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"Better to be a wolf of odin than a lamb of god."

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    celebrate elton john GIF by Rocketman
    GZ on red well deserved 🙂

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      Thanks dude, means a lot 😄

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    💖Squeeeeeel its george ezra💖

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      I do not look like George Ezra.

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    Staff Feedback: Derek Steel

    Thank you for the feedback and yes I do agree with you. I did let @Samti down. I let the fact that he had been waiting for so long on someone checking it affect me and I tried with my own shizty English to check it over. And when I should have at the point stayed firm on my statement to him, to have it checked over by more people. You can rest assured that I will do my absolute best to not let this happen ever again. It was a pure case of me seeing him work so hard on it and not get any response on his spellcheck request and so I went in and made a mess of it. I do want to give a big apology to @Samti for letting him down.
  4. Derek Steel

    S1 NVFL Near Solnichny Factories 00:42:56 9/11/2019

    Verdict: @Snorf - NVFL | GUILTY Reason: @Snorf You found yourself in a hostile situation running away from three well-armed people for quite some time. Yet when they initiate you still decided to raise your weapon and shoot at them, knowing that the outcome would most probably result in your death. The numbers were not in your favor, but you still decided to fight back. You even state in your POV that you knew you were outnumbered. You say you thought there were only 2 of them, but you can see clearly in both videos that there are 3 people following you in a fairly tight formation. In this situation, what you could have done better is to comply and in turn have gotten some solid RP out of it. Yes, there might have been a bounty on your head, but fighting back when you're outnumbered and out positioned is not a good idea. We always want to advise our players to focus on the RP first, and in this instance, it seems like you were more worried about other things - 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage, or knowingly running into an area of active hostile engagement when not involved in the fight. Characters found guilty of breaking this rule will be permanently marked as dead. Outcome: @Snorf - NVFL - 3 Days | 10 points | Character Permadeath (Shane Smith) Signed: @Derek Steel @Hofer @Voodoo
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      24 hours is up.. I kinda just like it at this point

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      Derek Steel

      ye it just fits your them

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    s1 - invalid kill report - Lopatino

    Summary: The staff team has looked over this report and come to the decision to call this inconclusive. After looking at all the POVs there is just too much of a difference to tell which side is telling the whole story and with that said we can't just go off words alone to decide who is right and who is wrong there needs to be some more solid evidence to back up your claim. The fact is that this could be swayed both ways but without any evidence to back up any of the claims we do not see any other outcome than to close this as inconclusive. Verdict: Invalid Kill - inconclusive Signed by @Derek Steel @Saunders
  7. Derek Steel

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Archiving on OP's request best of luck guys on your future endeavors. PM a Mod+ if you ever want it reopened.
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    The staff team will close this report seeing as it is resolved /Report Closed Signed by @Derek Steel @Hofer
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    BeanZ WAR

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    Avoiding RP - S1

    Summary: In this situation you decided to go AFK in the middle of a field to have an important IRL conversation. At the same time after you had left your PC people come up to you and try to interact with you and as you are not there they get no response witch hinders their RP a lot. In this case the staff team has decided to give you a verbal warning, seeing the situation you explain in your POV. For the future we do expect you to follow the suggestions given in this verdict. Rulebreaks: This would be looked at as Bad RP seeing as you are still ingame and at that point you should be attentive to what is going on around you and available to respond to RP attempts. Suggestions: When you get called away, even if there was a chance of it just being a minute or two, you should have chosen to log off instead of just AFKing in the middle of a field or atleast hidden yourself. In the future we do expect you to take better care of this and that it doesn't happen again. Verdict: @JHontz1917 - Bad RP - verbal warning Signed: @Derek Steel @Hofer
  12. Derek Steel

    Signed in with Wrong steam account

    Make a support request here: https://www.dayzrp.com/support/
  13. Derek Steel


    dont know how to fix it but a work around is to close the game down when you die and remove the stuff in launch parameters and manually reconnect to the server after you fixt the modle
  14. Derek Steel

    Cant get custom character into game?

    here is a guide for thet problem to
  15. Derek Steel

    Cant get custom character into game?

    just find a knife or a tall ledge but do it somwhere wher ther isent any people so you dont interupt any rp
  16. Derek Steel

    Cant get custom character into game?

    trye and follow this guide
  17. Derek Steel

    BeanZ WAR

  18. Derek Steel

    Zub Castle - Suspicious Player (NLR Rule Break)

    The staff team have discussed your request and are happy to honour it by closing the report. /CLOSED Signed by @Derek Steel @Saunders
  19. Derek Steel

    BeanZ WAR

  20. Derek Steel

    Ban Appeal - Excessive OOC

    Hello, The staff team have reviewed appeal and have come to the conclusion to deny it. There is no excuse for the amount of OOC displayed here and you even admit yourself that its a large amount of OOC going on. And with all that in mind we don't see any reason to shorten the sentence. Appeal Denied: Ban & Points Remain signed by : @Derek Steel @Saunders
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    BeanZ WAR

