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  1. Zombru

    Big question

    you should be expecting your kar98 in 2-4 business years, or when you stop supporting the opposition.
  2. Zombru

    Big question

    I feel personally attacked right now
  3. @Puncture asked me a question the other day and i need a definitive answer. If a 1 is behind a 5, is it 15 or 51?
  4. Zombru

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    could give store credit and remove the items. +1 from me
  5. me at my sisters wedding
  6. just checked. I carry 23.75 KG (about 52 lbs and 2/3 of stamina bar usable) and i can only sprint for about 16 seconds. I don't even carry a backpack so it seems a bit lame to me.
  7. I'll keep this short and simple: Exactly as the title suggests, Add double stamina back. It's annoying and makes it take forever to get places when you're only able to sprint for about 20 seconds. Edit: A sentence
  8. Zombru

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    Glad to see you in charge and the group doing well again, california. Hope to see you in game some time ?
  9. Zombru

    S1: KOS in Kab - 2018-12-27, 04:37

    POV: We're running through the field between Kab and NWAF where we see @ScarRP (on the road from vybor to kab). We think that scar was the guy who robbed gator earlier so we chase him down and he eventually takes refuge in piano house. We hear him say "Don't come upstairs esse" or something along those lines and gator realizes that it's not the guy who robbed him. We start to leave when we hear him initiate and tell us not to come upstairs in the piano house. I start to walk down the road towards the church and am notified that he said leave the town or we'll be shot. I leave the town with gator, straying around the vybor side. We see a guy in a red jacket ( @Brodie ) who talks to us for a bit and heads back the direction he came from. After a few seconds @CipherRP, @FireDude, someone that i didn't recognize and brodie walk up to us and we RP for a bit while gator and i wait for server restart. After server restart they head towards kab even though we told the group that there was an initiation dropped on the town but they pay that no mind. They talk to Nightwing and someone else on the road and soon after gator and I are killed by nightwing and his friend. and not trying to nitpick but you did RP with Scar. if this doesn't imply RP/Dynamic then IDK
  10. Zombru


    cars spawn with everything repaired and a Jerry can inside. Most online maps have possible spawn locations for cars.
  11. Zombru

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    I've been all across the spectrum of RP throughout my time on DayZRP and i can say with confidence that hostile RP is the main cause of conflict and character progression by far. With that said I will also say that the current state of hostile RP is less than stellar. I've had some fantastic experiences but I've also had "If you say one more word you're going to get shot" and the person monologues for a minute or two before shooting me in the head for trying to clarify or ask a question. This not only halts all RP on the spot it also closes future development opportunities between characters. Most of the time if I comply I get executed regardless of me trying to hash out a deal or asking what I can do to save my life. It just feels so counterintuitive to the core ideals of RP. I'm almost never salty about dying or losing gear seeing as I can gear back up to a reasonable standard in about 20 or 30 minutes. It's just frustrating to have barely any progression between enemies because people are more interested in executions and shooting each other at every opportunity . just my 2 cents ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ tl;dr: Executions are used too much
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