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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Was on the discord Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and my good friend @Challenger were having a discussion on the Official DayzRP discord about old times and I mentioned my admiration for perma banned player John Moody, I forget that you are not allowed to glorify banned players and was rightfully given points but I feel this was enough of a punishment and shouldn't of been banned from the discord. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be unbanned from the discord, points are deserved What could you have done better?: Not mention John Moody on the official DayZRP discord, if I wanted to talk about John Moody and the Saviors I should of done it on a different discord in private
  2. Good to see some friendly roleplayers Best of luck lads
  3. Exceptional work lads, a great listen. RIP Tony Melony
  4. On the dead locs rip this man
  5. Darnell was an eastside crip all his muthafucking life, then one day the 5.0 tried to kill him so he got the fuck out the country. Darnell left the homies and his family and went to a little country called Livonia. Darnell aint got no homies here but he ready to fuck up any cracker who get lippy with his ass and thats on the dead locs. Some POlice got lippy to Darnell and he popped one of them in the jaw, after this he was sent to prison. While in jail Darnell heard a ton of shit going on outside and was left unattended and uncuffed, he thought there was a riot and saw a chance to escape so he ran for the trees expecting to be chased by the po po. After running for miles he realized he was not even being chased. Alone and cold in the wood Darnell knew he had to get to the nearest town and find some Xans.


    1. Cuchulainn
    2. Banshee




  7. GMAK

    Rutkiy's Edits

    If this high quality content doesn't win @Fae's love for you I don't know what will
  8. Why did he say "the gypsies" in the most posh English accent ?
  9. Pecker Joyce is a tough bastard. # This is WIP
  10. I just wanna talk about anime with the boys 😞

    1. Cuchulainn


      Im here brudder

    2. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Its because we're Irish.

    3. Zanaan





      Never an excuse @Ryan Shepherd

  11. Hello there fellow RolePlayers, I just have a quick thing I want to discuss with you. Lately I have seen a lot of Irish players on the server and on the forums. Of course I am Irish myself, so I was interested what the reason was why there are so many new Irish players. So, is this because of a @Ryan Shepherd or just coincidence? Stay strong and keep on roleplaying everyone! (even if you are not Irish)
  12. Deseando que llegue. No puedo esperar para el juego de roles, Será un erp interesante.
  13. El Bandito POV: Hola amigos, El Bandito here with my pov of the situation. Me, Shmopov and Chong Li are wandering around looking for some roleup when we decide to head to Saviors country, Novaya Petrovka. Mr Shepherd told us that there was a situation occurring up there so we decide to go there as the triangle was as busy as it usually is. Along the way we RP and Chong Li tells me his heartbreaking backstory, if you're reading this I advise you go give it a read, truly riveting. Now onto the occurrences of what happened at the apartments. We arrive and hear a woman on a megaphone, she had a voice of an angel and immediately I knew it was my job to save her from this dangerous situation, I had to be the hero she needed, the hero she deserved. Not long after we hear a rain a gunfire, now I knew she needed by help more than ever. But before I could give her all of the assistance she needed we are told by people in the apartments to leave or we will be shot, this caused El Bandito to go loco holmes so me, Shmopov and Chong Li initiate on the apartments to be safe. I go on the opposite apartment building to try and get a view of what is happening inside and provide Overwatch 2. It's at this moment I hear it again, the voice of a angel. I knew I had to talk to her for this might be my last moment to say what I needed to say before I possibly met my untimely death. We talk and express our feelings, I caress her with Spanish as it is my characters only language he speaks and to my amazement she understands me. I tell her I love her and she says it too. We lock eyes from across apartments and without saying a word I know she wants me to rescue her, she wants me to be her hero. As I gazed into her lovingly eyes a man appeared from the roof of her building and begins shooting at my one of my allies, the danger he was putting my love into meant there was only one thing to do, I had to kill him, not for me or my friend who was under fire but for my love. So I shot him dead. The rest cleaned up the situation as we talked to each other across roof tops, two star crossed lovers, me Romeo and she Juliet. We may have been from different families both at war with each other but that didn't matter we had each other and that was all that mattered. To my shock and horror when my good friend Kenneth approached the room she was in he was met with a hail of bullets which cut him down in his prime. I couldn't believe it, had she betrayed me or was she just sacred for her life? This didn't matter anymore as she had shot one of us she had to be dealt with. It was decided she was to be thrown of the apartment building she resided in. A bulky strong Russian brute fired he off the roof, as her body dropped down to the floor I had teardrops in my eyes, she had grabbed me by the hands and said she was afraid to die, I told her its too late, my love its time to say goodbye and she died in front of my eyes, blood all on my shirt. El Bandito could not go on without her, without her love he did not want to go on. So as her Romeo he drank the same poison she did and jumped from the roof to his death, thus ending the tale of El Bandito.
  14. GMAK

    Old Timers

    Me and the boys are going playing some cod, please archive staff. Thanks for all the kind words everyone.
  15. GMAK

    Old Timers

    Due to your previous actions in roleplay you have been rejected.
  16. It's a god mode for all players inside. God mode anywhere is a terrible idea, what's stopping me from killing a bunch of people and then retreating to the safe zone to ignore any consequences for my actions ? As for the rest of the mods added, heavy Arma Life vibes.
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