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  1. Mr. Blue

    GUYS!!! DayZ just gave us two NEW firearms!!!

    yes very good game much
  2. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    Oh my God, the Devs, they......




  3. Mr. Blue

    GUYS!!! DayZ just gave us two NEW firearms!!!

    So. I was looking through the most recent update, And I was actually surprised when I found out that the DayZ devs are finally getting the real important stuff done. I saw that they've finally went above and beyond and gave us what we, the DayZ community, had been asking for who knows how long. Just take a gander at this screenshot from their NEW update: Holy fucking shit everyone. If this isn't how you create hype in a gaming community then I don't know how you'd do it. This just makes me want to get on right now, this is the update I've been dreaming of. Good to see the boys over at the DayZ Devs are making some great strides in expanding what it means to play DayZ.
  4. Lemons

    • Lemons
    • Mr. Blue

    I'm not gonna lie I was not far from Shooting you ? 

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      I don't blame you, I probably would have shot me lol

  5. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    Last cowboy character didn't turn out how I like, might try this guy out instead.


    1. GalloWB



    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @Good Fella you are here? oh hell yeah

    3. GalloWB


      @Mr. Blue I am here, brother. We will meet eventually.

  6. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a great time today with @Lemons and @Crim, had a very fun time. @Crim Can't believe I actually killed you! I usually don't do PVP at all so I was on the edge of my seat whole time. You told me to drop guns, and when you pulled out the rope I went for it with my knife lol. I thought you had survived and were waiting at the bottom of the stairs, that's why when @Lemons came up I just shot. Thank you for being cool about that as well Lemons, that was completely my bad, I was on edge lol. For a while I thought you were Crim's friend trying to lure me out, but sure enough I come out and he's laying on the ground. Great way to involve PVP with RP!
  7. Hosea Mendenhall was born on a farm in rural Indiana. He had several brothers, including Ken and Frank Mendenhall, but he never quite got along with any of his family. Hosea would rather stick to himself than be included in a big group, which was just fine by him. He was always a bit rebellious, not trusting authority figures and tending to think opposite of what his family around him had to say. He renounced religion, he did drugs on a regular basis, and got into trouble all the time. In his high school years, he would end up being made fun of on the regular for his quietness. He never liked to be made fun of much, and usually ended up getting into a fight upon receiving the comment. But one day when he was walking back to the farm from school, a whole gang of guys surrounded Hosea. He told them to fuck off and leave him alone, but they only got closer. One guy got all up in his face, and asked him, "The hell you gonna do about it?" Hosea smiled, and pulled out a small revolver, shooting the guy in the stomach. The others fled the area, and so did Hosea, seeing that maybe he should not have done that. It wasn't long until the cops found him at his parents' farm, and they were more than happy to turn him in, as nobody really liked Hosea. Hosea was sent to prison for attempted murder, and charged as an adult since he had just turned 18. It was not fun in prison for Hosea, as he always had to fight off other inmates from having their way with him. He was a strong built young man, and he wasn't about to get taken advantage of. In one dispute he had with a fellow inmate, he ended up killing him, stabbing him in the neck with a shiv. The officers did not exactly like having to deal with the difficult and disagreeable Hosea, so they gave him to the choice of being thrown in solitary confinement for the rest of his time, or get transferred to France so he'd be out of their hair. He chose France, not knowing the slightest thing about what was going on. You see, the man Hosea had killed was a well known mob member, and the mafia wanted blood, but they wanted it out of sight and out of mind. They'd pay the cops to transfer him to France, where they could kill him once he arrived and "took a detour" down the wrong road. They flew Hosea to France, and when they had gotten to the alley to do away with him, Hosea snapped. He took a gun from one of the officer's belts, shooting him and the other officer with him. He made a run for it, and escaped. He would lay low for a few days, before eventually finding someone to get the cuffs off and get him new clothes. He worked as a server in a local English speaking restaurant, and got enough money to get to another city in France. It would be there that Hosea would start his spree of doing odd jobs here and there to make money, traveling across Europe in the process. He would continue this for many years. Back home in Indiana, the Mendenhall family was told that Hosea had been killed in a deadly car crash when he was on his way to the next prison. A few wept, a few sighed with relief. But they forgot about Hosea quickly, and he soon faded into distant memory, believing the black sheep to be long dead. Flash forward nearly two decades later, the world was starting to go to shit. Back home, Mendenhall cousins were dying left and right, being torn apart by the dead. Only the few strongest survived. Ken was in Chernarus, starting his story as a great leader and figure in the war on communism, eventually succumbing to his death. Dean, John, and Frank arrive at the same country months later, only to realize Ken was dead. Weeks roll on and eventually Dean is killed by cannibals, and John and Frank disappear from the country, seeking a way to escape back to America. Right around the time when the two left, that was when Hosea Mendenhall traveled to the country from the north, coming from Russia. Since the start, he had been wandering around Europe in his overall attempt to survive and better himself. Now he is to start his new story in this new land, and see what comes out of it. Was Hosea a bad man? No. Was he a good man? No. It all just depends on the circumstances. Maybe you will come across him yourself, and decide how you think his morality lies.
  8. Mr. Blue

    Interview With A Community Member | N-ToxRP

    How much did you pay Banshee to interview you?
  9. Mr. Blue

    Belts, thigh rigs and storage

    That a challenge feller?
  10. GenjiRP

    • GenjiRP
    • Mr. Blue

    Me, knowing ur here and playing Asher still:


    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Me feeling flattered but still trying to play it cool

      Related image

  11. Mr. Blue


    *Asher listens into the broadcast, and slowly forms one of his devilish smiles. He picks up his radio, presses down the PTT, and speaks in a convincing Spanish accent.* "Ah, good to see you ha' come back to this little shit hole ah? Hope everything turns out okay for you." *Asher releases the PTT, packing a bag to go on a 'hunting' trip with.*
  12. Mr. Blue

    We Gotta Talk About "HostileRP" or should I say GearRP

    Imo, hostile RP should be centered around creating the experience for the party receiving the hostile action. Used to run a huge cannibal group on this server, and we didn't use that as a cover to rob people and accumulate gear, we used it as a means to provide interesting RP to the server. Gear was something we often overlooked, only taking away what may harm us. It was the experience of being captured and tormented by people with real pyscho problems that we aimed to give out. We all really got into our characters, getting into the mindset and mannerisms of our individual characters. None of us were your generic "cannibal", we were all thought out and complex characters. What we did had meaning, it wasn't just for our sake to have fun, it was our way of telling our story. If more people focus on creating that experience for the hostile RP as to only doing it so you can "gEt GeAr fOr pVp", then that would be a very positive direction of the server.
  13. Mr. Blue

    How many people has your character killed? Why?

    Oh boy, Asher has perma'd a lot of people, and to be honest, I lost track of how many a while back. But he killed them all because he is a cannibal, and needs to satisfy his addiction, and lacks the emotion to really care about the consequences of his actions.
  14. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue


    they have snow now?

  15. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Hey I really enjoyed @Archie, @Mouse, @KSGamingTTM, and some other great RP'ers today, just do not know their forum names. Thanks especially to @Archie for letting us perma scar you
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