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  1. After losing his mother he dedicated his life to the army. He was a part of the Russian Ground Forces for 5 years. Because his father had a high position in the Russian Army he eventually got recruited for Spetsnaz. After months of training he eventually passed the training. The day he got his beret was a special day. His father was the one who gave all the recruits their beret. When his father stood in front of him they stared at each other. His father said Я горжусь тобой (im proud of you). He handed Oleg the beret and they hugged. Years went by and Oleg fought in the Second Chechen war. The Spetsnaz inflicted heavy casualties among Islamist separatists. It was a war that changed Oleg. Oleg was always a man who cared for others, even enemies. But after Islamist separatists shot and killed two of his closest friends he changed. When they captured hostiles, Oleg was the first one to interrogate them. His commanders knew that he would break them so most of the time they let him. Oleg used the most horrible interrogation methods thinkable, but because of that he got the information they needed. Eventually Oleg got asked to join a specialised unit called S-GRU. Because Oleg wanted to do everything for his country he joined. After some years working for S-GRU the Virus broke out. After that the Kremlin had given S-GRU several orders to accomplish for the glorious motherland. Reasons for these objectives, or orders varied a lot between each other. The Kremlin military headquarters had given these orders with various goals in mind. Of course, the number one priority will be to bring back Russia to its former state and take the land that is rightfully there's.
  2. GMAK POV: @Rutkiy, @Lucas and I log on and see soup has been raided. We figure it was either 503 or Corp, so we go to do some investigating in Sitnik to see if we can find anyone and figure out what happened. As we search the town we see a group of people on top of the old Merciless base, some of them are seen to be wearing pink armbands which we know are Corporation colors so we decide to initiate. Rutkiy sees one of them outside the wolfpack base trying to break in so initiates on him and kills him, after this me and Lucas both initiate on the people who were still in the Merciless base and a firefight breaks out.
  3. Wow, the thread is looking great guys, beautiful graphics. Happy to see a Livonian group on the server, wish you all the best of luck.
  4. Always received great RP from Wagner PMC. Good luck getting the members, anyone interested in great hostile RP should apply.
  5. Shaniqua POV: I'm walking around Sitnik when I hear some shots, I run over and see @FireDude and @Rapid Steve being attacked by a large group of zombies, @Masonn and @judge also hear the shots and arrive at the same time as me. They clear the zombies and ask do we want to go to the Corp base, I say yes and we head off into the woods. We chat a bit along the way and I move some distance in front of the group, Noah catches up to me and whispers do I want to take this guy as he had suspicions of him being with the Corp the entire time we were running together, I say yes and the initiation is dropped a few seconds later. They RP for some moments when Noah asks for permission to hit the man with the sledge hammer which is granted, he hits him knocking him out and we sprint towards the Corp base trying to make as much distance from who we believed to be a Corp member. The situation was brought on due to us believing the man to be a member of the Corp, the people we were going to attack and rather than take the risk he was robbed of his weapons so he could not kill us if he was Corp and knocked out so he could not follow us to the Corp base.
  6. Shaniqua was born in New Orleans in the summer of '89. Her parents were both doctors, a profession she pursued after graduating high school. They were originally from Nigeria but immigrated for a better life for their children. Life was tough when they first arrived as they found work difficult to come by, they were trained doctors but had to do manual labor work for their first few years of being in the USA. Eventually her mother found work in a local clinic while her father continued his current job. She worked hard and eventually was offered a high paying job at a nearby hospital. Her parents lived comfortable and decided it was time to start a family and soon enough a baby boy was born, a year later Shaniqua followed. From a young age Shanghai idolized her mother and wanted to follow in her footsteps. She worked hard in school and thanks to being a star on her school basketball team she was offered a scholarship to a prestige college. Her hard work etiquette from her high school days never wavered and she was a star pupil in college. She excelled and eventually had her degree. Her mother helped her get a job the hospital she worked in and Shaniqua worked here for many years. Eventually she grew tired of work and needed a break, she needed to clear her head after years of work, from high school until now. She decided to travel around Europe, she would leave for a year and come back to the hospital refreshed and energized. She traveled Europe before eventually ending up in Livonia where she was stuck when the outbreak hit. Now she travels around Livonia helping people who need medical attention.
  7. Are you support yet?

    1. GMAK


      I'm trying my best.

  8. I have no problem with being forced to ERP
  9. I was afk in the shed talking to staff in the help desk about the guy who had just come into camp trying to kill people with an axe while talking OOC, I tab back in, see some midgets and tab out again.
  10. @Searoz Thanks for the quick medical lesson at the hospital today, I feel like I could actually use what you thought me IRL. Was really fun learning it, I will be back for sure soon enough for another lesson.
  11. Congrats guys, well deserved. Been loving my time in camp recently
  12. I liked the video, it was cool.
  13. You blew up the soup kitchen janitor, some hero group.
  14. Very excited to meet you today @Eagles.
  15. GMAK

    DayZRP 20.3.1

    I approve this message.
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