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  1. WIP ------ Jayce was born in Manchester, England and had a rough upbringing, regularly getting himself into trouble from an early age. He didn't know better. By 21, Jayce was a drop-out and lived in a small flat, making money off petty crimes. Throughout his early 20s, he became involved in more and more larger-scale crimes and found himself partaking in drug trafficking in Northern England by age 25. In 2015, he found himself implicated in a drug conspiracy and fled to Northern Cyprus, a renown haven for UK criminals. After around a year and a half living in Cyprus, a UK court case ruled that these runaways could be prosecuted in Cyprus instead. Another British exile gave Jayce a contact to live with in Chernarus in the city of Elektrozavodsk, and he would meet Jayce and the contact there at a later date. Upon arrival in Chernarus, Jayce found himself apprehended and subsequently jailed in a prison on a small island off the Chernarussian coastline. In the intervening months from his imprisonment to the outbreak, Jayce befriended a fellow inmate, Errol Rockwell, during yard time. They escaped and stuck together in the months following the outbreak.
  2. Go on then. Merry Christmas and that for how ever long it is til Christmas
  3. Michelle you know I woulda done this in game if it was possible
  4. Pretty badly edited but y'know
  5. Hey thanks, appreciate the comment
  6. It's suspicious but I swear it's the truth, it's 1st person from behind Andy
  7. Haha, cheers mate will be posting a lot more I hope
  8. Yeah definitely! I just realised too that I put "Dan" in the first pic instead of "Daniel", not as bad as when you said "J'mappelle Michelle" in game though
  9. Oh yeah missed off @Oisín myself, thanks for putting up with my temporary text RP, and teaching us the basic survival skills
  10. Polaroid Thread By efcjelavic, Kiwienne and Loops The idea is that our characters "found" a polaroid camera. I kinda did this when I last played before the lore wipe, but @kiwienne and @Loops suggested we do it again but with screenshots all of us have taken instead of just screenshots I took.
  11. +1 to this, plus the RP with the UN guys was pretty cool, we were in Cherno getting attacked by zombies and they came and saved us
  12. Huge fan of getting kicked for not having an active character when I'm playing my active character

    1. APositiveJade


      Make sure you have 300 words in your character background, no special characters in your name, and have it be public :P 

    2. efcjelavic


      Think the public thing was the issue, cheers :)

  13. Very late to this thread but yeah, not entirely sure about removing dynamic groups, but I'm definitely against the permadeathing rule. Phoenix p.much sums most of my argument up, I don't wanna be forced to permadeath a character especially when there's development to be had. The other thing for me is that when I play on a pub server or something, I ran from Elektro to Cherno and died of hunger in 40 minutes of gameplay, seems a bit harsh to be kicked if this happened in the RP server, there's just still the element of accidental/non-rp deaths. Having said that I kinda see where you're coming from with that rule idea, not naming names but I remember seeing certain characters missing like 2 limbs and having loads of scars and injuries but somehow they're still alive
  14. Great how the outbreak started about a week ago and half the new characters are super soldiers with guns

    1. Sully



    2. efcjelavic
    3. PalmtreeWhale


      shutup forum warrior

    4. efcjelavic


      forgive me Kjeld

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