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    1. Cuchulainn


      Tellin ye now man. Amber wouldn't have split the money if she had the choice

    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      She has a massive pair ofΒ lungs

  2. I'd like to see a little bit more nighttime, but whenever it's nighttime for too long you always see a lot of people log off
  3. I mean sure it's technically lorebreaking but its such a minuscule detail it should have no effect on anyone
  4. Correct, you will need to die to switch player model.
  5. GMAK

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you enjoy playing here bud, looking forward to seeing you in game - Jackfish
  6. You will still have the same character in game, the only difference will be your name. You won't lose any gear.
  7. That's the type of roleplay I like to see
  8. What a load of wank, give me a promotion ye prick @Ryan Shepherd
  9. Very cool interview of a very cool guy. Good job everybody
  10. What a neat lil interview, looking forward to next weeks one. I'd be happy to take his place, I'm the more Irish version of @Kordruga
  11. Wild times in Polana from firefights in town,seeing demons and meeting the Joyce family. Enjoyed the RP from @bunny @Cuchulainn @Queerios and everyone else I met.
  12. GMAK

    Jacko & James

    @JamesRP we're looking well
  13. Hahaha amazing @Jackfish, you a real one bby
  14. Calling in Fr Mickey McGee (@Cuchulainn) undefeated champ of Kabanino for his tips.
  15. @Challenger District is a campfire RP group.
  16. Enjoyed everyone's RP at the wolfpack camp Thanks for treating @Challenger's serious medical condition @Pepper
  17. Graphics looking real clean, best of luck boys.
  18. Because the character was marked as dead accidentally it is ok to remember everything the previous character knows. You are still playing the exact same character you just have a different character page. Just play like you did before, this shouldn't change anything for you in game.
  19. Congrats on Admin Randy, well deservedΒ 

    1. Roland


      Thank you, we will take good care of him.Β 

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