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  1. The City of Stary.

    But..... but Bacon!
  2. Fellow citizens, I require your vote

    Orion-12 you are a man of justice and integrity you sir have my vote!. Down with the Synths!
  3. Cross Country

    Hahahahaha tent Run!!!!
  4. Had a great Rp sesh today thanks too @Dvlinhb, , @jangoskull, @SgtSmithy, @Stoobs, @Lyca, @Canon360, @Coreena and any i missed you know who you are!
  5. Jason Saunders

    Born in Sydney Australia raised in a broken home constantly bashed by his step brothers and step father, He spent most of his time hanging out with the wrong people. He joined a gang of bad bad people he witnessed someone get killed and the sight of the blood excited him and after that he stayed close to who ever would hurt people so he could see blood. He never had the strength to kill someone himself. After awhile he started showing signs that he just may be a nut job "More on this later". After some time jasons new friends dealt with his step father and with his new toys "dead body" he sat there cutting little pieces off just to see blood. Even the people that killed his step father were creeped out by this and backed off! He was caught with the body by his mother and tho he did some bad things to the body after a police investigation it was proven he did not kill him tho needed to be sent to a nut house. Luckily his uncle was a renown Psychiatrist working in Cherno so he got sent off to be under his uncles care. *More on this later* Than the outbreak started and shit went down hill from there but for the first month Jason was safe with his uncle on a Island where he was being cared for. After some time passed even the dead reached them with his uncles death Jason made a run for it to the main land *To be continued as he explores*
  6. Perm killed

    Hi just wondering what i do with my character John Mason that i perm killed. Do i just delete it or?
  7. Wrong @Cody Husky i joined the teamspeak after you killed us to find out wtf was going on. Just to clarify also had no gun out and i was the first to be killed. Again just to clarify cheers.
  8. John Mason's POV well not much really to say except i was there for like maybe 5 min 10 min i just got there chatted a little with my buddy Jango and his mate both not with said group just passing through if you will than gun shots start ringing out in the city so me jango his mate chill in the back door room of the school next thing we know shit starts getting hectic ppl start coming in to this room with a plan to get out since we were most if not all civs just as we are about to exit the building and gtfo the door behind me opens and i am gunned down with no word spoken or typed initiation. we were just civs with no guns drawn just trying to get out and than gunned down!
  9. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me trying to stay out of it! For reasons lol @Roach, @Mr. Blue, @Dvlinhb
  10. S1 - FailRP - Novaya Petrovka - Server Time 8:05

    My POV, Was standing near Jerimie when shots were heard and he dropped after that all i did was mainly stay out of harms way! being a 13 year old and all lol. i ran around alot trying to find a way out when safe to do so. Eventually i did but was shot but lived and was helped up since i was not apart of said group.
  11. Anthony Leston

    A boy who's parents died to the infected. His parents came here for work but the last thing they saw coming was the end of the world Anthony's parants were here for work a teachers job made in heaven..... intill it all went to shit. Anthony's parent's tried there hardest to survive in the hard time's when shit went bad anthony's parents tried to keep him safe but the fell!. so this poor 12 year old boy has spent the last few months just trying to stay alive.had no choice but to run there were to many with his equipment lost and forced in to hiding due to the shear number of infected he waited and waited and waited now he needs to find his way back to Civilization. he has spent the last month in the wilds just surviving, eating rabits snakes...........bugs what ever was needed
  12. [Open Freq] Calling Dr T

    *Soal Presses the PTT* So ahhh sry make that 9PM EST in Gorka at the shop tomorrow looken forward to meeting again cya tomorrow T. *Releases the PTT*
  13. [Open Freq] Calling Dr T

    *Pushes PTT* Ok awesome im glad to hear you T, That sounds like a might y good idea there is a small shop next to a hospital in gorka if we could meet there that would be great sayyy Friday around 8:30 pm est? i will bring the whiskey. See ya than T. Out! *Releases PTT*
  14. OMG Cuteness overload old as hell vid but only now just seen it !

    More cuteness if you dont like foxes! lol i cater to all! Plz dont shoot them 0_o
  15. OMG Cuteness overload old as hell vid but only now just seen it !

    is this not adorable! Sorry first time posting really... did not mean to step on anyones toes!