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"Better dead than red!!!"

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  1. Mr. Blue

    back from ban

    Welcome back Sylva!
  2. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    New profile, RIP Ken

    1. Banshee


      He was the best honestly

    2. Eagle


      Didn't he die months ago?

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      yeah back in january

    4. Farmer-BorisRP


  3. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeah I also enjoyed the both of your RP today! Great to see a group like this still doing quality RP!
  4. Mr. Blue

    [FM] Free Medics

    It's all good! The RP for along the way definitely was worth it! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.
  5. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    Switching to Sam for a bit.

  6. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Many thanks to everyone's RP from today. Enjoyed @JesterInPeril, @Ju Ju, @VodkaWolf, and @DatBlueWolf. Great first impression for RP on .63!
  7. Mr. Blue

    DayZ Standalone Mod Video

    For real, I hope we implement this.
  8. Mr. Blue

    DayZ Standalone Mod Video

    Hey so I saw a video posted with some mods that look pretty sweet, just wanted to see what the community thinks of them.
  9. Mr. Blue

    Rabbit in a Snare

    *Asher would pick up his radio, speaking in his "Mitchell" persona, which is a raspy sounding southerner. He holds the PTT.* "You ok miss? What's yer location?" *Asher releases the PTT.*
  10. Mr. Blue

    • Mr. Blue
    • Chewy

    I laughed for a solid minute at your character's reply to the thread, I can tell she's a talker! 😂


    1. Chewy


      Only when she isn't scared!

  11. Mr. Blue

    Hey, anybody out there?

    *Asher grins as he realizes he hit the jackpot. He presses down the PTT, speaking in the same raspy southern voice as before.* "Oh wow, that's great to hear! I'll have to pay y'all a visit sometime, just gettin' harder and harder to survive by myself. Stay safe Chell, see ya real soon." *Asher pauses, then adds in the same voice.* "My name's Mitchell by the way, but most a' everyone jus' calls me Mitch." *Asher releases the PTT, putting back on his shoes, and making a trek towards "Novy Sobor"*
  12. Mr. Blue

    Hey, anybody out there?

    *Asher sits against a wall in a building, taking off his mud caked boots to rest his feet a while. He takes off his backpack, and rummages through it, finding his radio. He puts it to the side as he withdraws a burlap sack, and to his dismay, discovers the bag to be empty. On that note, Asher takes his radio, and presses down on the PTT, speaking in a southern and raspy voice, creating a persona completely different from his own.* "Hey, anybody out there right now? I'm just lookin' for a place filled with decent people. Anybody know if somethin' like that even exists right now?" *Asher releases the PTT, and as the silence proceeds after the transmission, he gradually forms a twisted, sadistic grin as he delves into thought.*
  13. Mr. Blue

    "Bad version, server rejected connection"

    Alright thank you, I'll download that.
  14. Mr. Blue

    "Bad version, server rejected connection"

    Hi, whenever I try to join the server it gives me the message in the screenshot below. Any fixes? https://imgur.com/a/BL3zWR0
  15. Mr. Blue

    Huh... Look at that. I'm back.

    Welcome back!