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  1. *Sean presses the PTT* Hey guys wait for me *Sean releases the PTT and runs out the door to find the boys*
  2. *Sean presses the PTT* Well at least I don't have to suck horse dick for protection and I know about your little business in Green Mountain and I know all about how you ran like the little pussy you are when the shit hole got raided. *Sean releases the PTT for a second to let that sink in and presses it again* And if you want to know who I am why don't you come to kabanino with all you're little pussy pals and Ill show you who I am. *Sean releases the PTT and puts it back in is bag*
  3. *Sean presses the PTT* "Oiii you sad sack of hopes and dreams leave this married woman alone or ill cut off your cock and feed it to you so even then the cabbage will get up and leave you and marry another man" "Sean releases the PTT and fucks it into his bag*
  4. *Sean McKenna picks up the PTT* Sean McKenna here to fight the good fight *Sean Cheers and releases the PTT*
  5. Sean McKenna

    My characters name is Sean McKenna he is a battle bread 23 year old who is from Ireland and was apart of the elite Group of Irish army members called the Irish rangers he was only a "newbie" to the rangers as they called him.At the time of the outbreak him and his group was sent out to Takistan on a peacekeeping mission by the Irish government. When the news spread to his task force in Takistan they were worried and wanted to rush home to their family's even tho Sean had no family he was a orphan and that is why he joined the army.When they got reports back from Ireland the were reported to stay in Takistan to further keep the peace in this great time of need.When the infection reached Takistan Sean and his group fought vigorously even tho there numbers are dropping. Even tho Sean was the "newbie" he was still alive in a group of three rangers when there were ten a few weeks ago.They were in Zargabad and were heading East to Chernorus borders to find survivors and try and salvage a way home to Ireland.After reaching the borders of Chernorus they found nothing but infected there and after and hairy fight with the infected Sean was separated from his allies but carried on East into Chernorus were he spent 2 months looking for his only friends.After giving up and talking to a wondering scavenger he found out every were was infected and there was no home for him left and spent his days surviving in Chernorus to the present day