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  1. Recruitment is now open for Brotherhood, if your interested in joining please PM myself with the following - Dayrp experience (Previous groups/Playtime) - Dayz experience - Why you would like to join - Just keep in mind we all have different personalities and if you can't hack someone giving you a bit of banter, harsh criticism or someone getting annoyed once in a while then this isn't the group for you. Most of us have been playing games with each other for 4+ years so we will know how to fit you right into the group.
  2. Bot killing bots... huh That's a joke btw ^ love the vids
  3. Matthew1996

    [FM] Free Medics

    Loving the group page so far! Also lots of members, going to be very interesting once you get approved ?
  4. Matthew1996

    Item shop descriptions

    "360° surveillance, the true ESP" "For all the road men roaming Chernarus" "The dayz devs could use some of these"
  5. Do you mean the business associates on the main post? Glad you like it ?
  6. Matthew1996

    The great Youtube Crash

    How am i going to live without videos of endless memes,combat footage and fighter jets? Simple answer i won't ,also a world without Bhad Barbie music is a world i cannot live in anymore the death of youtube is the death of me
  7. Good Firefight was still 3 of us trying to find you, still wouldn't recommend trying to turn and burn when your in the middle of a field being initiated on, some people might get petty for that, lucky for you Neom had the bug when your gun aims in the air so he was shooting for the moon, see ya next time lads. Also no salt here, 3 of us survived killing 3 of you, we have been doing this for years, losing a firefight is what you risk if a hostile situation goes south.
  8. Matthew1996

    To all Chernarussians.

    *Tyrone sits the radio next to him and presses the PTT* He chuckles to himself while "where the hood at" faintly plays in the background "hahaha are these subhumans at it again, use your brain you mad man, how are you going to declare war on the world if you cower in Stary all day. I won't worry to much about trade embargo's i take anything i want from you Chernarussian cowards anyway. see you soon pal" *Tyrone goes quiet but the laughs in the background continue until Tyrone releases the PTT"* Tyrone picks up a mag and starts loading it with ammo, he looks up at his Brothers and says "Lets go get em lads"
  9. Matthew1996

    Schnitzler's list: Everything you'd ever want regarding character pages

  10. Added Business Associates, Informants and people under protection to the thread.
  11. Yeah good old Sal managed to make it out ?
  12. Amazing RP today with the boys and @Jackfish @ScarletRose and @yuthee Can't wait to find out what will happen next in our little story
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