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  3. Christian Hutchings

    Born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Christian was the only son of the family Hutchings. His dad Michael worked in IT department of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Michael would always bring home old components that were bound to be thrown away. These components would come from a wide array of machines such as; computers, modems, routers, televisions and more. After work he would fiddle around with this components trying to create something new. Christian loved to watch his dad work in his workshop on these creations. So much that it would go into the late hours of the night and Michael would find his son asleep in the chair he was watching from. After a while, Christian asked if he could help fiddle around, his dad happy to see that his son was passionate about the same things he loved, allowed it. The passion for electronics did not stay home, but was also brought to his high school. Christian loved talking about it, this made him unpopular among his classmates. They were more interested in the latest gossip of who kissed who, or who looked better than the other. Often enough Christian would get bullied and beaten up. The select few friends he did have, stayed away from him as much as they could. However Christian could not care less, as long as he could go straight home after school and work with his dad on something, he would be happy. Even when his classmates would start gossiping about any dirt they found on Christian, may it be true or false, it did nothing to him. In the midst of his second year of high school there was a turning point to all of this bullying. His dad Michael wanted to create something he has always wanted to, a radio, at first just to play around with, blasting music in own home, but Christian took it a step further. They would start fiddling with different components to see if they could boost the range they could transmit to. At first they could only reach a couple of houses away, but after finding some better components at their local scrapyard, they managed to increase the range to a few blocks away. Even with this improvement of range, they still weren't satisfied. They became obsessed trying to make this radio the best it could be. Christian then came up with the idea to start their own radio station, for fun, to share their other passion of music to others. It was quite innocent, only getting friends and family to listen to it, but Christian took it a step further. He would use it for a far greater purpose, to combat the bullying he received at school. Even though most bullying, did not phase Christian, he took note of what they would say. Taking interest in what gossip was most effective and meanwhile tried to find dirt on his classmates. Putting two and two together, Christian was going to use the radio station to spread the dirt he found. It quickly became popular at school and his dad took note of this. Having worked at different schools and being a victim of bullying himself, Michael cheered his son on rather than stopping it. Slowly but surely Christian was the guy to go to, if you wanted to destroy someones live. They would pay Christian to spread dirt on anyone they wanted, payments consisted of anything they could get their hands on; drugs, alcohol, money or personal favors. All was going well for Christian and the radio station. The influence the radio station had on controlling someones future, destroying it or whatnot gained its name; DeadFM. The golden years Christian had, did not last forever. In his last year of high school, his dad started become ill. There was a growth on the backside of his brain. One that went unnoticed for many years until it started to affect his daily routine. Slowly but surely Michael was deteriorating, losing function of his body left right and center. This sent Christian in a downwards spiral, at pretty much the same rate as his dad was dying. Making use of the payments that Christian got from DeadFM, he would get wasted as much as he possible could. When the inevitable came closer and closer, so would Christian lose his mind. On the dying breath of his father, words of wisdom came from Michael: 'Christian, follow your passion, don't let others bring you down. You are way stronger than you think, use whatever you need to make it work. Your passion will be your saving grace. Don't let my faith be your downfall.' As his dad passed away, Christian took strength from these words. Making him even more passionate about his dad latest and best creation; the Radio. Barely managing to finish his high school, Christian focused on making DeadFM the biggest it could be. Instead of finding dirt on students, he would find dirt on anyone possible. Ranging from working class to the president himself. The most succes Christian had, came from politics and government secrets. To think that everything was still being transmitted from the same radio Christian and his dad made, was astonishing. Christian would get proposals from sponsors and other radio stations, but he would decline them all. This way he could transmit anything he wanted on his own radio. Making sure he honor his dad. After a while Christian got wind from an unknown source about something big going down in Chernarus. Something big, news that could make anyone reporting on it famous. Intrigued by this rumor, Christian packed his entire setup and made his way to the airport. Taking only the essentials needed to setup his radio station in Chernarus and some clothes, he was ready for his biggest break through yet. The thought of being able to get his station known in a new country, excited him. This could mean so much for the popularity of his station. Maybe he could even invest into a studio to expand. However, arriving in Chernarus the plane crashed, leaving Christian knocked out in an unknown place. Now you may ask, what happend to Christian? Maybe you should tune into his radio station and find out.
