for staff ) 2. Many of the Major factions build Large community like bases, with Factions getting Pre-Built bases this would lower the number of Objects on the map from large bases. 3. If a Pre-Built Base is Abandoned by the group or the group disbanded, Staff could leave the base as it is since other groups could come to take over. For @Mexi watch this video as well, It was posted on another thread. Just for people who don't want to read the above @DERK owns the video sorry for the confusion, If You feel something should be added just PM and I'll add it to the thread with a date
  25. I don't mind the Cap as it is, If we drop back to 80 people will go back to complaing about the low cap, there no winning here. Cars will still be janky at 80 anything higher than 65 at most causes car physics to just quit life. Honestly, if u have an issue with car physics complain to BI to make decent working physics XD
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