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    *Carl's voice comes in through the frequencies, his words directed at Fisher* " Looks like you've got some friends out there in trouble, Doc. You were too much of a coward to run when things got tough in Stary, or even fight back. " *It seems Carl's finished, but he comes back again to finish his remark* " Is that all gone now? Are you a regular hard ass like the rest of us all of the sudden? " *Carl slips away into silence after his confrontational comments, was he right?*
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  6. Growing up on the tough streets of Cali, Chris was subjected to gang life from the very start, yet having a difficult time making his name due to his small frame. Though, at a young age he was already taking under his siblings in the MS-13 lifestyle, gatting and running up on rival members to earn his tattoos. He had always taken to his elder brother Raul, attempting to copy his ways and gang like he did. When the MS-13 relocated to Chernarus, Chris rode with Raul and took all the advice he could before they set foot in their future hell. Once the infection began to spread, Chris took it as an opportunity to gun down any and all he saw in the country, believing it was the only recourse for the weak Eastern Europeans.
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