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  1. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Asher would hold down the PTT, taking a seat by a campfire he made.* "A-appreciate the warning, b-but I know the risks. I'm er, looking for something in a town like that, maybe a friend of sorts, if you could call it that. I know what I could potentially be getting myself into, but it's worth it. Believe me." *Asher would release the PTT, and look at his shaking hand, and then hit his head a few times. He would shakily tell himself in that feeble, slightly nasally tone.* "I-I just need to do it and get it over with, then it can b-be normal for another while..." *Asher would think to himself for a little while, then tell himself in a very ashamed, guilty tone.* "I hate myself...I hate myself...I'm so sorry Lucia..." *Asher would bawl for a while until he finally regained control of himself, looking into the fire he created.*

    1. Buddy


      This video never gets old!


  3. Screw it, I'm changing my profile pic for a bit.

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    1. Josei


      I LOVE that show.

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    3. Mr. Blue
    4. N-Tox


      its not blue
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    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @N-Tox you got a movie serial killer gif, I don't see no beer bottle for your pic


    6. Josei


      Become staff @Mr. Blue

    7. Mr. Blue
    8. Josei


      Be nice to work with you. ;) 

    9. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Hmmm, I'll think about it. Never considered being DayZRP Staff Member Mr. Blue O.o

    10. Josei


      Mr.Blue and Lady In Blue ;)

  4. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Asher would press down the PTT as he walked through the woods towards Severograd, speaking in his feeble, slightly nasally tone of voice.* "I-I only asked where the people are... I need to see people, need to be...around people. I'm sure you can understand, it can get awfully lonely out here in the woods." *Asher would release the PTT, slowly but surely headed towards Severograd.*
    • Chewy
    • Mr. Blue

    If I'm getting myself into trouble with this radio chatter it better be fun mister.

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      It should be great, I don't usually play anything but the good guys, so it'll be something different, that's for sure.

      Dunno if you saw Asher's character profile, but if you really want to know OOC what Asher has to deal with, here's a link:


      Also if you or anyone else is interested, I'm willing to plan out encounters if you want to go the full route. 


    2. Chewy


      Hmm. I dont think I'm willing to let Chell die already, but I'm good for some dank spooky torture RP or the likes.

    3. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      I think I'm also going to be planning out just eating limbs as well. Most people aren't too determined to kill their characters, but losing a limb is great character development if that's what some people want. You'd be injected with a certain chemical to forget what happened though.

    4. Chewy


      But I like remembering! I wanna know how I lost the limb but if you can obscure the thought of who did it, that would work. *Shrug*

    5. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      That's what I meant, not remembering who did it but remembering that it was eaten is fine.

  5. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Asher would breathe slowly in and out. He would then press down the PTT, and speak in his feeble tone of voice.* "I, er, um, thank you! Thank you very much! I'll try and make for that town next chance I get, heh heh. Great to be around people, I love people. Not literally though, I mean, not that I'm not a friendly guy, I just... You know what I mean. Thank you again for this information!" *Asher would release the PTT, and would hit his head yet again, and then tell himself in that feeble tone of his* "We'll get it done and over with, then it can be normal for another while. It just needs...to be done..." *Asher would breathe in and out before preparing to make his way to Severograd.*
  6. Looks great to me. Hope to see it approved!
  7. Hello? Anybody? (Open Frequency)

    *Asher would hold his head, and smack it a few times. He would speak in a feeble, slightly nasally tone* "G-get yourself together..." *He would inhale and exhale a few times, and look down at his shaking hand.* "It needs to happen again..." *Asher would cry for a few seconds, then slap himself yet again.* "Ok...now or never. It's just something that needs to happen. That's right, it needs to happen..." *The last sentence would sound rather depressing. He would press down the PTT, speaking in the same tone as above.* "H-hello? My name is Asher Stephen, and I need a little...help. I'm looking for people. M-maybe a town? Please, somebody respond. Please?" *Asher would let go of the PTT, looking distraught over his shaking hand, desperately waiting for a response.*
  8. Great rp today with @Brett, @Niccokick, and plenty of others.
  9. Hey, Mr. Dean? (Open freq)

    *Dean presses the PTT* "Not now, trying to deal with somethin'. I appreciate what you most likely found me, but can I get back to you on that?" *Dean releases the PTT*
  10. Putting Asher on this list, contact me if you want your character to get eaten or a part of them eaten.

    Only thing I ask is that if you don't perma and get a limb eaten, your character forgets who it was that ate the limb. :)

    1. Jasper


      Maybe rather than forgets who are it, maybe have your character employ some sort of toxin or drug (chloroform, something along those lines?) Could eliminate the oddity of simply forgetting.

    2. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      @Jasper Great idea! Might have to use that.

    3. Jasper


      Go for it. Hope all goes well on this character. You're one of the better RP'ers in this community young(?) man. 

  11. STATUS: INACTIVE KILLER'S NAME: Asher Stephen CHARACTER PAGE: Click Here TYPE OF KILLER: Cannibal DYNAMIC/PLANNED/BOTH: BOTH AVAILABILITY (SERVER TIME & DAYS): Usually on Fridays and weekends. NOTES (OPTIONAL): Asher is a cannibal who does not like being a cannibal, but must satisfy his addiction. For more info, check the character page.
  12. Great RP today with @Jman14102, @Brett, @SpookyBug, @Wulf_jon, @Anoymouse, @XxGrAipYyxX, @big_mantis, and many others.
  13. The Sojourners

    I'll make sure to get on those time stamps within the next few days, and add a few more for a replacement.
  14. A Call To Mr. Mendenhall.

    *He presses the PTT* "Are you talking about the main bar in Severograd? I'm there now." *He releases the PTT*