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  1. Graphics looking real nice, excited to meet you lot on the server, always good to have more civilian groups about
  2. Neat

    1. Banshee



  3. Early Deaths Viho Konasehnkov was born in Chernogorsk in the summer of 2000. His father was a soldier in the Chernarussian Defense Forces and his mother was a nurse in the hospital in Chernogorsk. He enjoyed a peaceful childhood living in Chernogorsk, he attended school and graduated with decent grades, having hopes of attending college after graduating from school. This all changed after Chernarussian Civil war in 2009 when his father was killed by Chedaki forces in an apparent war crime. As the family grieved the were dealt another crushing blow when his mother was killed by a terrorist attack while working at the hospital. This left Vohi and his brother all alone in a time of uncertainty in the country, from then on they were forced to look out for each other as they were all they had. Vohi was the younger of the two and his brother took it upon himself to look after him and provide for him. Vohi usually would stay at home while his brother went out to work. Vohi had a resentment for the Chedaki for what they had done to his parents and always wanted revenge, sitting alone in the apartment for days he would browse the internet and follow the news of loyal Chernarussian who opposed the Lopotov regime. His brother didn't follow these beliefs and tried his best to persuade Vohi to stop following the word of these people believing that if he did he would end up like their parents. When Lopotov was assassinated in 2016 Vohi realized just how serious the revolt was and began to look for a way to join these people and help anyway he could, all he wanted was revenge for his parents.
  4. GMAK

    Grekov Gang

    This looks neat and the goals are interesting. Best of luck lads, look forward to running into you lot.
  5. I would like to see this added for immersions sake. This is something I would do in real life if I was in this situation.
  6. My character is the son of an ex CDF soldier who was killed fighting the Chedaki. His family also died during the civil war, victims of the many war crimes committed during it. Because of this Kirkov has a hatred for any Russian people along with westerners who he blames for backing out and leaving the CDF to fight alone against the Russians and Chedaki. After the loss of the civil war Kirkov had nothing to live for and looked for any way he could get back at the Russian Invaders, he was determined to avenge his family and his country. This is a rough draft of my character, I will be adding to it and finishing it in a couple of hours, I will not be playing on the server with this character until it has been fully completed.
  7. GMAK


    These are all the mods needed for the sever https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051
  8. I'd try join server 2 first to make sure you can join the server without any problems before waiting in the queue for server 1
  9. @etaki Good roleplay at Green Mountain today
  10. Oleg Maxim POV: I am roleplaying at the RAC checkpoint and getting some good RP. The only thing I witnessed that is being reported is @Sassy hitting the killing the zombie while saying up the ra, from what I remember he only said it 2-3 times and I didn't think of it as excessive when I heard it. I was getting my license from one of the RAC soldiers when @OxeN was inside the compound so I don't have any information on what happened over there. I am talking with people beside the campfire when the initiation is dropped and I immediately put my hands up and stay there for the remainder of the fight until the Russians arrive.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/15141-gmak/warnings/5794/ Why the verdict is not fair: It was posted in a media thread that has multiple posts that are only a gif or image reacting to the media posted, I did the same yet I received points for it. Also it was noted in the warning to not post in an already heated thread yet I only made I joke trying to deescalate the situation to my friend and group member who was at the time 'widin' at needed to be told to chill. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Mate of mine called @Guigsy had a bit of a moment and went off a lil wild in a media thread, its seemed a bit brazy to me so I posted the following image the image is not flaming anyone or is it posted with ill intent to anyone, its was posted as a light-hearted joke to deescalate a hot topic at the time. As for it being a unnecessary post, the media thread in question has multiple posts in it with people responding with gifs or images and nothing else in the post, for me the get points for unnecessary posts feels a bit unfair. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my points removed so that I could be back at a sparkly clean 0 points What could you have done better?: Maybe I could of added more context to my post but I feel like the meme was good on its own as a fun lil joke to calm everyone down.
  12. Early Life Russian Army Present Day Dont worry support, this is will be finished for lore wipe just formatting the page right now
  13. -User was warned for this post-
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