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  1. Peaches

    New Lore with Beta

    You act like people even role-play by the lore. Sure there are cute little events here and there, but the majority of the people I come across rarely reference the lore, and if they do, they reference the arma lore that was implemented into all previous lores. Sure we can let it evolve, but the longer the lore lingers, the less people care about it. When it comes down to it most people just want to play the characters they like to play, and role-play within the rules whilst having a good time. It is like when the lore came out and everybody said it would change everything. Basically people RP'ed as UN for a month and got bored of walking around not doing much. And eventually things went back to normal where people set up towns and shops or w/e. That has nothing to do with the lore, people just get bored. Character progression is important though which in my opinion is entirely separate from the server lore 90% of the time.
  2. Peaches

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    nice, shouldn't be too hard to get used to the new rules.
  3. Peaches

    Whats your Career , or are you studying? :)

    Going to college for graphic design. no job. yeah.
  4. Peaches

    Hostages and kill rights

    not to mention you're in an apocalyptic environment and if somebody comes up punching you without any explanation. I'd assume their intentions would be to harm you or kill you, essentially being a hostile action. granted if they punch you once and step back, maybe not and initiate instead.
  5. Peaches

    Make a DayZRP shot glass and give buyers a custom title when they buy one

    I mean that just looked like it was sandblasted. I don't know shit about glass though, so you're probably right. rip
  6. Peaches

    Make a DayZRP shot glass and give buyers a custom title when they buy one

    because we all have access to sand blasting equipment.
  7. Peaches

    Proud Parents Thread

    make sure you raise them to not get any points.
  8. Peaches

    The Deal With It Attitude

    I just mean what she claimed the reasoning was behind the r4 instead of the regular report she claimed trolling but said they were trolling in the main post too? The only new addition she added in the r4 post was that "Going as far as to say that I am falsely reporting you!" "Anyway, I am told that they attempted to drive the bus into the water. Which failed, and by the time I got there they had finally managed to push it into the water and blow it up. They congratulated the captain and that he did a great job, and celebrated it. After that, they all ran off...and logged...I am guessing. " not to mention this being a big part of the report regarding "Trolling" and she is clearly only speculating on the topic and all her friends where the ones to tell her. Seeing as she said "I am told" and "I am guessing" in conclusion. Not saying that none of it was or wasn't trolling, she claimed there was video evidence that would be provided when it was ready but it never showed up. The first part of her POV is them stealing a bus which doesn't seem trollish to me. but I'm getting carried away and this thread isn't the place for the rest of what i have to say. I am heated and I apologize. If you'd like to continue I can bring it to pms, or not. Doesn't matter either way, I was not there. edit: I am merely mad that ALL of them were banned due to an r4 without a chance to explain themselves. not the fact that the r4 was used inherently.
  9. Peaches

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome dude! We have our issues here as life always have. But I think you'll really enjoy this server and it's community that goes along with it. try hopping in ts and meeting a few people, might be surprised with some great friendships!
  10. Peaches

    The Deal With It Attitude

    it was r4'ed because law claimed it was a false report. It started out as a report as normal, but since he said that towards the end due to them claiming they made "ugandan knuckles memes" he was contesting that portion as a "false report". So Aiko r4'ed it due to him saying that. It wouldn't of gotten r4'ed getting 4 people banned who didn't even comment if law didn't say "false report" which is why I said that.
  11. Peaches

    The Deal With It Attitude

    I wasn't talking about the exodus. I was referring to this report, all the involved members were my main friends. I had no friends in the exodus I cared about. edit: Not to mention, I didn't agree with the actions of that day considering I didn't get banned myself from it.
  12. Peaches

    The Deal With It Attitude

    yeah but how often does that really happen?
  13. Peaches

    King of the Castle - Lopatino - Congrats to BorisRP


    I am going hard in this. prepare for the iron peach
  14. Peaches

    The Deal With It Attitude

    Yeah, hear it from me first hand. For example getting on to see all the main people I play with removed from the community off one persons comment. That isn't likely to get contested, one who hasn't even been given a warning point. It sucks, I literally have no urge to play on this server anymore considering all, since they were the reasons I played here. It sucks.
  15. Peaches

    Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    Hello, It is I!