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"Better to be a wolf of odin than a lamb of god."

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  1. make sure its set up like this thet even goes for the small box at the bottom thet on must NOT be tickt
  2. hey hey hello and welcom around this part if any ting comes up dont hassitate to yell for som help
  3. looking at alot of the guns in this mod there's so many that would fit perfectly with the lore but there's a big number i think should be disabled to cus it feel like they would just be way to overkill as a whole i think this would be an amazing add to the server
  4. have you done this in the launcher make sure you put it in the exact same as it is on your charecter page
  5. hello and walcome to the community if you ever need any help or have any questions to hesitate to ask
  6. hell yee would make the bombing events 100 times more immersive
  7. the times i tried this mod it's been fun for a tiny bit but it gets old fast
  8. you need to makes sure to interact with the wall by putting in and taking out some nails at least once a week if expansion building can be a bit temperamental so you would have to take off one panel and put it on again to be completely sure it refreshes for the week
  9. if im not mistaken i think the flag pole is disabled at the moment
  10. Welcome to the community hope to meet you in game one day if you ever need any help or have any questions about things don't hesitate to reach out always here to help
  11. Welcome back glad to hear you are enjoying your travels so fare if you ever have any questions or need help with something don't hesitate to reach out
  12. it wuld be nice having it darker for me personally i would love for it to follow the same cycle as northern norway actually has wuld be cool to see how player behavior changed now thet winter is comming and it wuld be dark 18 to 20 houers a day
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