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  1. Laying down his backpack beside him, reaching into his pockets fetching his radio and holds down the PTT button. I commend you boys for trying.. A for effort I suppose.. You might reduce the amount of dangerous weaponry out there and save.. Oh wait.. The gun is not always the problem, you should seek out different ways of reducing the worlds chaos.. Right now what I see is an uproar of who's got the biggest.. Little do they know, its only showing of what you cannot back up.. Lots of bark and no bite... If you are looking for ways to add fuel to the fire.. You are on the right path... In the meantime, i'm just here to enjoy the show and see all the mayhem commence.. Letting off a scoff and a laugh, he released the PTT button, sliding the radio back into his pocket. Picks up his supplies and continues his path.
  2. Een mede nederlander, Hoezee! Hope you get accepted and see you in the world of Chernarus. Welcome!
  3. The radio gets picked up, the PTT button gets pressed, an annoyed voice ensues. Funny joke, guess the friendly face I saw today gave me this radio for no reason. *loud coughing can be heard and a follow-up thud when the radio hits a table ends the conversation* Radio is left on
  4. Rummaging in his backpack, a radio has been found. With shaking hands a battery gets pushed into the radio. After setting the frequency to 89.5 the PTT is pushed. A slighty masked voice ensues. Hello? Is this thing on? Red Co... *three coughs can be heard, a whispering voice continues* Fuc.. I left my mask on. *A mask is being taken off, followed by a loud cough* Is that blood? Shit.. Red Coat to Flat Cap over! I found myself a battery for the radio. What now? The PTT button gets released but the radio is left on.
  5. Now I feel silly, thanks for pointing out the thread for me!
  6. I'm looking for some advice in RP when it comes to starting a new character. I know getting clothing, supplies and weaponry does not take long, but I have found myself getting into situations where I just start out and find interactions straight away. I always ask myself how I should respond when they greet me. I can hardly tell them I just spawned in and haven't gotten around looting the town seeing that is not RP. I often tell them I just woke up and my shit is gone (not in these words, but the concept is the same). More often than not I just hope I won't meet anyone until I have gotten a few pieces of clothing. My question to the community is this: What are your reactions when someone greets you and you have nothing but your pants and shirt the DayZ gods give you when you start out?
  7. I secretly hope find people in cinematic type of places. Good example is the Black Lake... That place is beautiful
  8. Thanks , got my whitelist all ready. I have seen names similar to mine many times. I've had this nickname since I was very young, back to my Wolfenstein Enemy Territory days
  9. I am the one who gets shot during this holdup. Because most people play with normal brightness / contrast settings EaZi (Tommy Rabbit) mistook my raised fists for me pulling out a gun. Most likely thinking it was a pistol of some sorts. I jumped onto Teamspeak and spoke to an admin to retrieve the name of who shot me. After I got the name, I looked on Teamspeak and saw a room with EaZi in. Went over and we cleared things up. What it all boils down to is that I accidentally hit the wrong button (raising my fists instead of raising my hands) and he gunned me down. I myself am not too fussed about losing my character, heck we even became friends. Both EaZi and his friend (counterhack?) seemed like cool dudes. We both laughed about the whole situation as well. I might even get to make a character and play with him on a other day. Also I spoke to an admin that this was resolved (cant remember his name.. sorry )
  10. Yes sir, Ik ben Nederlands! (I'm Dutch.) Congrats with your whitelist then You are welcome. Have fun man! If I would have looked at your current active character then I would have known . Hope to meet you in the lands of Chernarus.
  11. I assume that you are dutch as well? Even though I appreciate your tips, I am all ready whitelisted. Also thanks for the compliment on my introduction
  12. You seem like a person who likes to meet new people. I have the same feeling, so I will introduce myself. They call me by my nickname Darkmos, however that is not my real name. No no no, it is Leroy, Leroy van Doorn. I come from the far lands of the Netherlands. I have never been to these parts of the world... The land is quite astounding and the people here seem nice and friendly. I have been a gamer since I could hold and use my keyboard and mouse. I stuck with solo adventures until I discovered the pleasure of playing with others with a very unknown game called Faldon. My multiplayer experience quickly grew from there with shooters and other MMORPG's. When I am not found behind my computer I like to go out and travel and explore other cultures. My role play experience needs some building and I hope to gain some whilst being on adventure in Chernarus. I am always up to meet new people and maybe start a character (group?) together. But for now I am more interested in getting to know you.. Fellow traveler.
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