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  1. Mr. Blue

    Well... time to go finally.

    Didn't speak much ever with you, but I strongly agree with what you said. Take care.
  2. Mr. Blue

    Old rules back. And unban some people? (Please read before vote)

    Banned players for the most part should stay banned, there's usually a good reason why most of them are gone. As for rules, I'd say to bring back the ones that promote good RP, and to keep ones that have benefited RP.
  3. Mr. Blue


    @Dvlinhb That was a great death, and made for a great video too. Got my vote.
  4. Mr. Blue

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    It gets better after staff.
  5. Mr. Blue


    If I'm gonna be real, me no likey anime
  6. Thank you for the warm welcomes everyone
  7. Members like myself don't get status updates, so I decided this was next best.
  8. Mr. Blue

    A little late .. oops

    Welcome back!
  9. I went on a two week vacation, and was away from my PC so couldn't RP. Lots of stuff has happened since then, but I am back now. Got some good plans for all my characters in the near future, and can't wait to get back into it. Gonna have some fun with Sam, Asher, and my new character James. Hope the server is still somewhat active, and I hope to see y'all lovely people soon in game.
  10. Mr. Blue

    Going gentle into that good night

    You were always a great staff member and great person to hang out in TS with Whitename. Sorry to see you go.