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  1. *Ken presses down his PTT and starts to transmit* "Why wud ya wanna let people kno' where yeh are? Don't make much sense to meh, ah know ya probableh got gud intentions but steel. Plenteh of bad people out there jus' waitin' on summin like dis gunna take advantage uv yeh, eef ya ask meh, spread bah word uv mouth. Hope nuttin' bad happens, baest of wishes the yeh. Jus' don't seem like a gud idea the broadcast yer location to deh whole countreh." *Ken releases the PTT button*
  2. Thank you to everyone for the outstanding RP today! @Wolfstorm23 Very nice mourning RP today, the frustration was very good with Cole's death. @colabear It was such an emotional death! First you thought I was going to shoot, then I pulled you up and Tion and I both hugged you and said we all loved you, then I just shouted it when I took the shot, 10/10 GOLD moment. I hope to see you as another character! @Swiss Miss I really liked the torture RP we did today, loads of fun just knocking the poor guy out again and again. "Humpty dumpty is about to have a great fall" @LadyInBlue Quinn is finally coming to her senses! Hopefully she comes back home soon, we all (Minus Cole ) miss you! @kaliberN It was nice to see another trucker in the apocalypse! I cannot wait to see what your character has to offer, so much potential in Lukas. @Puncture Thank you for the hostage RP! I put on a clown mask and a new jacket to confuse you for the revenge, but sadly my aim is pure shit and I died. Thanks for the RP! Apologies to anybody I may have left out, everybody's RP was top notch today! Thank you all.
  3. Ken Mendenhall's Story

    The adventures of Ken Mendenhall & Co.
  4. Thank you to @Wolfstorm23, @colabear, @N-Tox, @Murdok Parrish, @HALEZY, @SandDancer97, @Carg0cult, @LadyInBlue, @SportingStrike, @Swiss Miss and everyone I may have left out for the outstanding RP tonight!
  5. The United People of Salvation

    Thank you.
  6. The United People of Salvation

    How about "The United People of Integrity"?
  7. The United People of Salvation

    Actually forget my post above for the name change. I do agree that the goals could be altered, but I stated in the thread that we are united to restore pre-outbreak values, I believe that qualifies for being united, banding together to combat the anarchist views elsewhere in Chernarus. However I do agree that it does sound a bit bland, perhaps I change it to "The United Integrity" or something along those lines?
  8. The United People of Salvation

    Alright, I will alter the goals a little bit and change the name to something else.
  9. The United People of Salvation

    That is an interesting idea, I will have to see about getting someone who worked on the island. I am in the process of getting graphics and headers, but I will eventually implement them into the thread. Thank you for the advice! I am currently in the process of acquiring graphics, but thank you for the advice! I'll do my best.
  10. The United People of Salvation

    Thank you for the advice! I will definitely implement the things you are talking about when I get the time.
  11. The United People of Salvation

    Alright, I will keep that in mind and add some music. Thank you for the help!
  12. The United People of Salvation

    I will try to have people by the coast to provide fires for people swimming across. Also could you tell me how to add music into the thread? I do not know how to.
  13. The United People of Salvation

    Thank you for the advice focus, I will make sure to add better and more graphics.
  14. The United People of Salvation

    Ok, thank you for the advice! I will try to get it fixed within the next few days or so.
  15. The United People of Salvation

    Thank you.