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  1. Derek Steel

    Newest Addition to the Family

    Welcome to the community
  2. Derek Steel

    back after a 6 month break...

    welcome back
  3. Derek Steel

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome to the community
  4. Derek Steel

    Hi I'm new

    welcome back
  5. Derek Steel

    Character Switching

    Edit: never mind this Perils got you in the comment bellow
  6. Derek Steel

    Bad version, server rejected connection

    try this guide
  7. Derek Steel

    S1: KoS/Ruleplay - 22/06/19 21:15

    Greetings, Glad to see you talk it out in the future isaiah i would be more mindful of making sure a intiation has been dropped before you try to fight back With that, /Closed Closed by @Derek Steel @Samti
  8. Derek Steel

    Necro? appeal

    A separate staff team has reviewed your appeal in this situation you were not warned for necroing but unnecessary and would still come under rule 1.5 aswell (Forum posts must keep a high standard and add a constructive and meaningful opinion that contributes to the thread at hand) your post of just OK did not contribute any thing meaningful or constructive to the topic so with this in mind we have decided to deny your appeal if you feel you need a more inadept explanation on way you got points don't hesitate to contact a member og staff and they will help you. Appeal Denied. Signed: @Derek Steel and @Randy
  9. Derek Steel

    I need some help

    to get the old accont removed you need to make a support request her https://www.dayzrp.com/support/
  10. Derek Steel

    Well Hello There!

  11. Derek Steel

    Ridley brought pizza!

    welcome to the community
  12. Derek Steel

    Hello I'm new.

    welcome to the community
  13. Derek Steel

    Good Afternoon!

    welcome to the community
  14. Derek Steel

    S1: Bad rp, unnecessary kill - 20/06/2019 07:15 pm

    Glad to see you guys talk it out We do want to note on the other hand that som things could have been handled beater for example reacting in voice to things that are being typed in OOC chat with read this and things like that is not ok try to refrain from reaction to // in chat with OOC in voice and on another note the glitch for dying on a server restart if restrained has been known for som time now I em not gone say you guys a 100 percent it but didn't the should have it might a and something to worry on that note the that happened her to and from them in the future. Report Closed Signed by @Derek Steel @Mademoiselle
  15. Derek Steel

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    Verdict BadRP/NVFL - Guilty Explanation In this situation you notice the people and as soon as they try to interact with you the reaction you give is to just run away and try and hide.When they then find you trying to hide in a small bush, you just jump up and legd it again that makes them chase you and the pursuit continues with both a initiations and you again ignoring any atemps of rp ending in your death for non compliance Our rules state: How to improve Now on to what you could have done in this situation theirs a few things you could have done to make the whole thing beater you could have acted out any sort of reaction to their attempts of rp heavy breathing talking to yourself something at all asking them to pleas stop following you. But at no point did you show any attempt at doing this and you instead choose to site and talk to your friend in discord so for the future i would recommend you trying to worry more about the rp you give of even if your just running away thars is so many ways it could have been made more immersive now with thet out of the way you did show NVFL to by not complaing to a group thet large initiating on you at thet point you where hevely out numberd no secure way of escape or way to defend yourself Outcome @MadDecent - NVFL and Bad RP - guilty - 5 day ban, 10 warning points and character PK'd Signed by @Derek Steel @Xehara @Samti @Mademoiselle
  16. Derek Steel

    S1: RDM - 26/06/2019 23:00

    Glad to see you guys talk it out Report Closed signed by @Xehara @Kase and @Derek Steel
  17. Derek Steel

    S2: Ghosting & Griefing: 6/16-6/17/2019: 1600-13:31

    Hello Since @Polo_Man and @JavaPythonhave not provided their POVs they will be temp banned until they create an appeal detailing their full POV of this situation, at which point the report will continue through their appeal.. //closed Signed by @Zanaan @Randy @Xehara and @Derek Steel
  18. Derek Steel


    is it a 1000 characters long
  19. Derek Steel

    • Derek Steel
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    Spider-Man-Homecoming-Iron-Man-Tony-Starimage of derek explaining saunders what he needs to do

    1. Saunders


      chicken fighting GIF

  20. Derek Steel

    S1/Dolina/ NVFL - Avoiding RP - Massive OOC - Meta-Gaming

    Hit logs kill logs connection logs calling in @MadDecent @AlecM and @ManipulateMe for ther full POV
  21. Derek Steel

    S2: Ghosting & Griefing: 6/16-6/17/2019: 1600-13:31

    position logs connection logs Build logs calling in @Polo_Man and @JavaPython for ther full POV
  22. Derek Steel

    Possible Duping on Server 2

    due to lack of evidence and the fact that it's one of the most common guns in the game at the moment the staff team has decided to close this report Report closed Signed @Derek Steel @Xehara
  23. Derek Steel

    S1: Greifing - 18/86/2019 3:00am/8:00am

    did you guys at any point shoot or damege the barrals ?
  24. Derek Steel

    • Derek Steel
    • Realize

    gz on green man well deserved 🙂

  25. Derek Steel

    • Derek Steel
    • Saunders

    aaa good to see the request for the bot upgrade passed 😛
    gz on green

    1. Saunders


      I feel ALIVE. What codes did you change?

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