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  1. Derek Steel

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    *a shiver gooes down dereks spine* yes yes a care ride *starts running for the hills*
  2. Derek Steel

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    have to give a shout out to free territory hade a fun hostege rp with them and enjoyd myself alot tryms gona have to find a way to get his camra back he wuld go true hell to make sure the memoris on it is safe
  3. Derek Steel

    Multiple KoS 2018-12-08 03:00

    We were driving along and see a big group of people and we stop for a bit. Then we notice their armbands and John decides to drive off since we don't have the best standing with these people. All I could hear was: "Hey!" and "Stop the car, my friend!" and then after passing them they start opening fire on us and I get stuck in the car and couldn't get out. So they come over to me, interact a bit and I tell them in OOC that I'm stuck and they recommend me to relog to fix it. After that there was a hostage situation and that is about it for my POV. I also don't have a recording of the situation myself.
  4. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    well to be fair i wuldent put it all on the hostile rpers the nutral rpers are in a waird spot to now adays thers way to many of them thet never rpes ouside ther clicks and have ther noses up in the air and even ignore other nutral rpers sinc they are not good enogf in ther eyes
  5. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    ok i must have been lucky for the most part then sinc my return i haven hade a big problem with people looking for pvp its good to hear the diffrents sides thet are comming up in this thred and how other people see it im just going from whot i myself have experiansed and how i hear people react when the get robbed and its for the most part negetiv even if the person thet got robbed explains a situation wher its clear the robber tryed to give them a good time but they dident want to give anything back rp wise
  6. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    wos more ingeneral to all hostile rpers
  7. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    well thets good to hear atlest heve to give huge creds to hostile rpers thet maneges to stay tall with all the hate comming ther way
  8. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    ye its just geting annoying to hear so many people get salty at every hostile encounter you have som hostile rper doing ther dem hardes to give people a good experianse and then people just sit ther giving minimal back to them rp wise its been so many times i have been held up with others wher my fellow hosteges just goes minimal rp sinc they are salty and it realy sulden be like thet it pisses me of to see it it destroys my emersion thet my fellow hosteges just fucks around yee stuff like thet just pisses me off to be fair im suprised hostile rpers dont report half of the ooc shit they have to go true somtimes it low kay makes me ashamed to play the nutral hero som times seeing how som people with the same playstyl like me act
  9. Derek Steel

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    i have noticed sinc i came back afther a few years off from dayzrp thet the hate and ooc grudges ageinst hostile rpers have goten way more insane then i have ever seen befor i just dont get way and i understand it less now afther playing for som time ther are many good hostile rpers out ther i have maby hade a hand full of encounters i wuld say wos bad hostile rp but yet every day i get on the forums or ts ther is som one complaining thet every thing is wrong with the hostile rp they recive and its always the hostile rpers fault and never ther own maby if the people thet complain wuld work togher with the hostile rpers insted of complaining and turning ther salt side to them as soon as they lose ther nice m4 or ak they wuld understand the fun you can have on the reciving end of hostile rp i leave you guys with the question whot is your opinion on this (sory for any spellin mistakes if you have a hard time understanding whot im trying to say just pm me and i will try my best to clear it up) *and to have thet out ther i have never playd in a hostile group i have always playd nutral or hero but i have hust never goten way the hostile rpers gets so much shit som of the most fun i have is in a intens hostile situation*
  10. Derek Steel

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    love your logo looks raly good and som dem solid goal best of luck to you guys hope to run in to you at som point
  11. Derek Steel

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    long-term plans updated
  12. Derek Steel

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    tnx for the kind words every one
  13. Derek Steel

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    hehehe yee i know right its just missing thet little extra
  14. Derek Steel

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    Originally, the Free Medics set out to better the world. Filled with idealism and ambition and bound by their humanitarian principles they proclaimed their newly established "Homestead" as a safe heaven for the sick and weary. Everyone was welcome. No matter who they were, what they did and who they were aligned with. And soon enough, people came to visit them every day, seeking either aid for themselves or wishing to assist the Free Medic's in their noble cause. Plenty of new and eager volunteers were signed up without much thought and the Medic's numbers grew quickly. Motivated by the support they found amongst the men and women they had sworn to aid and the newfound friends that joined them along the way, the Free Medics stood tall and proud. Ready to face the challenges ahead of them. The quick and unceremonial dissolution of the Free Medics came as a surprise to some, but not to all. For some Medics it didn't even make a difference. The constant attacks and the growing resentment over the inaction of their leaders had already pushed them to operate independently, far away from "Homestead". And those that remained at their once proud home were plagued by poor morale, desertions and above all a lack of direction and purpose. On the day the Medics fell, a day long foreseen by the senior members, they lost only a label at worst and were freed from something they didn't believe in anymore at best. In the end, nothing really changed that hadn't already changed over the last weeks. And that was something Trym was very much aware of. Disillusioned by past events but still strong in his beliefs of helping others he had made preperations for this day long ago. They would, they had to, continue in their mission for the greater good. But not as the Free Medics. If they were to succeed they had to distance themselves from their past and the painful memories, but never forget their shortcomings. They would be united as "Yggdrasil", as Trym had come to call it. Reformed, stronger and more adaptable than they were before. Not only just helping people but also teaching them the skills needed to survive and inspiring them to work together in these trying times. Over the coming days he gathered those still willing to do good despite all the setbacks around him at the only familiar place they had left: Under the spreading branches of the grand, old oak tree where they buried a fallen friend. A man lost to their own inaction and rules. Once a sombre memorial to their failure, now a symbol to unite them and push them onwards. Day-to-Day Operations Aid people in need and train them in general survival skills Build and improve diplomatic relations with other groups and individuals Procure necessary supplies Short-term Goals by day 540 Introduce ourselves to other groups Reestablish contact with former Free Medics Recruit former associates and other suitable people by day 550 Claim a functional radio station Locate a suitable site for a permanent private base Repair several vehicles to be used as ambulances Long-term Plans by day 570 Establish a net of safe houses and supply routes Contact doctors across the province and secure their help with future medical emergencies Set up an emergency medical hotline in cooperation with other groups and individuals by day 600 Expand the group and spread our ideals Found a functional and secure public settlement Collect books to preserve knowledge The Endgame Inspire other groups to work together for the greater good Don't get killed Never shall I lower my eyes Before any challenge or foe, Never shall I bend my knees Before any lord or chieftain, Never shall I bow my head Before any god or wight, But ever shall I bend my back In service to my folk, For never have I met a king so noble, Nor a thrall so humble, That they could not take pride In a day’s work for the sake of their people. I Always uphold the ideals of Yggdrasil! Live to spread the idea of pursuing the greater good. II Always act with respect and honour towards others! Know no bias or evil against them. III Do not harm others in any way! Only take up arms if your own life or that of others are at stake. IV Do not take up arms unnecessarily! Rest your weapon if there is another way to solve problems. V Never ask for or accept payment for the help that you provide! We work freely for everyone's benefit. Trym Evensen @Derek Steel David Winter @Medvedev Matthew Falcons @Astraal Blake Weiland @Semiazas Dr. Hannah Alyce @Houlton Jan Veselý @Jarvis Seistt If you want to join, find us ingame! No recruitment via the forums. Contact @Derek Steel for general inquiries or questions about the group. Need our help? Want to tell us in what horrible ways you'll kill us? Contact us on our radio thread! graphics kindly provided by the magnificent and magnanimous @Zizoor
  15. Derek Steel

    BeanZ WAR