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  1. *Trym presses the PTT* hey doc b nice to hear your voice again but are you sure about whot you are planing now maby just head out and find yourself a boy toy to distract you from the shit going on i dont know if its the best to get involved in this i wuld love to help you but i see this going souer fast and i dont want to see any more of you guys die *trym lingers a bit muttering som words befor relesing the PTT*
  2. well looks like one of the two inactive has lost the passion to play the game so thet leaves us one mamber short so i guess its time for archive been a good run guys ?
  3. Viggo Bjerke _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ —(••÷[ ?????? ]÷••)— The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ —(••÷[ ??? ????? ]÷••)— Viggo is a fisherman he has worked on boats since he was a tiny thing from working with his father to eventually owning his own boat Viggo is an strong willed and kind man he would give his last scraps to any one in need trait he learned from his sister his sister was his world and they were inseparable Viggo was his sisters way to communicate to most people as she only know sign language Viggo wos out testing new waters when the outbreak happen they herd the dire news and decided to try and hold up in the boat for as long as they could after months out supplies whos running low and they had to go to shore to try and find more the closest land to the location was a country called chernarus they decided to make landfall in tha port town of Berezino after hours of searching for supplies and little luck they decided started heading back to the boat viggo wanted to check the lighthouse before they went out again well at the top viggo notices som of the people from the boat panice and blood curdling screams comming from the beach in the rush trying to get down viggo falls of the ladder and it all went black hours later viggo wakes up all alone _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ —(••÷[ ????????? ]÷••)— Fishing Hunting Musik language _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ —(••÷[ ????????? ]÷••)— Relationship : Family : Olav Bjerke(father) Johanne Bjerke[(mother) Fraya Bjerke(sister) Best Friends : Friends : Enemies/It's Complicated : _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ —(••÷[ ???????? ]÷••)— viggo has to full sleave tattood with a mix of nordic symbals your standard fisherman tattoos he has the name Ratatoskr tattood on the inside of his forarme its the name of his boat viggo has long massy red heir and a big bushy beard her rarly keeps it neet he will always trye to keep his cloats for as long as he can even if they look taterd to all hell ______________________________________________ —(••÷[ ???????? ]÷••)— _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. "Without feelings of respect,
    what is there to distinguish
    men from beasts?"

  5. yee wos fun remember the new pants for the next time ?
  6. Tryms POV: we are siting in the bar at black lake rping when whe hear the car start up and we all rush outside to check it when we get ouside this guy thet is trying to take the car stops it and starts asking whot the cloest town to black lake wos we tell him and he starts to ask me to kill him i refuse and he starts to do som waird initiation with his fist i still refuse to kill him and it ends withe him starting to punch me i start to trye end move away but get hit by a lagg spike and get knockt out at this point mason shoots the guy
  7. Derek Steel is a movie star with a turbulent past. His best performances are decades behind him. He spends his days looking back at all he was and passes the time with drinking and smoking. He came to Chernarus to try and find himself again or just a new path in life. He had started to get comfortable in his small cabin before the outbreak. But when it all happened he realised what he had left behind and that he needed to try and find a way back home to find the family he left high and dry so many years ago.
  8. ye no im mostly jusing it as asubstitute to old nors sinc its the closest i get to it with out knowing how to write it myself
  9. ye if your thinking of the Icelandic i can get thet 99 prosent fuckt up google translate ? trying it for a entry ore two to see if its somthing i want to keep doing and will clean up the englis translation when i get som more time
  10. Journal Entry 3 *trym sits down and starts writing in his journal* ég verð að segja að ég sé blessuð þessa dagana hef ég fundið traustan hóp spennandi félaga og hittast svo mörg önnur gott fólk, þá er það slæmt að nú er meira fólk að hafa áhyggjur um og afther að ekki tilviljun hvar ég náði næstum mér drepinn ég veit ekki hvort það er klárt að standa í kringum þessa krakkar, fórnarlömbðu þeir of mikið til að reyna og finna mig ríða john næstum Ég fékk að drepa mig, ég á að hafa gefið þeim leið út að fela kortið í öruggu húsið mitt í Reykjavík Rússneska skógur í Jóhns bakpokanum ég vona að hann hlustar á minn minn og taks ryleigh og fer ég vil ekki sjá neitt meira slæmt efni sem gerist þeim sem þeir eiga skilið hamingjusöm lýkur með út þá hef ég ekki getað fundið aftur minn stranglega til að lifa afther Misha Jakub *trym gets a look of sorrow on his face and closes the journal*
  11. *as you scan over the frequency, a man's voice declares* You have reached Yggdrasil emergency channel. We work to establish an outreach program to attend to any one in need of help be it food or medical attention. Our goal is to see to your well being. We monitor this frequency to our best abilities and aim to bring aid to those in immediate need. *The pre-recorded message begins over and repeats*
  12. Odin was the third child of five children, born to a rich family With so many siblings Odin allways felt left out Odin turned his attention to the wairder and darker parts of the world jusing the mony from his parnets to travel the world and live the life of a spoild rich playboy After several years of mindles vaste of mony Odin startet to get bored and tired of the wastfull life stile so he felt the neede to change up the way he wos living he ended up taking a jobb at a bar as a bouncer wher he met a man the changed his life for ever Odin is a young man in his early thirtys He has brown hair and is well built his persenality is quit cocky from time to time but most of the time he is a joker and will laugh most things away with his waird sense of humore
  13. i want to welcome oure new member highlanderlass hope you enjoye your stay
  14. hello and welcome to the community hope you enjoye yourself her ?
  15. i hade the same problem for a bit i playd for a houer and it got laggy i tweked my game setings around abit and it fixed it som settings i even hade to put higer then befor
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