  4. Liam Hatch

    'Some call me the Regulator, others call me the Dealer of Justice.. The rest don't even bother giving me a name. *Scoffs* Name's Liam Hatch... And I ain't no fucking saint' Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Liam Hatch was the second born of the family Hatch. His father Daniel was very traditional and strict, your typical; if you don't listen to me, there will be consequences type of dad. Often enough beating his two sons with whatever he could find close by. Seeing that Liam was the second born, he was the least favorite of the two. Liams brother Noah would try and stand up for his brother, but the father would just push him aside and continue the beating. The mother, Samantha Dans, would not dare to stop her husband. She was too afraid and felt powerless against the physique of Daniel. Living in through his rough childhood; both brothers would seek solace in different places. Noah would find it in the church, following the road towards Christianity. Liam however, chose the path of being a criminal. Liam would work his way up in the food chain, starting as the muscle in gangs and eventually becoming highly respected by the kingpins of the criminal world. The way Liam worked his way up, was different than most. The usual way of becoming respected in such groups would be by becoming known for your successes. Liam gained his respect by networking, talking to every single member individually, gaining their trust. He would always do favors for others and repay his debts on time; this way Liam would know everyone's background, their strengths and their weaknesses. To cover up for his criminal life; Liam would work as a freelancer in security for any company willing to hire him. This gave an alibi for Liam's absence. Daniel, being the traditional type he is, decided that Liam's way of progressing in the world wasn't good enough. He believed education and a better job than being security should be the way forward. A loving parent would sit his son down and have a constructive talk. Daniel thought differently, beating and shouting at your son is a better option. Liam had enough of his fathers abuse and decided to riot against him, picking up a wooden chair that was standing next to him and throwing it towards his father. Daniel saw this coming from a mile away, ducks and grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter. He then lunges forward, slicing into Liam stomach, leaving a nasty cut. Noah witnessing the brutality at hand, races to the cabinet where Daniel would keep his revolver. Noah opens the cabinet and tosses the gun to Liam. Liam catches it and fires three rounds. One in the head and two in his fathers chest. Shocked by this development, Samantha scurries away to the telephone and starts dialing 911. Full of adrenaline Liam puts the revolver in his jacket, grabs a the kitchen towel and holds it against his open wound. Liam then quickly looks around, noticing the situation hes in and dashes out of the house. Still bleeding and progressing what just happend, Liam runs across the street to one of his criminal friends house. Bashes open the door and screams for Kayleigh, a student nurse. Kayleigh picks up her medical supplies she had laying around and tries to patch up Liam's cut as best she could. With the lack of supplies and proper knowledge, she manages to barely close the wound and stitch it up. Liam being fully aware of the cops being called upon him, decided the lay low in his friends house for a few weeks. Barely sleeping and having flashbacks of what happend that day, Liam is looking for redemption for his actions. Troubled by what he has done, he remembers that Noah has the answer to all of this mess. Even though Liam never believed in a higher being, he needed answers. From that point forward Liam went to every church service on Sunday. Talking to his brother Noah, trying to figure out what to do next. Slowly starting to believe the words coming from Noah, Liam believed it was gods will to his actions he took against his father. Every single time Liam did something that someone else would consider evil, he would state his sins in the church. Following the road to Christianity, Liam would redeem his actions as the will of god. Staying low and trying to avoid the heat forever was no way of living. Considering his options, Liam realized that he still owed Ace and Ricky Phoenix a favor. The Phoenix brothers recently fled to country themselves to avoid the cops heat. Liam being the guy he is, always repays his debts. He jumped on the boat that departed after Ace and Ricky left. Leaving his brother Noah and his mother Samantha behind in America. After he arrived in Chernarus, he went about his own business the way he was used too. At first staying in the shadows and only speaking to the Phoenix brothers to retain any information about the country and its population. Who are the gangs around there, who is the scum around town and most importantly; what would be gods will. After the apocalypse hit, Liam lost sight of the Phoenix brothers. Being alone and having barely any knowledge of the people around him, Liam remained hidden. Scavenging supplies and spying on people was his life for a few months. Living this way got Liam almost lost his mind. Not talking to anyone does that to a person. Looking for change, Liam bounced back to his former ways. The way he earned respect among his criminal friends. 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' - Sun Tzu. The way Liam would survive, become friends with everyone and decide what gods will would be.
