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  1. John Shadow

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I would like to request a Minecraft name reset, please.
  2. John Shadow

    What anniversary skin did you get this year?

    Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks Rolle!
  3. Today for one year ago, I joined this amazing community and have been here since... Here for another year!
  4. My friend told me about this role playing server, and we both applied and got accepted. I have been stuck here ever since
  5. He has AMD FX 6300, which I don't think has very good single-core speeds, which ArmA relies on really. Hence why Intel is preferred for ArmA games, as they have less cores, but each core is faster than each AMD core. Wow, i missed it when it clearly stood in blue text... But anyway, yeah that's probably the reason. Edit: Yay 100 posts!
  6. Arma is very CPU heavy, and i think AMD processor are not so good optimized for this game. Do you have AMD or Intel processor? I used to have a AMD and i got around 20 fps, but i switch to a Intel and now i have around 80.
  7. John Shadow

    Tamaster's GIANT Weapon addition suggestion Part 2 - Shotguns/Rifles

    OH YES! More rifles and civilians weapons pls!
  8. There are some similarities to this mod and Dying light. But there are loads of zombie games on the market so the developer of this need to make something unique with it.
  9. So i recently found this by pcgamer http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/01/31/far-cry-z-day-mod-is-not-just-a-dayz-clone/?ns_campaign=article-feed&ns_mchannel=ref&ns_source=steam&ns_linkname=0&ns_fee=0 A openworld zombie game based on the Far Cry 3 engine. Sound really similar to what Dean "Rocket" did with the Dayz mod. But then again it can work really well, as for the example with the Blood Dragon. So let's see what happens next What do you think of all the zombie games comming up recently?
  10. John Shadow

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    My laptop....At least i can watch YouTube while i get eaten
  11. How is everyone's performance in game? I get quite low fps with high settings, but i get around 100 fps with low settings.
  12. John Shadow


    I recomend a good CPU. Arma is very CPU heavy. Before i upgraded, i had about 20 fps. But now i have around 70
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