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Characters Comments posted by GMAK

  1. Isn't this just the Punishers backstory ? 

    And you have his name and a picture of him.

    I'd recommend making a new character before playing, using a famous persons name is against the rules I'm pretty sure.

  2. Made a new character to get away from Awimba ? Can't say I blame ya.

    For real though, this looks great. Love the graphics. 

    I'm sure District will get on great with her considering shes Irish.

  3. Quote

    After showing compassion and trust to the wrong person, it backfired hard on the young man. Which left his face mildly disfigured and two of his fingers removed.

    Was this person Awimba Muncho or Peter West ?

  4. Remind me not to ask you your backstory in game. If I hear all this in your creepy voice I'll have nightmares forever.

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