  5. Ace Phoenix

    Ace was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He was the first born son of Johnny and Isabella Phoenix. The family had a decent income that was provided by the father. Three years of getting accustomed to having a son, Ace his parents decided on having a second child. Along came the second born son; Ricky. The family was doing well, until Ace reached the age of 13. John, his father discovered the joy of gambling. They say when you win once, you are eager for more; once you lose, you want to win it back. After a few successful streaks, John started to lose. He lost more than he was willing to admit to his wife. In secret he would withdraw funds from their savings account that was supposed to be used for the expenses of their sons education. Ace's mother Isabella was slowly catching on her husbands gambling. Every few nights Ace would wake up from his dad slamming the front door whilst his mother was shouting after him. John would either go to the bar drinking or go for more gambling. 4th of November, 2002; John came home furious, reeking of alcohol and wet of the rain. As soon as John entered his home, he went straight for the fridge. Takes out a cold beer and leans against the kitchen counter. As soon as he pops the cap of his beer, Isabella walks in. She sees her husband, lays her head in shame and asks; 'How much...' John doesn't answer. Isabella asks again with a aggressive shouting tone' 'HOW MUCH... DID YOU GAMBLE AWAY THIS TIME?!' During all this ruckus, Ace wakes up and overhears everything. Isabella slams the door to the kitchen and rushes upstairs, crying. Ace has been getting used to the fighting, however this time was different. His mother never rushed up the stairs whilst crying. Ace gets up from his bed slowly, silently, takes a gander over to his little brother Ricky and then sneaks out the room. Ace then crouches down and looks to the keyhole of his parents bedroom. He then witnesses something that would change him forever. He sees his mother taking her own life by stabbing herself in the chest with a knife. Ace then hears his father coming up the stairs, Ace quickly tip-toes his way back into his own room. The next morning Ace and Ricky wake up, still in disbelief, Ace does not know what to do. He chooses to not tell Ricky.. yet. Walking down the stairs to see if John was still home, Ace notices smashed beer bottles glass laying everywhere and John was nowhere to be seen. Ace quickly realizes that they were on their own. Their father John only got worse, he would come home drunk and would just drink some more. All the paychecks John would get, would go to booze or gambling. Every so often, John would be so drunk, he would start hitting his kids. Ace would always take the beating for Ricky, however one time Ricky had enough and he took a beer bottle to the face. The bottle cracks open and leaves a scar on Ricky's face. To compensate for the lack of income, Ace would start dealing drugs. It got him into trouble every so often in high school, but nothing major. Ace always thought 5 steps ahead and the cops were never involved. He would only get detention at school. Once Ace turned 18 he had enough funds to rent an apartment. Ace dragged Ricky out of their home and left John for good. Both Ace and Ricky did not care for their father, neither did the father care for them. During the day Ace would work as a bartender and at night he would continue dealing drugs. Whilst Ricky finished high school, Ace was slowly becoming one of the kingpin drug dealers in New Jersey. Ace often asked if Ricky wanted to dabble into the drug dealing business, but Ricky refused. He would rather help his brother out in a different way. So Ricky ended up joining the Force. He went on to become and officer of the law. A corrupt officer of the law. If Ace was making a drug deal somewhere, Ricky would let his brother now if they were closing in. And if Ace needed some other drug dealer taken care of, he would employ his brother to set up a trap. To avoid correlation with his brother, Ace would use his nickname Pacer. The nickname was given to Ace as he likes to set the pace of his plans. Always thinking ahead and acquiring as much information as possible about his enemies. Even with the most careful planning, nothing lasts forever. After a few years the police department was slowly catching onto Ricky. It got to the point where Ricky would no longer be safe and had to bail country. With Ricky leaving, Ace would surely get arrested and fall into prison. Ace had some connections with the Marcello Family. A crime family from New Orleans that controlled a lot of drug traffic over seas. Ace and Ricky hopped onto one of the boats and hitched a ride over to Chernarus.
