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  1. On the eve of January 18th, 1996, Jesse Thorpe was born the second child of a suburban family in Long Beach, California. His family was decently well off and able to hold down a steady job, but Jeremy always wanted something more from his life. It just felt like something was missing for him, no matter what he tried. It was in his nature to go out and explore, not to just be content with what was around him. Most people like this would go and be the socialites, surrounding themselves with others to try and make up for what they lack in themselves. Jesse however, ended up with the people that weren’t into the legal things all too often. This got him into a large amount of trouble, as he was often at the "wrong place at the wrong time." The local police knew his face, but that wasn't going to stop him getting all that he could from life while he was still young. There were far more illegal things Jesse had done that the police didn’t know about, and he wanted to keep it that way. Yet, as he went off to university, that life started to fade away into the past. While studying for his degree in Political Science, Jesse decided that he was going to try and get into the political scene, but it ended in a way that he would’ve never expected: he became a wartime correspondent. Chernarus was just supposed to be a small field report before heading home...
  2. AstroNaught

    RPG Appreciation Thread

    You are now slightly less geared than me and Curve were a couple of days ago... All you need is an igla to add to your collection and you'll be all set! It was hilarious fun though wasting our rockets.
  3. At this point I just assume all of these vehicles exploding are not because you shot them, but because it seems nobody in BHM can drive...
  4. That's some dedication man, best of luck to whoever wins!
  5. I can't say that I'm happy about this, but congratulations are in order I guess. Party time?
  6. Two words... fingerless gloves. I swear to god Brandon, I'm gonna kill him. Or, uh, "conduct research tests" if you so prefer.
  7. To everyone I've met over the past couple of days, it's been good getting back into the swing of things! It's good to remember why I joined FM in the first place actual years ago now, and Ethan is ready to go through it all again with these great guys. Well, maybe not "my" intern Scott, but the rest of them! P.S. I really can't wait until Pobeda Homestead is back again, but until then, we'll be around, don't worry.
  8. No no, don't do this to me now... I saw this thread and immediately remembered good old Ethan Burke from way back in the day. (Check the archives!) Best of luck to you all, and I may be seeing you again soon. And remember, if anyone gives you trouble, don't worry, just grab the .44 caliber innoculator.
  9. Unfortunately, due to the way ARMA terrain works, this is "impossible." There's certain ways that we can fake it, but you'll never be able to seamlessly transition between above ground and the true underground, but we'll see what we can work up for ya
  10. As the mod will be in the ARMA III engine, any vehicle that we can make work with in-vehicle shooting will support it.
  11. Now that would just ruin all the fun of anticipating the release, and we can't be having any of that
  12. ExiledGamer can probably give you more details, I'll let him know to post when he gets back. Well, I'm back now, so I think Igi did a good job of setting up the basics for everyone. Without trying to give to much away, I'll be working on creating a distinct background for the island and its inhabitants, while trying to do as much to keep it interesting in current times. I think you'll like it!
  13. Unfortunately, due to the way that water works in ARMA 3, it's unlikely that we'll be able to do anything quite this stunning. However, there are some spectacular mountain ranges in the works that I do hope you'll enjoy.
  14. I'm currently working out the specifics of Project L's lore and background, but I can assure you there will be plenty of "larger picture" information and the ability to participate in the development of the island's story. I believe that in combination with the variety of features being worked on by Igi, we'll have enough to keep players interested. As for plans on the location / climate of Project L, I think you'll be happy to let you know that the setting is in the Caribbean, meaning we'll have plenty of coastal cities that look somewhat like you've pictured!
  15. Oh I can certainly work with that feeling for ya, as it's something Igi has been pestering me for a while to do (I just haven't gotten around to it yet). When I've got something to show off, I'll throw it up.
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