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  1. A computer restart seemed to fix the issue, thanks for the responses!
  2. After the update I went to reset my VOIP keybind to what it was before the update. The "apply" button in the keybinds section got rid of they keybind I had for VOIP, and I can't reset it to the original commands, so now I have no way to use ingame voice chat.
  3. Lucas grew up in a small rural town in Nebraska. He was born to an American father who had married a Chernarussian mother who had moved to the states. He did alright in high school, and over all, he was a pretty normal guy. He went to college at one of the nearby community colleges for welding. Soon after he got his degree and got a job, his father passed away, and his mother moved back to Chernarussia to be with her family. After working for a year, Lucas decided to fly out to Chernarussia to visit his mother. They were eating lunch in the capital when 3 men ran into where they were eating and starting attacking people. As they tried to escape Lucas's mother was grabbed by one of the infected and eaten alive. Lucas ran, and hid, horrified by what he had seen. And that was how he survived, by running and hiding. He didn't know how to shoot a gun, or kill a person, so he scavenged. Gathering information where he could, and selling it, if the price was right.
  4. This character is KOSable you may shoot this character on sight at any time for any reason. Backstory: Growing up only with his mother, as his father left him at a young age, Connor was extremely successful in school, and played as a tight end for his high school football team. He then enrolled in the US military academy and played football on the Army football team. He was extremely successful in college and once he four years were over he became a support soldier for a squadron that served overseas in the Middle East. He quickly became known as a killing machine, mowing down hundreds of enemies with ease. He became a celebrity to the forces in the Middle East. But eventually took it to far, killing 20 hostages who had surrendered in battle. He was discharged from military. Ever since the corporation had caught wind of his skill set, they kept an eye on him. After he had been kicked out of the military, he was quickly contacted and hired by the corporation. Current: After working for the corporation for a few years in the US, he was moved to Chernarus after being ordered from higher up. Years employed by the corporation: 4
  5. Dan grew up in a life in a gang after dropping out of high school as soon as he could. He was arrested at age 20. He spent 5 years in prison where waiting anxiously for his release. Once he was finally out, after going back to find his gang, he found that they were all murdered in a gang fight. Seeking revenge, Dan researched everywhere in search of the gang that had killed his only friends. When he learned that they had moved to Russia, he knew that he had to find them there. After flying there and searching for 2 years, he learned that they had moved to the neighboring country Chernarus, so he continued his search there. He survived the outbreak because of his skill with guns, and willingness to sacrifice others for his own benefit. Now, in the wasteland of Chernarus, he will do anything he can to track down the gang that killed his only friends, and he will kill anyone that gets in his way.
  6. Also once a lock has been sawed off are you not able to put another one on?
  7. I cant imagine anyone broke in since nothing inside has been moved around at all, and the gate is in the exact same place.
  8. So I appear to be stuck in my own base after the lock on my gate magically changed codes even though I'm the only one who knew the codes, is that a bug or is it possible that someone broke into my base and changed the lock without taking any of the stuff I had stored there?
  9. ok fair enough, they really need to fix that issue.
  10. So if I am in the middle of an important situation when that happens should I just treat it like I died or?
  11. After a few hours of gameplay, I was taken hostage and tied up. The server restarted and when I respawned I was a fresh spawn and had lost all of my progress. Any ideas why this happened?
  12. Andrew was born and raised in Chernarus. His parents moved to Chernarus from the United States shortly before the outbreak. Because of this Andrew barely knew and Chernarussian even though he was born there. He grew up on a farm with his father. His mother had left them early in his life, so he had a special bond with his father. This bond grew over one of their favorite pastimes, hunting. Andrews father taught him how to hunt at a young age. They would often go out to their cabin to hunt deer and other wild animals. They lived very secluded lives during the Civil war and avoided going to the city often. They grew and hunted their own food. During the first week of the outbreak, Andrew and his father had no idea what was going on in the outside world. They were staying at their hunting cabin for the month. When Andrews father got a call from their uncle who lived in one of the neighboring cities he left telling Andrew to stay at the cabin. Andrew never saw his father again. First he went back to the farmhouse in search of his father. After finding nothing there he searched the surrounding cities, where he first experienced the infected. After barely surviving multiple attacks from bandits, looters, and the infected, he went back to his farmhouse to get his hunting rifle and whatever food and water was left. With this he set out to find his father. After years of searching he finally accepted that he would never find his father. He then went on as a lone wanderer in the desolate cities of Chernarus, looking to help those in need, using his knowledge of hunting and farming to provide food and water.
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