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"Better dead than red!!!"

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  1. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue

    might play as this new guy sometime soon


  2. Brennen Levine was born in Tampa, Florida to two rich parents who ran the biggest sunscreen company in the state of Florida. Money was never a problem for Brennen and he went to private school. Until he reached high school, Brennen was just your average kid with rich parents, but nothing overwhelmingly unique about him. That was until he joined his high school's theatre troupe, and found his passion for acting and singing. He didn't quite make it his freshman year as a lead, but was a close runner up, but the following three years he got lead roles. Once he graduated he became determined to major in musical theatre and go on to do something amazing with his talent. He went to USF and graduated, and then moved straight to New York to audition for Broadway. He didn't have a problem getting an apartment since his parents were rolling in cash, but he did struggle in the competitive Broadway auditions, not finding a role for about a year until he finally landed a supporting role for a musical. This musical just so happened to be performing all across the world, and Brennnen took this opportunity to travel and experience the world. He went to England, France, Germany, before finally getting in the bus and going towards Chernarus to perform there. As he and his fellow actors were on their way though, they were overwhelmed with a horde of crazy people that started to turn the bus over on its side. Once the dead guys were in, they went to town on the actors, with just Brennen and a select few escaping. Years go by and Brennen has been lost to those few, and now survives on his own for the time being, in search of something fulfilling to devote himself to, in order to experience an extraordinary life that he once sought in one way or another, Brennen is on a journey of enlightenment.
  3. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some good times with @Rick Dynamite , @RebelRP and others, sorry my connection is/was being terrible so i had to cut it short. great rp!
  4. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    had a great time tonight with @Alaxhc , @Rick Dynamite, and a few others! great hostile encounter and character development!
  5. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue


    1. Eagle


      Is Ken coming back?

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @Eagle u funny

  6. Mr. Blue

    I need....help??((Open Freq))

    *Asher smiles and holds down his PTT. He uses a very thick and convincing Australian accent to disguise his voice.* "Oi mate, pretty sure you and me ran with each other a way's back and got separated. You probably recognize me voice mate, you and I made sure to bring spice and life back into this country, would be great if we could meet back up and try that out again." *Asher releases the PTT.*
  7. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Mr. Blue

    I wish I could beanz radio chatter 😄❤️

    Nice one 😄

    Hope I will run into you some time 😄

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      hopefully!! would make for some great rp 😀 and thank you lol

    2. Lyca


      Yesss, hope to see you soon 😄

  8. Mr. Blue

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some refreshing RP from a few guys I met today only caught one of their names but you guys made me remember why I played on this server so much, meeting new and interesting people. @Respisek
  9. Mr. Blue


    *Asher smirks at the irony of this situation. He presses the PTT* "Sorry fella. Too dangerous for me." *Asher releases the PTT*
  10. Mr. Blue


    *Asher presses down the PTT* "Define 'justifying work'. And the reward. I don't usually do info jobs, very risky. I'm looking more for established communities needing a guard or an extra farmhand." *Asher releases the PTT.*
  11. Mr. Blue


    *Asher would take out his radio and press down the PTT* "Hey. Looking for places that want a new face. Willing to work." *Asher releases the PTT*
  12. Mr. Blue

    Unable to use controls (no idea what's wrong)

    thanks so much!! fixed
  13. Mr. Blue

    Unable to use controls (no idea what's wrong)

    Hi so I logged into DayZ for first time in months and got on the server with all the mods and everything, but when i got in the server, im unable to move. just stuck in first person and not able to move at all, and cant look around. no movements whatsoever, but i can press escape to log out though. my screen isn't frozen or laggy in the slightest. anyone able to help?
  14. Mr. Blue

    Mr. Blue


    1. Wolfstorm


      We doing this????

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @Wolfstorm if you wanna go back to our dynamic duo as the creep and the clown, fuck yeah dude

    3. Wolfstorm


      Bruhhhhhh let me get a new GC and i got you.

  15. Mr. Blue


    I love ya
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