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  1. Andrew Phan

    Andrew grew up in Riverside California with a father whom immediately left his mother upon birth due to a divorce. His mother and grandma raised him with his older brother until his mother met his step-dad in which took care of him as if it was his own son. Throughout the years he gained a half brother and when he graduated high school his mother was almost pregnant for 6 months when he left. When in school history was his favorite subject and specifically enjoyed talking about wars and battles that occurred. He always spent time especially studying about the vehicles used in wars and the types of weapons that were used in his favorite time period World War 2. One of his goals before going to college was going to go visit all the war battlegrounds and museums to see the real thing. So he headed towards Europe to places like France, Italy, Germany and eventually ended up in Chernarus. When the worst thing happened Andrew was far away from his loving family that he so dearly misses and in a museum. As a typical asian would be he played lots of video games specifically shooters and soon picked up on how to use a gun and thankfully this skill saved him when a security guard dropped his pistol after being eaten alive. Until the present day he currently wanders around Chernarus still sight seeing but is lost and wants to know when to get home.
  2. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    @SlimmDustybunch of biters were surrounding your house when you guys went to sleep so I walked up to em and full autoed them all. Courtesy of your local Asian Vietnamese communist cop *dab*
  3. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    @Joules honestly makes me crack up everytime with that Kim Jong Un accent. Kyle said we should make the area we are in the city of Pyongyang
  4. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    I feel bad for assman or Jango
  5. *Paul hears the broadcasts of distraught people from the other end on his police issued walkie and he looks at Angus who nods back* Hello there my name is Paul Ngyuen and I work as a runner for the Rattary Corporation and from my understanding of what I hear you boys need some extra supplies and ammo in which we can arrange for drops as soon as you can specify what you need. *He pauses for a moment* Quite frankly you can contact us either here or our frequency 101.1 and we can arrange for a care package. *Paul releases the PTT and Angus nods in approval before leaving the tent*
  6. Looking for work.....anywhere.

    *Paul sitting at a campfire hears the transmission and responds* Hey there, if you want a job you could go to the trader summit happening tonight at Cherno's cathedral where a bunch of different trading groups will be there. *The sizzling of meat is heard* Im sure someone will pick you up. I'm Paul by the way and I work for the Rattary Corporation. Anyways Good Luck! *The sizzling of meat is heard then the transmission cuts*
  7. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Paul groggily raises his radio* Tonight we'll be in Cherno again but I'm not sure if you've heard we are going to be doing a huge event in Cherno with all the traders in Cherno's church so you can meet us in person and we can discuss trade deals then. *inhales and exhales for a brief moment* I guess that's much better then a secure radio frequency. It also just hit me where I've heard your voice because we're the group of people that gave you a saline and morphine outside of Pavlovo. It's good to see you alive and well. *He smiles* Anyways we'll be hoping to see you soon. *Paul lowers the radio and slumbers back to sleep*
  8. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Paul raises the radio* Hey Carver I've talked to Angus and he says within the next hour he should be in cherno so if you wanna trade you can look for him there *Paul releases the PTT*
  9. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Paul hears the transmission and unclips his police issued radio and raises it to his mouth* Hello Carver my name is Paul and I work for The Rattary Corporation and I apologize for the long response. I'd be happy to inform you we are interested in trading but I must ask what are you trading and what would you like in return besides lightening your bag. *He stops for a bit before continuing* Also I feel like your name and voice is familiar but I just can't put my finger on it.... I believe it had something to do with wolves..... anyways we'll be sure to inform you with a meetup location. *He releases the PTT and clips his radio onto his belt*
  10. The Rattray Corporation Open Comms [101.1]

    *Paul hits the PTT overwatching elektro in the battle worn police department with biter corpses and wolf bodies outside* Hey Angus it's Paul you're probably still asleep but just to call in and let you know I'm alright because I'm almost positive you heard my skirmish a couple days back... *You hear a sigh* Just multiple wolf packs and biter hordes caught me off guard trying to collect supplies for well *He chuckles* our arrangement is all. Hope all is good back home and we should see each other soon. *An audible sigh is heard before the transmission stops*
  11. To Kovar's Market(Private Freq)

    *Paul presses on the PTT* Hello Kovar's Market and their associates my name is Paul Ngyuen and I work for the Rattary Corporation as a runner for supplies. My boss Angus Rattary has felt that due to complications, our agreement hasn't been upheld and our reputation may be negative as of now. *He pauses for a bit to regain his breath and then continues* However, as of today our main runners which consist of myself, Jaxon Caldera, and Logan Moyer will be resupplying you. During this time period we will be helping fulfill our end of the bargain. Hopefully we can both be beneficial out of this for both of our companies and for better business. Until then we will be seeing you folks. *The transmission stops*
  12. Takin' up that offer [101.1]

    *Paul's hand accidentally smacks the PTT as he goes to grab another mag for his glock and you can hear barking, moaning, and glass breaking* Hey! Fuck you biter focus on the damn wolf for a second *silenced pistol shot echos through the radio before it stops for a moment and when it comes back you hear more moaning and barking* Fuck my luck that's another pack of shit headed my way *Paul starts to panic and you hear rummaging through the radio* Sorry fellow Officer Alexeev but I'm gonna need this *An audible racking of multiple guns is heard* Okay Okay now I'm ready *He sets up his bipod assault rifle and you hear bullet cartridges hitting the ground* FUCK I'M OUT *The last thing you hear are unsilenced and silenced pistol shots before the transmission cuts out*
  13. Takin' up that offer [101.1]

    *Paul hears the call from Logan and is immediately hit with the good memories of running supplies and the little boxing match they had earlier and hits the PTT* No... Logan you aren't... you can't be dying on me. Not after you beat my Asian ass unconscious in our little boxing match. *He sighs* I hope your radio just got hit... Just get back to us as safe as possible. *Over the radio you can hear moaning in the background* Holy shit that's another horde of biters. *Shots from a suppressed automatic weapon are heard and then the transmission cuts*
  14. *Paul hears his police issued walkie talkie clipped to his police belt spring to life with the transmission playing and he unclips it pushes the PTT after it stops* I am Sergeant Nguyen and I was assigned at the Elektro Precinct. I can assure you there are still Officers that still remain in the surrounding area. *thinks for a moment before pressing the PTT* However I myself wouldn't consider myself active anymore. Instead I myself have joined up with some traders to run scavenge and run supplies for them so that they can trade to those groups trying to make sense of this epidemic. I bid you good luck with your ventures fellow officer. *Releases the PTT and clips it back to his police belt* Shit I forgot to tell him the name and frequency of the trader group. Eh whatever hopefully he'll respond.
  15. DISTRESS - [Open Freq.]

    *Paul hits the PTT while panting* Phew!.... Hold on... Ok I think i made it to the suspected city the young lady is held up in... *Paul releases the PTT to wipe the sweat of his face* Did the officer get you already or are you still in the city? Just in case I'll look around the city until I get the all clear *Paul releases the PTT* God i need to sit down for a bit