  6. Owen Mayfield

    Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Owen grew up in a poor family. Even though his father, Tom Mayfield, owned an Auto Repair Shop in South Boston business was rough. The revenue the shop was making should be enough for a normal sized family, it wasn't for the Mayfields though. The family was quite large, Owen had 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Owen was the oldest son and Grace the oldest daughter. Due the size of the large family, Ma was forced to stay home and take care of everyone. Tactfully she employed all her sons and daughters to help around the house. There were strict rules around the house; everyone had their own chores. Ma wanted to make sure everyone stayed on the right path; no swearing around the house, you clean up your own mess and no fighting. The system was working, the family looked out for each other no matter what the cost. Owen, his brothers and sisters all managed to get to school. Granted they lacked most supplies a normal kid would have, but they made due with what they had. At school Owen and Grace looked out for the younger brothers and sisters, if they got bullied in any way, they would step up. Owen and Grace build up a reputation as the Mayfields fighting duo. Eventually no one dared to step up against anyone who had the last name Mayfield. Everything was going well until they both graduated. Owen and Grace would still hang around the school, but not often enough to protect their younger brothers and sisters. After Owen and Grace graduated from high school they were both employed by their father Tom in the Auto Repair Shop. In the shop they handled the simple jobs like sweeping floors and such. They would earn a few bucks a hour, just enough to get by every week. Most kids around their age would spend it on stupid stuff like candy, clothes or plain stuff you don't need. This wasn't the case for Owen and Grace, they were smart about it, saved up most the cash and invest it to earn more. They invested it in drugs, not to use the drugs but to sell them for a profit to others. This was one of the turning points in their lives that would ruin Owen's life. He just didn't know it yet. Owen and Grace got the nickname Runner over time. Usually when they would try and sell the drugs, they ended up getting the cops after them. Running through the streets trying to shake the cops, using back-alleys, climbing fences. Any shortcut in town was used, Owen and Grace knew all of them. The sheer speed the running duo had was enough to shake the best cops in town. This speed also came in handy if a drug deal would go south, Owen and Grace might not have been strong but they used their speed to their advantage. Blow after blow were all ready dealt before the buyers could even raise their fists. Even with the money they would make from selling the various drugs, still wasn't enough to support Owen's younger brothers and sisters. The time spent dealing drugs meant that Owen and Grace couldn't protect the rest of the Mayfields in high school. Owen would buy school supplies and food which just ended up being stolen during school time. This forced Owen and Grace to find a different way of getting what they need. So they ended up stealing from general stores instead. Again, making use of their knowledge and sheer running speed to avoid the cops. These methods of getting what they need, worked out for a year or two. However, the worst was yet to come. With all this stealing, busting up bullies and dealing drugs naturally Owen and Grace made enemies. One night one of these enemies decided; enough is enough. A group were of youngsters were spotted near Owen's father his Auto Repair Shop. Equipped with baseball bats they smashed the joint up, took all the cash that was left in the register and set the place on fire. The next morning... Everything was gone, Owen's father fell on his knees and started crying. A man in shambles. Owen and Grace stood there for a good hour, deciding on their next move. Owen suddenly sprinted off, Grace shortly after followed leaving their father behind. After a half hour of running Owen stopped, swiped a tear from his cheek and picked up a piece of paper. On this piece of paper there was number, Owen took the piece of paper and ran to the nearest telephone cell. Grace all ready knowing who that number belonged to, nodded and threw a quarter in the machine. An angry Russian voice was heard and after a few minutes of talking Owen hang up the phone. The conversation Owen had was about a huge drug deal going down in Chernarus. This would pay for the rebuild of the Auto Repair Shop and more. A way forward. Full of hope the duo packed as light as possible. Only taking the essentials. They sneaked their way on the first boat that was heading to Chernarus. Once arrived, Owen and Grace quickly ran of the docks and hid in the nearest hangar. Once night had fallen their found their way out of the docks, unseen. They found a hotel and broke in the back entrance. Tired, confused and hungry they slept there until the morning. The next day was the day the deal would go down. The day everything would turn out for the worst. Still hungry, Owen and Grace found their way into the hotels kitchen, snatched a few cans of food and ran off. Once out of sight of the hotel they ate what they stole and looked each other in the eyes. They both nodded at the same time. Owen reached for his pockets and took out a piece of paper. On the piece of paper there were some scribbles, vaguely describing where the deal would go down. After a short run of fifteen minutes, Owen and Grace found themselves facing the buyers for the drug deal. Three strong looking men stood opposite of Owen and Grace. One of the men used a few English words he knew and asked for the drugs. Owen walked forward reaching out with the drugs in his hand. But before Owen could handover the drugs, an scrounged up monstrosity lunged out of nowhere and bit one of the other men in his neck. The other man flinched, pulled out his pistol and shot the monstrosity in its head. The guy who Owen was about to take the drugs, pulled out his pistol, shouted something in Russian and started shooting at Grace. Owen dropped the drugs, looked backwards and saw blood pouring from his sisters leg. Owen and Grace both took off as fast as they could, whilst hearing more growling behind them. Grace stumbling and Owen trying to help his sister move. Once they both reached the treeline nearby, Owen tripped and lost sight of his sister... A few months later, Owen woke up in the middle of the night. Sweating all over his body, he searches his pockets for two photos. Owen then flicks a match and a light fills up the small room Owen resided in. He takes a look at the two pictures he has in his hands. One of his family and one of his sister... A tear rolls down his left cheek.
