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  1. everyone there was with the executor and the hostage. We had KoS rights on you. We saw you run into the treeline and then found you sitting still in a tree. I'm the one that killed you.
  2. So I got word that my friend was taken hostage by my teammates, so i helped them spread out and find him north of stary (where he was last seen), so after we search the area for a while, my friend finds them running up in a field so he confronts them, and eventually shoots and kills one guy. The other (who i kept identifying as the guy in the blue shirt) killed him (I shoot a few times, but mostly miss because out of breath) and then executed my friend, then proceed (on my screen he was a limp body) run past me and the other guy watching this happen. After a few moments we decide to look at the bodies to scavenge what was left because I thought that the body floating away was dead (psi's body = character model glitch). I then heard that a guy in blue was running around just south east of the initial firefight, so I head over there with the other 3 or 4 guys to find him and talk. We knew he executed my friend in a hostage situation, and so when we did find him in a tree, he ran north. I didn't have any sight of him so I said something along the lines of don't move or your dead (I knew he was armed). He ran out with a pistol and i shot. His intentions were clear: to kill at least one of us, and being the closest one, and the one that told him not to move I shot. I don't know why there is an idea of meta gaming when we use our "radio" (ts) talk, and no dead people, or hostages gave us any information that we used to track down or kill psi. The kos is easily explainable, there is a hostage situation and our friend needed our help. The KOS is within the rules. The reason for my shooting is because he didn't follow my commands. (the video that Psi uploaded is horribly out of context. I have no video or audio evidence of the situation.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-KOS-Outside-of-Pogorevka Why the verdict is not fair: Even after the 'victim' posted his video with a different person shooting first, and then him shooting me, there has been no remarks towards it. There was also suspicion towards whether or not the guy was metagaming, which left him with nothing but 'corrupt' audio. I was shot before i shot him, and also not the first person to shoot. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My group thought that there was a third person coming from the direction that the victim had come from, and also there was a shot fired before I even started to shoot, if you look at the video that the victim gave, he shot me first, but my buddy had shot before I was there. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to repeal the 7 day ban, and ban-strike, as well as get white-listed again. What could you have done better?:. I could have done a better job of IDing the people that I make contact with, and staying more level-headed in intense situations.
  4. First off, you never said anything that registered in game. According to your video, you did activate your mic, but never talked. Even if you did talk, you have no evidence that you actually did. In your video, I ran out after the mosin went back in, and you shot before I did. We had reason to believe that you were a third that was inbound to "rescue" these two hostages. You raised your weapon at us before you make contact, that further pushes the idea that your were here for blood. You knew it was a hostage rescue, you knew that we saw you, and that we raised our weapons at you. You say that i was never shot by you, but i was. If the logs are right (which the supplied logs arent'), i was shot in the chest. You never said anything in-game, and we even talk about it in our audio that we gave with the stream. You haven't supplied any Audio at all, only video. With the amount of suspicion going around, I guess we could accuse you of meta gaming and actually trying to help them. As soon as you give up the "corrupt" audio that you still hopefully have, we can come to a conclusion. The only evidence you have that supports your point is what you say, and video that shows you shooting me, which directly contradicts what you say in this post.
  5. Please provide names of all your allies involved, including the one shooting his mosin towards the OP. me (Reede Smith), Mark Teller (mosin guy), Chase Miller, Brandon Young, John Panzarella. Those are the 4 (of maybe six?) my allies. I don't have access to the other names, but i will continue the list as soon as possible.
  6. (I muted myself a few times in ts during the incednet)
  7. We had just lost a group member to robbers about 10 minutes before the incident. We had taken two people prisoner in a small compound with a wall around and a few holes. My group took 2 guys hostage, and placed them in two different barns, we communicated with our radios (ts) and found that the two guys were going to meet up with a third in kabanino, so i was persistent in trying to get everyone secure and safe so that we wouldn't be attacked. When the first shot was fired, i immediately ran out to provide covering fire, knowing full well that someone was out there in black. My friend with the Mosin ran back into the compound, and I thought that you were the one to shoot, in the high tension i ran out and shot about 22 or 23 rounds at you. I received two or three bullets myself. Because of the circumstances we thought that you were the 'friend' that the hostages kept talking about. We had a twitch stream up during the incident and you can hear what I was saying about 'securing the perimeter' and the 'third', or friend that we were told about. After reviewing the audio I noticed the first shot was from the Mosin, but being on the other side of the wall, I didn't know who shot, and my friend sprinted back into the compound. We never heard you say anything, and I shot purely off of the fact that a shot was fired. I'm sorry that you were killed. I was shot and my Vest was ruined along with most of everything inside of it, but there is nothing in the logs about it, you can hear me ask for saline after the encounter. The twitch stream (Starts at 1:32:00) : https://www.twitch.tv/nightm4reactual/v/76855775
  8. I just needed to make a thread in order to secure my account so that it doesn't get removed automatically in the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by, but before you leave, what is the strangest thread you've seen on the dayzRP forums?
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