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  1. I personally didn't kill any of them but I believe Exotic said he shot a few and so did Eagle I think.
  2. I was running to Stary after evading The Saviors and New Moon then I heard that one of our boys got initiated on. I waited until everyone was set up into the buildings around town and walked in and scouted it out. I was told to leave and started circling around town giving my boys info. I saw a ton of fresh spawns going into town after our boys killed a few people.
  3. Zombru

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    ceslav kruskal
  4. Dunno if this will fix it, but have you tried starting up the launcher as an administrator? I had a similar bug and starting as an admin helped.
  5. Zombru

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    This seems familiar Welcome back. Hope to see y'all around. and by "hope to see y'all around" i really mean i'll be waiting for my group invite
  6. Zombru


    Welcome back, my dude. Hope to see you around some time.
  7. Zombru

    Why don't you get in game?

    I haven't played because : a) Most of my other friends don't play and the servers are dead b) The game is stale and i'm waiting for .63 c) The rules, to put it frankly, are awful d) The stories and characters seem uninteresting e) There's no real threat to groups and characters lives (which majorly impacts point 'd') and most of those reasons seem to be common reasons why other people haven't played too. I personally think that four of these five reasons can be fixed fairly easily, but that's just my humble opinion.
  8. Zombru

    DayZRP Guitarists!

    I'd post a picture of my upright but that's too much work so here's my smol boi. (MTD Kingston Z)
  9. Got a new job...schedule is probably gonna be  a whole lot different now  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. Zombru

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    What about me though? I was there from the beginning until the group archived last time!
  11. Zombru

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    @CaliforniaRP you're missing something from the roster so i fixed it for you.
  12. I'd be down for some type of PK rule but at the current moment it would be a pain to pull death logs. If pulling logs was easier I'd suggest something like "injury" strikes which expire after some time. For example, you may get shot in a firefight and die. That adds 1 "injury point" to your character page that expires in a week or two. It gives people something to think about before going into a firefight but isn't as harsh as the "3 strikes and you're out" PK rule reach suggested. Idk if it's a good idea but just something I've thought about in the past. (Sorry about bad formatting I'm on mobile. And if you have any questions I wont be able to respond for a bit. I'll be on a flight)
  13. Zombru

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Gonna be out for a few days, boys. Don't burn the house down while I'm gone.
  14. Zombru

    God Bless The Great White North

    People always say I'm Canadian even though I'm not, so I guess I'm Canadian, right? Edit: Oh yeah, and poutine is great. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or has never had it.
  15. Zombru

    Should Anarchy Be Official?

    Honestly what's the difference between "No" and "They should be force-ably archived?" "No" just means that we shouldn't be approved, right? So what's the difference between never being approved and being archived? You're basically a dynamic group with a fancy page on the forums and none of the benefits of being an actual group. Really, I think we should be approved, but that's not up to me. The boys have made a lot of improvement on how they handle situations to make it enjoyable for everyone and basically changed the core fundamentals of the group and how we treat people just so it appeals to a bigger audience. I'm not trying to be dismissive of criticism, but maybe if you don't enjoy the RP the way you handle the RP you receive may be part of the problem. If you get robbed/executed/ect. maybe instead of complaining that you got bad RP and that it was completely unnecessary, you could use that experience that your character had to build their story and get even, or try to make peace. It's not hard to just react like a regular human being in-game instead of taking it to the forums and TeamSpeak. Again, I'm not trying to be dismissive of criticism, i'm just saying that look at it from our point of view on occasion. And for the people who say that hostile RP has no place on dayzRP, I have no idea what you're talking about. Hostile RP creates conflict which drives stories and the story is what makes RP fun. Sure, there are other ways to make conflict besides violence and hostilities, but really, that kind of conflict feels more like high school drama. While that has it's place, it gets boring after some time. tl;dr- Anarchy good, maybe the blame shouldn't be completely pinned on us, Hostile RP good.