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  1. I voted yes but at the same time I feel as if it could be abused somehow such as people getting themselves into questionable situations or do questionable things just to get some free stuff. I do agree that people should get compensation. I just have no idea what the compensation would be as to not abuse the system.
  2. Why would i ever raise that man from his grave lmao
  3. Welcome @Zombru. I'm sure he'll do well and will be wholly mediocre at whatever he does.
  4. we got these "made up rules" from the verdicts that set a precedent that punching someone a single time is ruleplay. I linked a few in the other thread. If you think that this isn't ruleplay then maybe you should have a talk with the staff team to get some consistency in reports or clarify the rules. I obviously agree with you that if someone starts kicking your ass out of nowhere then you should have rights on them 100% and you should probably use them but when someone punches you once after some insults/light hostile RP and backs away after dont you think that it's a bit much to spray them down?
  5. To preface this, I may be a tad biased as Dusty is a friend of mine in addition to being in the same group as me. As most people in this thread say, this verdict seems super off. To start, with the false report... it doesn't even make sense. kinda ruins the whole "if you feel a rule has been broken, report it" mentality. Being hit with 'false report' for simply reporting what you thought to be a rule break is absurd. onto NVFL... I personally don't feel like it was NVFL but I'm sure not everyone shares that opinion. NVFL in this situation is kinda a grey area. Dusty had group members in the area and Scar had allies who, in dusty's video say "We have bigger fish to fry" implying they didn't really want anything to do with the situation. The only thing i can think of being remotely NVFL is dusty punching a guy with a fully auto weapon in his hands, but in my mind that doesn't really constitute as NVFL and was a good conduit to further the hostile RP that the two were having. Instead Scar decides to spray dusty down after one punch... Thats where i'd like to address the fact that Scar did not receive punishment at all... Scar sprays down dusty for punching him in the head once. The teams decision regarding this being a valid kill is this: "We cannot allow for situations where people with rifles are unable to defend themselves from punches because it's considered ruleplay. It's not ruleplay either, since one is always allowed to defend oneself when attacked." though i may agree with this if someone is say..getting jumped or maybe a single person blindsides them with a barrage of heavy stun lock punches, I do not think that a man should be able to gun down another man for simply punching him once regardless of if there was light insults or hostile RP prior. This sets an absolutely awful precedent for players. Take this for example: player A calls player Bs mother a whore. Player B then punches player A once in the face. Player A then sprays down player B because well...he hit him and his pride was hurt. This ends all RP on the spot and no character progression is had because someone decided they would rather shoot than initiate or duke it out in some other fashion. But oh well. I guess I'll have to remember that the next time someone shoots me I can just shoot them without repercussions unlike in these reports and many more. Oh well. sorry for the rant. free my boy dusty.
  6. Im not lying. I believe the exact words you said were "hey my friend found a backpack" and i responded with "okay cool" because in my mind it seemed as if you were just telling me your friend found a backpack for himself as that is what he was looking for when he held me up. and for clarification on what exactly they held me up for; they held me up for a backpack which was ruined. after dropping it for them they said it's fine because they couldn't use it thus forcing me to leave a third of my inventory behind due to running fairly lightweight. I will not be responding unless asked by staff.
  7. Im not really here to argue these points. Im just here to provide clarification for staff about the kill rights that my allies had obtained.
  8. this part is simply false. I ran into you at bash, we both barely said anything, and i jogged away due to you pointing guns at me minutes earlier. I had an AWM with no magazine in it. It woulda been pretty NVFL to 1v2 guys with fully automatic weapons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wont be responding any further unless there is more misinformation or asked by staff.
  9. this guy and his friend held me up a little under an hour prior. my friends find them and decide they want to kill them. pretty clear and cut case. I was not present for the kills. additional evidence:
  10. Zombru

    Big question

    you should be expecting your kar98 in 2-4 business years, or when you stop supporting the opposition.
  11. Zombru

    Big question

    I feel personally attacked right now
  12. @Puncture asked me a question the other day and i need a definitive answer. If a 1 is behind a 5, is it 15 or 51?
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