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  1. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *grabs his radio in even more frustration* Me and Kaeser got him! WE WARNED YOU FUCKS! AND YOU JUST KEPT POKING AT US! Now... BEHOLD OUR POWER! BEHOLD OUR AUTHORITY! YOU WILL RESPECT US!! *Throws cabbas's dead body off the cliff then continues shaving his mustache*
  2. Deadplex

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    -User was warned for this post-
  3. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan holds his radio up and he stands at the peak of a mountain and drops bills corpse off of it. Sounds of lightning and heavy rain can be heard in the background* "I've made peace with everything I've done! Even now I can feel the weight of god's judgement upon me... But know this!" "GOD CANNOT JUDGE MY ACTIONS! I AM READY FOR THE HALLS OF CODVALLAH!" *Ryan Screams into the distance and throws the radio off the cliff*
  4. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan picks up bills body and sounds of him and K grunting follow it* "YEAH! FUCK YEAH!" *Kaeser puts the meat in his mouth* "You'll never see this body again Kurt! THIS WAS ALL YOU BUD!"
  5. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan and Kaeser's heavy breathing can be heard on the other side of the radio as Ryan just got done running and Kaeser is very fat* You know it's me! I can't come to Novy right now i- *Sounds of another man come from Ryans radio* "Drop the gun Ryan! It's time we talked!" *Sounds gunfire pour out of ryans radio for 20 minutes. They eventually stop and Ryan picks up his radio* "Think you can take me and Kaeser out that easily? Do you know how long we've ran things around here? We're legend!! YOU HEAR ME?! FUCKING LEGENDS!!! I have the authority here and both me Kaeser make the decisions." *Ryan shoots a hostage* "We'll be in touch!"
  6. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan Kurster begins sobbing angirly* Kaeser is back in town and he's gonna clean this place up the way you never could. You don't even do anything! I WILL KEEP YOUR NAME WHITENED UNTIL YOU CAN SHAPE YOURSELF UP! And as for you cabbas, you take your black ass out of here. I'm still mad about you joining that squad.
  7. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan Kurster picks up his radio and he begins to file a complaint to his superior* Listen you here you swine. Me and Kaesar never liked the way you held yourself. Always stepping on the edge of what is socially acceptable. During the cod days something like this would never have happened. *sighs VERY heavily then takes out whitener and whitens out Kurts name on the file* You're nothing but a blank name to me now.
  8. Deadplex

    100.75 (open)

    *Ryan Kurster would sigh as he responds to the new* Kurt I've known you since the days of the cod and I knew then just like I know now. YOU'RE AN IDIOT How could you let this happen!?
  9. Deadplex

    A Mile in Staff's Shoes

    Gonna have to let the Parmesan Don know what's up. We'll be seeing you Cipher...
  10. Deadplex

    I'm Back

    Please no.
  11. Deadplex

    Does the new VoIP make roleplay sense?

    Nothing fun about it. If someone offered me a can of pringles vs half a can of pringles you know I'm just gonna toss both of them out and just look at reality.
  12. Deadplex

    199.7 Open Saoirse frequency

    A light flickers through the window of a shack in the middle of the woods. Creeking can be heard from within inside, the door slams open. Ryan O'Ryan raises his radio to his face. "And we back... I'll round up the boys Bobby." Ryan chuck's the radio and with the same hand he kneels down to pick up a rock. And begins marching towards South Zagoria.
  13. Deadplex

    Boon Boys

  14. Deadplex

    When someone has OOC hate

  15. Deadplex

    how do you say your mother is a prostitute where you come from?

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