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  1. Anthony Leston

    A boy who's parents died to the infected. His parents came here for work but the last thing they saw coming was the end of the world Anthony's parants were here for work a teachers job made in heaven..... intill it all went to shit. Anthony's parent's tried there hardest to survive in the hard time's when shit went bad anthony's parents tried to keep him safe but the fell!. so this poor 12 year old boy has spent the last few months just trying to stay alive.had no choice but to run there were to many with his equipment lost and forced in to hiding due to the shear number of infected he waited and waited and waited now he needs to find his way back to Civilization. he has spent the last month in the wilds just surviving, eating rabits snakes...........bugs what ever was needed
  2. [Open Freq] Calling Dr T

    *Soal Presses the PTT* So ahhh sry make that 9PM EST in Gorka at the shop tomorrow looken forward to meeting again cya tomorrow T. *Releases the PTT*
  3. [Open Freq] Calling Dr T

    *Pushes PTT* Ok awesome im glad to hear you T, That sounds like a might y good idea there is a small shop next to a hospital in gorka if we could meet there that would be great sayyy Friday around 8:30 pm est? i will bring the whiskey. See ya than T. Out! *Releases PTT*
  4. OMG Cuteness overload old as hell vid but only now just seen it !

    More cuteness if you dont like foxes! lol i cater to all! Plz dont shoot them 0_o
  5. OMG Cuteness overload old as hell vid but only now just seen it !

    is this not adorable! Sorry first time posting really... did not mean to step on anyones toes!
  6. OMG ahhhhhhhhh i love this and want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Survivors Wanted [OPEN FREQ.]

    *soal hits the PTT* Hey buddy i like what your doing here next time im down that way im more than happy to help Just keep doing what yall are doing it's a nice change of pace. Regardless you have my support *he shuts off his radio about time someone try's to help!*
  8. Are you going to catch them all!?
  9. Hey What about something in Miscreated just a thought!. But i do like what your trying here! beens for you sir!
  10. [Open Freq] Calling Dr T

    Soal walking the wastes trying to make things less fucked stops and presses the *PTT Hello Taryn It's soal i was with you and red when you guys were dealing with a nut job at the cdf base a week or so ago, But hey im getting off topic. I hear there was some shit that went down in Cherno involving a friend of mine. I know it was a huge misunderstanding and would just like to clear it up so we all can move forward helping those in need the last thing we need is more unnecessary enemy's when we could be friends!. Please if you hear this reach out to me so we can meet and arrange a meet up to sort this bs out. Thanks Doc hope to talk to you soon! He releases the PTT and just hopes that things are not to far gone!
  11. Justice [Open. Freq.]

    *Soal sits by a tree sipping his glass of whiskey* Well shit here we go again, Someone trying to be a hotshot. Well look here son!, what you do is your own business but if you fucken pull a stunt like that out front of that bar again thieves will be your last problem. Don't fuck with a place where i drink!. Trust me you don't want that and beleave me i aint the only one probably thinking this! Try ya shit else where boy the only warning you will get. *You hear him say, Last thing we need is the last bar shutdown..... fucken retards! he turns off his radio with a sigh*
  12. Soal Gordan

    My character's name is Soal Gordan after the news spread about the outbreak in Chernarus Soal immediately set out to Chernarus well tried. It took Months for him to find a way in. People called him crazy but he said "There is nothing in this world or the next that will stop me from finding my son dead or alive!". Now he finds himself within the borders of Chernarus now his search can begin. With a glint of hope in his eye he sets out for anyone still alive that may be able to point him in the right direction. Though he was not truly prepared for what he was to face after making his way to the first town he witnessed the true horror. The rumors were way off on the truth the utter bloodshed and gore made him sick to his stomach but he willed himself on. The infected were so many but Soal kept to the shadows as best he could. Thanks to his training in the USMC after serving for 12 years his will was strong! After his first encounter with a survivor he was hopeful the survivor spoke of camps and settlements these could be good places to go and ask around for your son Micheal
  13. Server Offline

    oh!? the mentor program is such a great idea. I still see myself as a noob when it comes to rp most i have done is dnd. If i have any questions i will pm you for sure!
  14. Server Offline

    oh ok thanks im new here so still a few things to pickup haha
  15. Server Offline

    Hey guys just wondering any idea on how long the server will be down?