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  1. POV I walked up to Jamie and I greeted him like I greet everyone there was no exception I said "who the fuck are you" and unlike most people I say that too he gave me shit back so after a minute of back and fourth my friends run over to me and as a higher rank in our group Baz took over the situation and after a few seconds Jack shouts "Put your fucking hands up". I help lead the hostages to the house then run off to another house because the piano house was crowded.
  2. No this is not the shinning but in all RP respect this is a zombie infection I wasn't gonna go down to the local lock smith to get a key made and secondly us "Irish People" were looking for someone so of course we were gonna open the door so don't flatter yourself we didn't wanna see anything.
  3. POV. All the boys were RPing with a few people but I stayed back just in case something kicked off then I heard over TS there is a lad in the toilet so I ran over and asked him why he was there and asked him to come out so when we found out the door was locked Jack hit the door with is ice pick and from my screen Uncle B's head went through the door while Jack was hitting the door and killed him this was all a accident just the game clipping objects.
  4. Fergal Tinney

    Fergal was born into the Tinney family in 1971, the Tinney family was the founding family of Castlefinn Co Donegal and the community grew over hundreds of years and were well respected and upper class. When the troubles broke out across Ireland the Tinney family were quick to back the IRA with anything they needed. Fergal turned 18 and decided to leave Castlefinn and go off to Belfast were he got a job as a milk man for the local community. After two years of being a milk man there was this one man on the route that Fergal took a real shinning to and his name was Brian O’Flannagan he also came from a IRA affiliated family and shared the same views as Fergal. Fergal and Brian became the best of friends and all through the attacks by the IRA and the British, Brian and Fergal were big influences in all of them. Its 1998 and Fergal still followed Brian like he was Fergals commander so when Fergal found out Brian was taking people to South Zagoria he was right by his side with the pub, all the weapon trading and even through the outbreak to the present day.
  5. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    Yes I was in the coms with everyone else who where at Green Mountain.
  6. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    I did not "Skirt" the question I answered the question with yes. Your statement is correct but I did not break the gate down I asked a friend to unlock which the guys in the compound saw and did ask me to leave.
  7. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    Yes because I came all the up from the east coast to RP and not a two minute conversation and yes the guards were armed but they or I did not pose a hostile manor. If I would of been asked to leave I would of but I was just shot with no notice.
  8. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    Back in the day I walked into all kinds of settlements hostile or not and did not get shot without a warning and I wanted RP and I was left standing but I didn't not show a threat, my gun was lowered and I jogged in.
  9. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    Brodie Smiths POV: Me and the boys walk up to green mountain to RP. The only reason we went to RP was so I could meet new people and get my name Brodie Smith out there and when I was talking to the guy at the gate who was very nice, good RP I have no problem with him. He told me to wait at the front gate for a sec so I waited and then he took way to long so I got my friend open the gate and I slow jogged in and I was double carrying so I couldn't not have my gun out but it was not pointed at anyone. Then I shouted out "Hello" and then just got gunned down with no response, know one told me to leave or not come in. The man at the gate said we are not accepting people in and then left to see if I could come In. The last point I am making is about the video when someone I don't know who said it "He sounds Irish, I don't like Irish people" (happened at 00:05) that is very offensive not just to me to all the Irish in this community which are a lot and that kind of OOC hate is not aloud in this community but that's not all then another said "Hes just gunna blow up the compound with a car, car bomb"(happened at 00:13) That is not funny in anyway personally I am and people I know were affected by the troubles and calling us all "car bombers" is just disrespectful I don't even know you and you are all ready judging me by my accent. I actually don't care about the report now its just a game but what you said was very personal to me and maybe other members of this community.
  10. Ruleplay/RDM/BadRP

    @Stitches That is not right I was told that the settlement was not letting people In at the minute but I was not told if I enter I will be shot, there was no indication of hostile action by me or the guy at the gate. The guy at the gate told me "ill be back in a minute ill ask to see if I can let you in" and when he did not come back I entered and shouted out "hello" and then got shot. I was on a brand new character and no one knows me, the guy at the gate asked my name and I told him Brodie* Smith and then he shouted to his men if anyone knew me and he got no response which indicated that know one knew me and now apparently you know me from other groups?.
  11. To The Brigade [Open Frequency]

    *Sean presses the PTT* Hey guys wait for me *Sean releases the PTT and runs out the door to find the boys*
  12. Here is 10 mins of when I first walked into the camp to when Evan got shot I looked at the rest and there is nothing else I can do. @Dusty
  13. Well if you want to watch threw 2+ hours of black footage be my guest,
  14. Sorry it took so long the footage was very long and I got it down to 30 seconds but its very dark I don't know if it will do.
  15. I think so I will look back but It will be very hard to see