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  1. @ScarletRose @JkpFrog @Dutch @achmed @Opticillunitic @Method @yuthee @Dvlinhb @MichTheMedic @Xehara @zsmith1111 @Hanro @Malthis This is from me to you, I can say thank you a thousand times and it will never be enough, as much as Sam made a small part of all of you, you all made Sam. The crowd, the silence, the shock, the tears, the prayers. I hope that I came close to all of the expectations I had and framed a character to last, you all did so well in the time he knew you. Goodbye to Sam, and goodnight. Thank you. Truly truly thank you so much. It was an honor and a pleasure.
  2. Rest in Peace, Samuel Hobbs. 


  3. Rest in peace Dr. John. Na'leans sheds a tear.

  4. RP has been stellar as of late!

  5. I would like to specially thank @JkpFrog and @Pinkerton for tonight's exceptional session, the things that were brought to the table in our trio's travels was hands down, one of the, if not the best experience of quality roleplay I have had in this community, everything that @JkpFrog is bringing to the table promotes visceral and fearful excitement that can hardly be contained, as for @Pinkerton, your chops and talent was so natural and complex, I was ecstatic to have been able to witness you and the chemistry to inhabited was continental. I again want to thank you BOTH for tonight, and I ever so hope to continue this anthology in some way shape or form.
  6. I too was enthralled in our little debate, a very prosperous way to start off my experience after such a long break from DayZRP.
  7. *Carl's voice comes in through the frequencies, his words directed at Fisher* " Looks like you've got some friends out there in trouble, Doc. You were too much of a coward to run when things got tough in Stary, or even fight back. " *It seems Carl's finished, but he comes back again to finish his remark* " Is that all gone now? Are you a regular hard ass like the rest of us all of the sudden? " *Carl slips away into silence after his confrontational comments, was he right?*
  8. I like you.

    @Wungus Bill

    1. YNW Law

      YNW Law

      all warm and fuzzy

  9. When you gotta monkey pit.


  10. creatureblacklagoonfigure.png

    Give me ass or let it pass.

  11. 8E770EB0763FBDA763F60A38B4C65982DBDBB779

    @Wungus Bill We bridgin'

    1. YNW Law

      YNW Law

      ;) touchin tips

    1. groovy pijka

      groovy pijka

      Christmas! Christmas for everyone!

    2. Jaxon


      Legend xD 

    3. SgtSmithy


      My god i'm albino! 

  12. Let me peak your interest.


    1. ApronedCrusader


      Keep talking...

    2. Honeybee


      That China, IL vibe tho

  13. @XxGrAipYyxX @Nathan Osbourne @Genji @Sophie @Jean @Faith The blood, all the blood.
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