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  1. Happy Birthday Roland, have a great one

    1. Roland


      Thank you, but why on Randy's profile? 🤣

    2. GMAK


      There is only one way I can fix this

  2. Unfortunately yes, as it would be a completely new character.
  3. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/281-dayz-groups/ You could also check what groups are currently recruiting and send them an application directly
  4. As far as I'm aware once a character is marked as dead they are dead for good. If you want to continue playing them you could just copy and paste their backstory and name to a new character and continue as normal
  5. @Osku great internal RP, lets do some more
  6. GMAK

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    Very cool @Roland, fantastic work
  7. GMAK

    Hello All!

    Hope ya have fun on the server
  8. Don't judge me I didn't know I was using my webcam mic
  9. Hello DayZRP staff team, I have a quick question today. Recently a group was created and it had some IRA "themes" to it. Because of this the group was archived because "Portraying real life terrorist organizations is not allowed." My question is how does DayZRP.com determine what a terrorist organisation is ? Are you getting this information from a specific countries terrorist organization list or is it just at the behest of the admin team ?
  10. Hello DayZRP staff team and community. I would like to apply for a position on the DayZRP staff team. And I thought a video would be the best way to show my thoughts about how I could contribute.
  11. This thread scares me
  12. Surely this should of been closed when logs were posted, it clearly shows we didn't ghost. There are currently two pages of reports open, staffs time could be better focused elsewhere. With that being said.... GMAK POV: I cut lock on outside gate and we boost Shepherd, Challenger and Lucas over the inside gate. They do the business inside but unfortunately @Challenger has a little accident with a grenade and kills himself with it. After I get the all clear I boost over the inside gate and cut the lock so we can escape the base, I drive away into the sunset and log off after waiting my 2 hour timer.
  13. GMAK


    Welcome lad, have some fun
  14. Would be fun to have a battle royale every two weeks or so for just a bitta fun as a community. Will also let them dirty filthy pvpers blow off some steam. +1
  15. Up the Ivory Coast


    1. NorwayRP


      Uh, Slava John Johnson?

    2. Challenger


      John Johnson, Conquerer of Tortuga, and the Hero of Chernarus who killed John Moody.

  16. GMAK


    * A man with a Russian accent suddenly begins to talk on the radio* "Dobrý deň citizens, I am looking for card game UNO." "If found please contact me on frequency, I will pay good pay as UNO teach men valuable strategy tactic." *He would put the radio down and talk to his men*
  17. Hello staff team of DayZRP.com, today I write to you all requesting that the Éirinn go Brách (Ireland forever) thread be reopened as a reasonable amount of time has passed since it's closure. Numerous threads with similar content about other countries remain open to this day while the Ireland thread is still closed because of some people who could not control themselves in a civil and respectful manner while contributing to this thread. I would like to see this thread be reopened so me and my fellow countryman can share our fondness of this great nation. Go raibh maith agat agus An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas?
  18. Seems like a good idea, I'll never use it myself but others could have a lot of good story lines with it. Of course they could roleplay having one without an in game model but no one likes having to roleplay with imaginary stuff. The idea that it shouldn't be added due to the community not being mature enough and fears of trollrp with it is in my opinion a pretty terrible idea to not have it in the game. We have rules to prevent troll rp and people who troll with this item should be reported. This is a really unique item and could be a huge benefit to peoples rp. It would obviously be special item if it were added and therefore should have special rules to make sure its treated properly and not memed on. If it's added it should 100% be an item that only GM/Admins can spawn in for people. You don't wanna be looting a house and find a random baby in one. People should have to request one from the staff and have a reason to want it so that there are no people who just have a child with them for the meme. Also it would be a good idea for babies to have the same rules applied to them as players do (No KOS, perms needed to execute, no griefing, etc.). This way they are treated as they should be and not as an in game item. These are just some quick early morning thoughts on it but people should really not be disregarding potential items that could add a lot to others stories just because they are worried people will troll with it.
  19. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Good afternoon DayZRP staff team. Today I feel I have been unfairly awarded 5 warning points for flaming when all I did was share a joke with a very dear friend of mine @Ryan Shepherd. A lil bit of background first. Ryan went a bit wild the other day with some indoor farming and caused a bit of a stir. The situation has been a topic of discussion lately and people have been memeing about it in the official DayZRP.com discord. It's all been in good fun, no one has taken any offence to it and Mr Shepherd is often seen joking about it himself on the discord. Now on to the post I received these points for. A fellow community member while discussing the topic of whether or not to bring back to ability to build anywhere on the server mentioned that people who abused game mechanics should be "taken care" of. This member also commented "but when you can chuck a bunch of farm plots" when taking about these abusers. This made me think of my good friend Ryan who just days before had taken it upon himself to "chuck a bunch of farm plots" inside of a residential building. So I comment "I agree, @Ryan Shepherd needs to be taken care of. " A harmless joke. Me and Ryan have a laugh about it on discord together and move on with our day. I feel like flaming is a bit of a reach in these circumstances, this topic has been memed about numerous times over the past few days even Rolle mentioning it in a joking manner on the discord. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I made a joke with a friend and I feel a warning for flaming is a bit harsh. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the points removed and my sparkly clean point record be reinstated. What could you have done better?: Perhaps I could have made this joke in our discord instead of on the forums but I quite like interacting with fellow community members on the official forums pages.
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