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    Staff have reviewed this report and we are happy that you have worked things out. With that stated /Closed Signed: @Derek Steel @Saunders
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    Neglect of Hostage

    Verdict: @Hunter| Lukas Stika - Unreasonable hostage demands | Guilty @FalkRP | Benedict Falk - Unreasonable hostage demands | Guilty @NorwayRP | Arri Graham - Unreasonable hostage demands | Not Guilty @WongRP | Artyom Wongov - Unreasonable hostage demands | Not Guilty @Phoenyxx | Phoenyxx Stika - Unreasonable hostage demands | Guilty @Drew7822 | Yakone Briggs - Bad RP | Guilty Reason: The staff team have reviewed this report and arrived at the conclusion above. @Drew7822 gets taken hostage near Kabanino and it becomes known that it's a person that Wolfpack wants to question so they start running him down towards Chernogorsk. During the run, @Drew7822 gives @WongRP and @NorwayRP a hard time during their questioning, to the point where it started to seem a bit over the line. Yes, we understand that you are trying to do the standard military schtick, but at some point, it just doesn't work and ends up just seeming trollish. At the end when you finally meet up with the Wolfpack, your attitude with this starts to be even worse and gets to such a point that we can't see it as anything else than bad RP. As for what you could do better, is to RP out more uncertainty, unease, and added some more worry and fear into your RP, seeing as you have now been traveling with them for an extended amount of time and you see they do not want to budge with their questioning... not to mention that it wasn't a sensitive question they were asking in the first place. So for the future remember that acting stubborn might seem like the right way to go, but at some point, it just comes across trollish and stagnates the RP. Now as for the Wolfpack and the claims on them for UHD: In this case, we did see a repeated pattern of assumptions made when it came to the health of the hostage and almost no attempts on figuring out the actual state of his hunger and thirst. As for @WongRP and @NorwayRP they did show some good hostage care up to the point of the meetup. At this point, there might have gotten a bit confusing when all meet up, but the Wolfpack members should have checked up on their hostage when he got handed to them, and even more so after he got shot by them. We do have the situation Where he has water on him, and he states he is thirsty. Yes, maybe a bit short and a little unclear, but with how the hostage care rule is written at that point there should have been warning lamps flashing for the Wolfpack. Instead, there was no water before your talk, to which we can see he was about to go for the water, to the point the "No" got given out. At that point, it would be clear NVFL if he pulled the bottle out. We do not feel that it's a proper way to use the hunger and thirst system as a way of execution/torture, as torture fine but at some point, it could have been done as emoted. Yes, we feel that its something that could make for good RP, having torture like this. However, we see that as safer to be emoted out, and not using the game mechanics, as it runs the risk of shortening the RP, as it unfortunately did here. For the future, we would recommend you to worry more about your hostage and their state. It's not only up to them to do all the informing, but you do also have large responsibilities as a hostage-taker to make sure your hostage is in good shape and the RP doesn't get abruptly ended with weird situations like this. The hostile RP is almost a symbiotic relationship between hostage and hostage-taker. To end off with, we wanted to say that in this case, we feel like @NorwayRP and @WongRP did good with the hostage till he was delivered over to Wolfpack's care, and for this, they will not be hit with UHD. On another note: Yes there might have been some history with all the people involved here in the past, but at certain points both in-game and in their report, people have been acting overly offended and as in some cases might be called salty. We do want to say that we prefer you keep attitudes more respectful and professional the next time around if in similar situations. As a final note: on the claim of potential evidence tampering, after looking through the clips and pov's we do not see anything we would deem evidence tampering With that said we want to end this with; in this situation, all parties involved could have done better, and we hope that you take this time to look at the situation and learn from it. Outcome: @Hunter | Lukas Stika - Unreasonable hostage demands - Unreasonable hostage demands 3 day ban, 10 warning points @FalkRP | Benedict Falk - Unreasonable hostage demands - Unreasonable hostage demands 3 day ban, 10 warning points @NorwayRP | Arri Graham - Unreasonable hostage demands - No Punishment @WongRP | Artyom Wongov - Unreasonable hostage demands - No Punishment @Phoenyxx | Phoenyxx Stika - Unreasonable hostage demands - Unreasonable hostage demands 3 day ban, 10 warning points @Drew7822| Yakone Briggs - Bad RP - 5 day ban, 10 warning points Signed :@Derek Steel @[email protected]
  25. Derek Steel

    The Dollars

    hello @Thinisede . Unfortunately as you do not have 5 active members in the group at the moment we will have to archive this. If you wish to bring it back just PM a mod or higher once you gotten the members needed
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