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Derek Steel


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"Better to be a wolf of odin than a lamb of god."

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  1. Is this the same as your background song?


    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      same type of music but a diffrent group

      Wardruna - Voluspá

      is the song on my page

    2. Samti


      to my foreign ears they sounded like the same group

  2. made me think of you

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      hehehe love it never come a cross this one befor

  3. well done young padawan i guess you have become the master now grats on red man

    Master GIF by memecandy

    1. Peril


      Thanks Viking Dad ?

  4. At a young age, Bjørn was cocky, arrogant and believed himself to be above others due to his intelligence and high test scores. Growing up he had his life set for him and he went to some of the most prestigous schools. Bjørn was about to start working for one of the biggest companies in Norway when his arrogance got the best of him. All he had worked for crumbled after being shunned. He vanished only to appear again in Chernarus. Sailing in on a fishing trawler one morning, shortly before the resurgence of the Frenzied Flu. With a new outlook on life and trapped in a foreign country he has decided to do what he can to help. And survive by any means necessary.
  5. Gratulere med dagen alle nordmenn


    Heppy birthday all norwagions


  6. I do know about it saunders and it dosent have to do with thet i have taken the clock changes in to account so i em 100 prosent sure i played during the right times i sat ther last night looking at the time turn over and the play time stayed frozen at the same amount but then as it reset it stated i hade played over 100 mins in the new day and only 41 for the prior day
  7. yes i do know you need a houer a day the problem is thet the system thet is checking the play time seems to be bugged i have hade days where it stats i have played more in a day then i have and like lest night it dident register the time i played befor they day rolled over to a new one so in short my question is there any way to save my 250 day plus playstrek i lost and its to notify the this problem is happening
  8. so i hade a 250is day play strake last night and started playing at around 22 30 server time hade 41 mins played at the time played to like 01 30 server time but the leaderbored never counted the mins i played befor the leader bord reset at 00 have noticed latly the the leader bored som times counts more time then you actuly have played in a day and somtimes not at all is ther any thing thet can be done about the loss of the streak or is it just a one of thos taugh luck moment hehe but still maby a thing thet suld be lookt in to seeing as it dose have som waird tendencys with the time played registration (sory for the shity spelling)
  9. and what do we ask in return for this things thet you sit down by the fire lay youre grudges outside the camp and shere a story kill echoter how ever much you want when your not in the camp i dont give a flying zombis brains about thet *gives a little chucle* trye to hang up your guns ones in a blue moon and come have a chat
  10. 1. The Witcher 3 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 3: Ori and the blind forest 4: God of War 4 5: Stardew valley
  11. well your reply kind goes against the whole RP argument there is many forms for RP out ther not only the monky sounds around the fire som people like to have the rp of surviving and som times like to have the story where they travle alone furthering there character story in the long rune i see thes changes hurting the rp more then helping it
  12. Torture need a little revenge for the time she blew me and frasels up trying to save him ?
  13. me and zanaan is looting up the airfild when we notice som guys we walk and start walking up to them afther a short interaction its clear its gona get hostile and zanaan tryes to LOS the people and get shoot i start lagging from the shoots as im trying to surender and eventuly crash and i log back inn and continued the hostege rp i did only hear one initiation but the other guy wos most probebly just outside my voip range culdent see the guy so cant say for sure one way or the other
  14. congrats on red you filthy southerner

    well done applause GIF

    1. Hofer


      Thanks Vikings GIF by PuyduFou

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