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  1. S.Bradley

    Zombies are too hard?

    I believe zombies are fine where they are. People need to adapt to the changes, Something changed you can't play the same way u always have. Hunting Knife for the win Baby
  2. S.Bradley


    That's what I was thinking as well that was one of the risk of changing it
  3. S.Bradley

    Spread out spawns

    Im with Henning here, The way you travel must change in .63 its nothing to do with the game, it's made the way it is for a reason. People just need to learn how to travel in the new dayz mechanics its different from .62 and older it's all new.
  4. S.Bradley

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I feel you have not read what others have put all the way through Many people have stated that if you want to do things such as Rape RP or ERP must be an agreement between both parties. So no female players are not "free meat" if they do not like it or is turned off by the RP they can state in //OOC if it continues it is Power gaming and against the rules.
  5. S.Bradley

    "over the line" Roleplay?

    I have no issue with any form of RP as long as it is done well and not excessive aka saying the N-word after every 3 words. Now for ERP as long as both party's care to rp it then let them, It's their RP, not yours if your a bystander just say your character does feel comfortable and make him walk away. That way you give an RP reason to walk away and give their characters a reason to think about what they are doing.
  6. S.Bradley

    anyone else?

    I believe this is still being fixed leaning they said should be back in soon, and the surrendering amination is in the new animation wheel for whenever they add it some server accessed it no clue how. Just a heads up for ya But As Eagle said just less campfire Rp groups is all nothing major, It's like a wave at sometimes its more Camp Fire groups, sometimes its more hostile groups.
  7. S.Bradley

    In game Premium poll

    No one plays the mod because its empty cant RP by your self, But seriously was that meant to be an actual argument to the suggestion or just some fun XD No one stated it you have to it's simply up to the group leader if he wants it or not, If the GL wants to well he's in charge of the group so,, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To be honest I do not get why people are against if you do not want to spawn with something don't pay for it. That simple not complicated, Those of us who wish to help fund the community simply get another perk for doing so. It is against Bohemia's policy to give a player an advantage over other with paid perks. What is proposed doesn't do that other than maybe the spawn points. Now I'm not saying don't post your point on it, Just look at the facts first *rant over :)*
  8. S.Bradley

    In game Premium poll

    @Roland If Dayz uses the same terms and policies as Arma 3, for paid Items I think I have a doc with what can be done and can't be done If you want it that is
  9. S.Bradley

    In game Premium poll

    The items I'm sure would be the same items in-game that anyone can get... I dont think its going to be custom slot items just retextured normal items
  10. S.Bradley


    I'm still the best guide we only got lost twice
  11. S.Bradley

    Help Desk Needs more attention

    I personally don't like discord voice but, If rolles plan is to make us use in-game radios more than 3rd party...then i guess it will happen XD, I would like to reorganize it more though
  12. S.Bradley

    Help Desk Needs more attention

    I also noticed this I gone to the help desk and waited for 45 mins or more and nothing ever happened... I've been resorting to the $help channel but still don't also get anything.
  13. S.Bradley

    October 2018 changes

    Well, I'm just going to put this out there. This is experiential AKA public testing phase, A lot of the system and setting in-game are subject to change on stable branch launch. The stamina system is some of their first attempt at it, if you want to complain about a stamina system talk about the Arma 3 one XD
  14. S.Bradley

    how does one fix?

    Welcome to experimental, they are both dev issues just like your arm being in your side with a AK
  15. S.Bradley

    October 2018 changes

    I haven't had an issue with Stamina or weight so far, that includes PVP on public servers as well.
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