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"Mango's are the Tit's of the fruit world!"

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  1. SoalXtractor

    • SoalXtractor
    • Eddie

    Eddi! you bad boi! you still play?!


    1. Eddie


      I took a break but I'm back at it again!
      How have you been doing?

  2. SoalXtractor

    A Formal Apology

    Damn this had me going for a sec..... @Roach you damn ass hat ?
  3. SoalXtractor


    Thought i would change my profile song to a little something that suits me more ?

    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      sounds pretty good mang

    2. SlimmDusty


      Soal return to us my brother

  4. SoalXtractor

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I loved the setup very well done lads and the action was awesome you all deserve a pat on the back. Keep up the great work guys!
  5. SoalXtractor

    Anarchy's Summit.


    Gotta admit i had a blast that one guy that took ya guy down in the barracks however he did not get the good end of the blast if ya know what im saying haha
  6. SoalXtractor

    Empress Julia's House of Screenies

    hahahaha that fucking miss click link....... i swear it was not a sponsored link lmao
  7. SoalXtractor

    Valentine Fiore - Journal and Planner

    I really enjoy reading these keep up the good work!
  8. SoalXtractor

    ERIS - [Open Freq. Reed/Beth/Phe/Eamon/Etc]

    Soal Gordan is just finishing up his daily duty's on his make shift farm when he hears his old radio crackle to life. He listens in on what is broadcast-ed and he opens with a smile saying " hehe im happy to see and hear my little deputy alive and strong" he giggles to himself as he listens. after the radio goes quite he gentle picks up the radio and begin to broadcast. Hey they my little deputy it's been so long since i heard your voice i am super happy to hear your voice. judging by your voice alone i can tell you have gotten bigger and stronger haven't you "he laughs to himself" i guess soon your going to be a full fledged sheriff hehe. But all jokes aside lo if anything is wrong please don't hesitate to reach out i hope for the day where you, phe, kenneth and all our friends can sit by the fire and have a good old time knowing we are safe because we "Are" family and we look out for each other! and i will protect my friends and family till i can't. So my sweet little deputy please stay safe and if anything happens know you can talk in to your radio because mine will never be turned off! Stay safe sweetheart. He puts his radio down leaving it on with a smile on his face glad to hear her voice, but it slowly turns to a worried look he mutters to himself "she better live a long life otherwise Will won't" He quietly get's back to work.
  9. SoalXtractor

    Your Character (Get noticed if you wish it)

    Damn that was awesome puts mine to shame lol here it is https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3261/
  10. SoalXtractor

    Your Character (Get noticed if you wish it)

    As we know some people put work in to their character that may not ever get seen because they have no followers. So i say my friends if you want a safe place to show off your writing skills!? than you are welcome here!. lets see some character profiles!. I'm keen for a good read!
  11. SoalXtractor

    Two Kingdoms Collide [PVP Medieval OOC Event]

    I fight for the one true king! @BorisRP
  12. SoalXtractor


    Just updated and refreshed Jason's Character sheet check it out and let me know what yall think :P Much Love!

  13. SoalXtractor

    Cooldown reset?

    I need this aswell i was planing on getting back on today and miss click the edit button and changed to the wrong character lol
  14. SoalXtractor


    I'm Coming back For some Dank RP had a break now i'm feeling refreshed and ready to go........ as soon as my character cooldown fucks off... my bad i pressed the wrong button...FML. In the meantime enjoy some dank memes music!

    1. Canon360


      I also came back. good to see you hopping on again soal.

    2. Lyca


      You could just contact staff... they reset it for you, when you did it on accident. 

    3. SoalXtractor


      It's all good Peeps The great one Spartan helped me out Whoop Whoop!

  15. SoalXtractor

    The King's Men [Strict Recruiting]

    Damn Onion not gonna lie your friendly auzzie pal thinks this is the Tit's can't wait to see it play out man well done!
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