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  1. well your reply kind goes against the whole RP argument there is many forms for RP out ther not only the monky sounds around the fire som people like to have the rp of surviving and som times like to have the story where they travle alone furthering there character story in the long rune i see thes changes hurting the rp more then helping it
  2. Torture need a little revenge for the time she blew me and frasels up trying to save him
  3. me and zanaan is looting up the airfild when we notice som guys we walk and start walking up to them afther a short interaction its clear its gona get hostile and zanaan tryes to LOS the people and get shoot i start lagging from the shoots as im trying to surender and eventuly crash and i log back inn and continued the hostege rp i did only hear one initiation but the other guy wos most probebly just outside my voip range culdent see the guy so cant say for sure one way or the other
  4. congrats on red you filthy southerner

    well done applause GIF

    1. Hofer


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  5. its a 1000 charecters in about me and in the backstory part so 2000 in all with the 2 diffrent sections
  6. i feel guns and food are in a ok spot maybe lower the gun spawn a bit more but i definitely feel som civi and industrial spawns should be turned back to normal or up
  7. @StagsviewRB @Craig help this nice fella out wont yaa
  8. humm waird rolle did state on discord earlyer to day thet he tok it down
  9. it got taken down sinc ther wos no one thet moved over to it it wos empty most of the first day
  10. viking GIF

    Is this you by chance Derek?

    1. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      how did you find me time to go in hiding again
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  11. when it comes to the vac ban your friend has it needs to be older then 365 days befor he can appeal it
  12. it was a good run served with an awesome staff team maybe i will join you guys in the future again
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    3. RandyRP


      Its been a good run dude! Thank you for all of the work that help the team out

    4. Hofer


      o7 din jævla nordlenning

    5. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      passer ikke før en søring og vere tøf i kjeften 😛

    6. Astraal


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    7. Peril


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      It's been a pleasure, Viking Dad.

    8. PaulB


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  13. Enjoy

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  14. @Eagles #1 Fan of the Dallas Cowboys


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      This is a war crime I'll have you know Derek.

    2. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

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