  7. Een mede nederlander, Hoezee! Hope you get accepted and see you in the world of Chernarus. Welcome!
  8. [align=center]The radio gets picked up, the PTT button gets pressed, an annoyed voice ensues.[/align] [align=center]Funny joke, guess the friendly face I saw today gave me this radio for no reason.[/align] [align=center]*loud coughing can be heard and a follow-up thud when the radio hits a table ends the conversation*[/align] [align=center]Radio is left on[/align]
  9. [align=center]Rummaging in his backpack, a radio has been found. With shaking hands a battery gets pushed into the radio.[/align] [align=center]After setting the frequency to 89.5 the PTT is pushed. A slighty masked voice ensues.[/align] [align=center]Hello? Is this thing on? Red Co... *three coughs can be heard, a whispering voice continues*[/align] [align=center]Fuc.. I left my mask on. *A mask is being taken off, followed by a loud cough* Is that blood? Shit..[/align] [align=center]Red Coat to Flat Cap over! I found myself a battery for the radio. What now? [/align] [align=center]The PTT button gets released but the radio is left on.[/align]
  10. Now I feel silly, thanks for pointing out the thread for me!
  11. I'm looking for some advice in RP when it comes to starting a new character. I know getting clothing, supplies and weaponry does not take long, but I have found myself getting into situations where I just start out and find interactions straight away. I always ask myself how I should respond when they greet me. I can hardly tell them I just spawned in and haven't gotten around looting the town seeing that is not RP. I often tell them I just woke up and my shit is gone (not in these words, but the concept is the same). More often than not I just hope I won't meet anyone until I have gotten a few pieces of clothing. My question to the community is this: What are your reactions when someone greets you and you have nothing but your pants and shirt the DayZ gods give you when you start out?
  12. Mason Ripley

    Before the outbreak Mason Ripley was born in the Netherlands and was home schooled by his rich parents. Mason never had any friends as he was pretty much forced to study and follow his father’s footsteps into becoming a successful architect. Like his father, the aspect of making something that would last for years intrigued him. At the age of 20 Mason had all the skills necessary to start working as a self-employed architect. Mason went to the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and worked hard to receive his diploma. During his years at the Academy he met his then and now good friend Albert Snow. They became the best of buddies and decided to start a company and produce Eco-friendly buildings. Before they could start their company they would both save up some start-up cash. Mason moved back into his parent’s house after he received his diploma. However his home wasn't the same... His father’s company suffered several losses and was running the chance of going bankrupt. Mason saw his dad coming home every day, going straight to the fridge and drinking himself under the table. On a rainy night his father came home late, reeking of alcohol, slamming the door as he entered the house. Mason’s mother immediately started shouting for the fact that he came home so late. After a while, Mason woke up from all the shouting and slowly sneaked downstairs. Mason then witnessed something that would haunt him forever. He saw his mother slam the door shut behind her, leaving only with a big sports bag. He then looked through the small clouded window that was above the living room door. He saw a figure, which he presumed was his father, put a gun to his head. Before Mason could do anything he froze… BANG… Mason just stood there for an hour, not understanding what happened. After the event of his father dying, Mason was left alone as his mother straight up vanished. In the will that his father made before taking his own life Mason would receive his father’s company. Mason sold it straight away, debt and all. Left with nearly nothing but a few bucks on his bank account, a Colt Python from his father and a bit of clothing; Mason decided to move to America with his good friend Albert Snow. Leaving everything behind but a painful memory of seeing his father take his own life. Mason and Albert decided to live in the town of Mississippi. They managed to set up a successful company, it was what they always wanted. During his years in America he met his wife Lorraine and they reproduced a child, named Sarah. Everything was looking pretty.   