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  1. Well seeing it has been a month since I've last played DayZ and I'm really burnt out on DayZ as a game in general and with a combination of things like life and college happening I guess I'd let the small minority of people that did somehow managed to find me, I hope my mediocre RP was fun and wholesome enough! I've met a lot of people whilst I played DayZRP on and off and those of you who did RP with me I enjoyed every second of it and I will always cherish the memories that were made here. If you want to stay in touch DM me and I'll hand out my steam! Your neighborhood Asian Cop is out.
  2. EdgyNova

    Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great.

    Even though our timeline was an absolute shit show I guess it was fun when we did RP. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Paul groggily awakens and doesn't see Quinn next to him. He panics and flips through his radio till he hears the commotion "Where the hell is everyone....? Fuck I'm sorry the one time I fall asleep the infected come to attack.... Sorry Quinn....." The racking of a gun can be heard then static
  4. LCPDFR practically made me love cops cus it was dope just doing all that shit ?
  5. Holy shit dude gta iv lcpdfr was the only thing I played when it first came out
  6. Paul groggily awakens and hits the PTT Quite frankly no one owns Severograd instead everyone who lives in Severograd own it and are all equals. No one person is more of a higher status then the other. People look up to the Queen because she tries her best to help people out and is clearly caring about everyone who lives in Severograd providing assistance where she can and pointing people towards the right direction when she can't. The Queen title is something that was inherited since the infection started. As for the King well.... I haven't seen him in months. Paul releases the PTT and gets up
  7. Presses on the PTT Copy that awaiting on the eastern side of town Releases PTT Presses on the PTT Tune radios to 102.5 for a coordinated frequency Releases PTT
  8. Paul unclips his radio and presses the PTT Charlie 28 to Marines what direction from town are you coming in from over. Paul clips his radio back onto his belt
  9. Paul hears his radio squawk as he drops an infected Copy that Marines. Confirmation that it is Charlie 28 dropping the dead area is clear of hostiles Paul releases the PTT and clips it back to his belt
  10. Paul picks up the radio and hits the PTT and bullets can be heard rolling off the table and clattering on the floor below Copy that respond back to this frequency when you near Severograd. Charlie 28 Out. Muttering can be heard and then static
  11. Paul picks up his radio and hits the PTT Well that sounds great to hear and as a Police Officer I completely understand your need to fulfill your task as I am doing the same to Protect and Serve, However this is a really touchy subject to be broadcasting on an unprotected frequency as the Queen has lots of enemies that are hunting her. Should you want to meet the Queen, you should come down to Severograd and most likely you'll run into my patrol section. Paul would set down his radio and await for a response
  12. *Paul heard his radio burp to life and unclipped it from his belt and hits the PTT* My name is Officer Nguyen Badge Number 2432 with the LAPD and Elektro PD part of Charlie 28 Patrol Section for Severograd. If you so please to request a meeting with the Queen then I can arrange this request. *Takes a swig out of his water bottle* Also I must ask how have you heard of the Queen. She's been in hiding for quite some time. *Paul sets the radio down in his tent and awaits a response*
  13. Lmao like every 10 seconds @N-Tox spoke had me absolutely dead
  14. EdgyNova

    Anyone around? (Open Freq.)

    *Paul finally reorganizes all the guns he dropped and unclips the radio from his belt and hits the PTT* Yeah I’m fine Quinn don’t worry bout me. You know where to find me should you need me. *Paul sets the radio down and goes back to sleep*
  15. EdgyNova

    Anyone around? (Open Freq.)

    *Paul hears his walkie talkie bark alive and he startles and brushes his PTT* *Sound of tons of clattering can be heard* God damnit I just organized that. I don’t think I’m a good face to see anyways Quinn. *The sound of guns clattering and muttering can be heard and the radio goes to static*
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