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  1. EdgyNova

    Why don't you get in game?

    Pls no roasterino I’ve been playing for 5 hours now
  2. EdgyNova

    Later gators!

    We’ve only rpd once or twice but the times that we did rp was possibly the funniest interactions ever o7 my main man
  3. EdgyNova

    Friends Quickbar/Nicknames

    Where do i sign up for that? I think its a cool idea but there is TS and discord and other options so im on the fence about it
  4. EdgyNova

    Vlad? Alistair? Where are you?

    *Paul hears his radio spur to life as he sits in the church inventorying his armory and after there seems to be silence he unclips his radio and hits the PTT* What Quinn patrol section Charlie 28 isn’t good enough security for you? *Paul releases the PTT and clips it back on his belt and goes back to going through his armory*
  5. @KyleRP I was thinking you can have some speedloaders like this to compensate for putting one round at a time
  6. yeah but you probably have to be extremely swole to carry them and fire them from the shoulder :((((
  7. Tbh bring back the dmr m14 AIM m107 and AS50 (only posting pic of dmr because who doesn’t love the dmr)
  8. lets just try and get the lee enfield m1 garand and the mosin together first
  9. EdgyNova

    The art of ambience

    These are my 2 favorite tracks but the entire soundtrack of post scriptum is what I listen to for my ambience Every now and then ReallySlowMotion music will shuffle in my ambience playlist
  10. Please explain so i can spill bean juice on that
  11. EdgyNova

    The art of ambience

    “Returning sometime soon!”
  12. EdgyNova

    Platform Switch Discussion

    Or the Wii I heard wii sports is a quality rp game
  13. Post Scriptum’s launch is today so here’s the trailer
  14. EdgyNova


    Initial D and Girls und panzers best anime’s gg ez