After a few months into the outbreak “Ripley, Mason Ripley...” The man coughs, scratches his beard and then falls in deep thought. ''Al.. Albert was it right? Are you still with us?'' Asked the woman whilst mending the man’s cut hand, the man stumbles as he re-enters reality. ''Oh-oh y-y-yes, I'm sorry. I was lost in my thoughts... Mason Ripley you asked about right? He was my co-worker and one of my best friends.'' The man stretches his back as he tries to sit upright. ''I suppose I can tell you a thing or two after you saved me from those walkers.'' “Mason Ripley came to Chernarus with his family after the civil conflicts late April 2009. He was an architect you see. He would design the building and relay the plans to me, the Foreman. He liked designing eco-friendly buildings. We were both looking for a new challenge as our company pretty much ran itself. Something that would help the community as much as helping the environment.'' Albert stops for a moment to take a sip from his water bottle and then continues. ''Both me and Mason decided to move to Elektrozavodsk and help with the designing and rebuilding of the poor suburbs of the land. We hired local men and woman to help build houses, schools and other buildings that they might need. This has been our job for months until the outbreak.'' The woman, with a smile on her face, stands up to collect medical supplies from the table and then asks. ''What about after the outbreak.. what happened to Mason?'' Albert scratches his beard, looks at his hand and then says. ''You see, him and I have been jumping from group to group. We have had good ones, bad ones. But mostly we tried improving the group when we were a part of it. Mason liked looking at the infrastructure of the group before we moved in. He always liked to see if there was a way of improving it, some might say obsessed. He gets all excited and starts mumbling about upgrades to this and to that. It was a pleasure seeing him this way, it was a nostalgic feel I would get about him. Most of the groups appreciated the insight Mason had, however our last group did not. Our last group got attacked by a horde of walkers.. Mason.. Mason... los-ss-t.'' The man bites his tongue as the woman pours alcohol into the cuts. The man clears his throat and looks like he clearly does not like what is coming up next in the story. ''After the horde of walkers attacked our camp, Mason found a crawler, you know the ones that still move after being shot in the legs, he took out his pistol and starts fanning the hammer on his magnum. He kept going, even after the clip had been emptied. He then looked around to find me. I saw the fury in his eyes. He then took the magnum and started whacking the crawler. I-I.. tried taking the gun from his hand. But he whacked me and I fell on the ground. Mason afterwards threw the gun on the ground and started crying profusely. After a few moments he stood up and ran off into the woods'' The woman picked up some rags, started wrapping Albert’s hand and then asked: ''Why would he lose it? I never saw someone lose it after killing a walker.. I mean crawler.'' Albert looks around his chair, picks up his backpack and starts scavenging around and pulls out a white teddy bear with a note stuck inside its belly. He looks at it for a moment before he continues; ''I totally forgot telling about what happened to his family. It… It is not pretty.''   ''Mason was a brilliant father. He took care of his daughter and wife with a passion. Always making sure that they would have what they need. A few days after the outbreak he lost both his wife and daughter.'' Albert scratches his hand and then says; ''The note inside this teddy bear best describes what happened. The words still touch me on this very day.'' The man pulls out the note and starts reading out loud. ''I called her downstairs for dinner. She did not answer... This was nothing like her. I rushed upstairs to get my daughter. I saw blood on her drawing that she made for me. It was laying on the floor, in front of her door with the nail next to it. I banged on her door to ask if she was okay. She did not answer... I kept shouting her name to open the door: SARAH SARAH OPEN THE DOOR! She did not answer... I bashed open the door and saw glass next to her window, a dark figure laying still and a monstrosity that was still breathing heavily. This cannot be my daughter. She did answer... with a growl. I... I... I ran downstairs to get my... Gun... Bang... She did not answer... In memory of Sarah Ripley.'' The woman tightens bandage and then asks; ''What does the teddy bear have to do with this?'' Albert looks at his hand, puts the teddy bear back in his bag and says; ''The teddy bear represents Mason, he carried this teddy bear in memory of his daughter. Mason however, lost the teddy bear when he ran away... Thank you for the help and taking care of my hand… I must get some fresh air…'' Albert stands up and walks out the room. The white teddy bear still sticking out of his bag.
  13. I secretly hope find people in cinematic type of places. Good example is the Black Lake... That place is beautiful
  14. Thanks , got my whitelist all ready. I have seen names similar to mine many times. I've had this nickname since I was very young, back to my Wolfenstein Enemy Territory days
  15. Yes sir, Ik ben Nederlands! (I'm Dutch.) Congrats with your whitelist then You are welcome. Have fun man! If I would have looked at your current active character then I would have known . Hope to meet you in the lands of Chernarus.