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  1. GMAK



  2. @OxeN you're a g but that seems like such a terrible way to kill off Awimba. Seems like such a knee jerk reaction, I feel like you should of slept on it. Sure it's a realistic death but Awimba's death should of been so much more than being just another body in a firefight. Good RP will always come from a perma no matter how you die but why not get more out of it by being executed rather then perma deathing with no RP just PVP. I dunno man just sad to see him go out this way. With that said Awimba was without doubt the most memorable character I've met on the server. It's a sad day. F
  3. GMAK

    D7 Mercenaries Media

    @OxeN @strider
  4. GMAK

    Battlefield V

    Ehh it was worth the 10 quid I paid for it. Played it for a month, got max lvl, enjoyed my time, no real interest in playing anymore.
  5. 10/10 Posts at least 4 times a day on this thread, how could I not know him ?
  6. +1 See no reason why it shouldn't be doubled. Less time running the more time RP'ing
  7. GMAK

    Whats your occupation?

    I'm an administrator at an employment agency. So if any y'all broke bois needa job hit me up.
  8. yooo no way, hahaha. I heard a Scottish voice from a guy called Brian and just assumed it was @BrianM
  9. @Onyx and @Cocomii Nice meeting you two everywhere we went. @Highlander and @Shikaka - Thanks for having us guys, really enjoyed just chilling out at it, was nice to relax. Will be back soon for sure. @OxeN You're character is a strange, strange man
  10. GMAK

    Removal of buried stashes

  11. Can't beat French farmers but United are no problem.
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