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  1. Ken Mendenhall's Story

    The adventures of Ken Mendenhall & Co.
  2. Thank you to @Anouk, @Dvlinhb, @Madkilla67, @Fil Vandren, @Roach, @trent_rouls, @melon21, and many more for the great RP we all shared today!
  3. Thank you to: @Dvlinhb , had a great time with your insane greek god character haha, looking forward to more RP with him. @TheThrawn , your character should be the next Daryl Dixon. @trent_rouls , really sorry that glitch killed you, hoping to get back to you soon. Thanks everyone!
  4. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Ken presses down on his PTT* "Dimitry, she's not telling you the whole story. And really? Calling me an asshole after knowing each other so long? Even after all I offered you? I thought better of you." "Goes to show the character of a person when they would speak of you in that way when you wouldn't think they are listening." *Ken releases the PTT*
  5. *Ken presses down his PTT, and is obviously tired of Michael's shit* "Michael, I thought it would go away after a while. But you have some serious fucking problems. It's not even that you don't like killing. I get it. Shit happened to you. But for fucks sake, I have put my neck out for you trying to show you that I want you part of this family." *Ken sighs, and then continues* "It all really started in fucking Severograd. I risked my life to save your ass. I risked my people's lives to save your ass. There's plenty more times I'm very sure you can think of." *Ken sighs yet again, and then continues* "You were skeptical of me and everyone at first. Fair enough. You didn't know me too well. But now it has gotten to the point where it's not just me, it's everyone that's fucking around you that is tired of your selfish, disrespectful, pissy attitude. It's always fucking my fault whenever situations arise and you 'Don't want to have to kill anybody'. Sorry to break it to you man, but it ain't my fault your ass isn't willing to do what it takes to protect ourselves, and not complain about it every step of the way." *Ken pauses a second, and then continues.* "You haven't exactly shown me much to really trust you either. Every other group would have kicked you out on your ass by now. I can guarantee it. There is little to no respect when you speak to me or about me. 'I've only known Ken for this long, I don't really know him that well' or 'Look I only know Ken, I'm not friends with him'. "When I first met you when you were in that wheel chair, I could have left you or done anything to you. But no, I helped you in your time of need. I have done nothing but try to lend a helping hand to you ever since, to deny it would be a flat out lie. "Not many other people would even try and associate with someone of your past in today's world, but here I was trying to retain my respect for your type." "Fix your act and show some fucking respect, or you're out on your ass." *Ken releases the PTT*
  6. Quinn? Dead? Not just yet. [Open Frequency]

    *Ken looks down at his feet while he sits in a chair, sighs, and speaks with a very calm demeanor.* "Quinn, I want you to know that I still care about you. Maybe these Fangs can protect you more than I could. Maybe you just thought I was too boring to be around. Maybe it was because I wasn't there for you when you needed me the most. Whatever it is that makes you this way, I want you to know that it's alright. They may have taken the island. You might have led them there. Does it hurt to know that you disowned me? After everything I done for you? Yes it does hurt." *Ken pauses, then continues.* "Darling, I just want you to know that I forgive you for what you done. I can't have you around my people for obvious reasons. Hell it may be a long while until we see each other again. I just need you to know that I don't hate you for what you did, and I certainly hold no grudge against you. I want you to realize that even with all of these people turning their backs on you for seeing what you've become, I want you to see that I don't condone it. I'm a lot of things Quinn, but a man who would harm his daughter is not one of them. I want you to know that I don't feel this way because I think that you're not what you've become." *Ken pauses again, and then continues.* "I want you to realize that I see you for what you are. And in all of the darkness and grief it's caused me and my people, I still love you. I know what you are." "But it makes no difference." "When others turn to kill you for becoming this manifestation," "I still offer a father's love." "Never forget how much I love you so, Quinn." "Stay safe." *Ken releases the PTT.*
  7. *Ken pants for a while, then reached for his radio. He presses down the PTT.* "Hey, if any person in The United People of Salvation is listening to this, you need to get the fuck out of the south. The island has been compromised. We'll find each other later, I just need for everyone to haul their asses out of there. We will all find each other. Don't go panicking around or losing their heads, just focus on getting out and staying alive. I don't know how long it will take for us all to find each other again, but your main priority for the time being is getting out and staying alive." *Ken rubs his forehead and rubs his three day old stubble.* "I'll say it again. We will all find each other. Just get out and stay alive. Don't trust no one, we'll find each other." *Ken releases the PTT in a very stressed state.*
  8. Prison Island Event

    @Galaxy Cool idea but idk, screws with our lore. We spend a lot of time on the island, wouldn't make any sense.
  9. Taken Hostage by the Ukrainians

    mistakes were made
  10. Thank you to my allies, @Dvlinhb, @jangoskull, @Canon360, @Coreena, @Blake Quinn, @Anoymouse, @trent_rouls, @Ronin47, @SoalXtractor, @Madkilla67, @Disco Soup Can, @Lady In Blue, and all the ones I know participated but unfortunately don't know the forum names. Thanks for the RP. Thank you to @Eagle and the rest of the Black Fangs for the amazing hostile RP today, was great getting held hostage for a change. Big thanks to the Mars Corp. and Communist boys for dealing with the Fangs, or so I heard. Like I said everyone, thank you all for everything today!
  11. thanks to @Madkilla67, @N-Tox, @jangoskull, @Canon360, @Dio Brando, @Fil Vandren, @Blake Quinn, @trent_rouls, @Ronin47, @Anoymouse, and many more for the great rp today!
  12. Thank you to @SgtSmithy, @Dvlinhb, @jangoskull, @Coreena, @Fil Vandren, @Sophie, @Ronin47, @Dio Brando, and everyone else for the great RP tonight!
  13. Loved the RP today with @Dvlinhb, @SoalXtractor, @jangoskull, @SgtSmithy, @Stoobs, @Lyca, @Canon360, @Coreena, and almost everyone else I RPed with today.
  14. The United People of Salvation

    @Hassan @Eagle With the death of Quinn my group has no reason to really want to be enemies with you now, taking Black Fangs off our group enemy list.
  15. Death of Quinn [Open Frequency]

    *Ken takes a deep breath, rubs his face, and calms himself. A tear still rolling down his cheek, he then presses the PTT.* "I need to see her, I need to. You have got to understand where I am coming from. I just hear on the radio that my daughter is shot dead, I need answers. I must see her." *Ken releases the PTT, thinking of how things could have been if Quinn stayed with him.*