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  1. Things almost got dicey at 1:47
  2. Yeah it's still there, seen a few in mil barracks
  3. GMAK


    Welcome back! Never met ya before but recognize your name from the forums a long time ago. Hope to see ya in game some time.
  4. Hope you have a good time here! Look forward to seeing you in game.
  5. Good ol Kabanino, glad we could get you guys out safely.
  6. Great to see more friendly groups. Best of luck with it guys.
  7. *The old mans eyes light up when he hears talk of construction* "John Johnson Construction would be happy to assist you with construction efforts." "Of course we can't work for free and expect compensation." "If you wish to talk to me about a possible contract you can respond to me on this frequency." "Alternatively I am currently in Kabanino if you wish to have this talk in person." *He would put down his radio and fill his canteen from the well*
  8. *The old man picks up his radio after hearing his name* "Howdy mister, I heard you're in need of some assistance" "John Johnson here of John Johnson Construction. I'd like to first thank the kind sir advertising my services. Much obliged stranger" "Now on to business." "John Johnson Construction would be happy to be of assistance, we have helped a great number people in Kabanino with the same thing ." "We specialize in fortifying existing structures such as houses with high walls to keep out any unwanted intruders" "Of course I need to know you're location to be of any help and I prefer to negotiate my contract in person if possible." "If you prefer not to reveal your location over a public frequency that is perfectly understandable, just give me a private one to contact." "Alternatively, I am usually around Kabanino if you wish to have this talk in person" *He would let go of the ptt and get out of bed*
  9. Like the looks of the group, satanic vibes are spooky. Interesting to see the lore being from IC events in the past, see some parts about the district torturing you. Sorry about that Can't wait to meet you guys in game, I'm interested to see your hostage RP. Wish you all nothing but the best, refreshing to see how well you take feedback. I'm sure the group will succeed with that kind of attitude.
  10. GMAK

    [NGA] New Generation Army (Recruitment Open)

    Group looks good, nice graphics and some interesting goals. Hope you have some luck finding new recruits.
  11. GMAK

    The Highwaymen

    Group looks great, lore was a good read. Can't wait to meet ya'll in game. Patrolling Chernarus almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.
  12. Banshee

    • Banshee
    • GMAK

    Thank you

    1. GMAK


      Wasn't even an accident tbh

  13. GMAK

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    * You would hear an old man on the radio* "Well god damn ya'll are doing a lot of talking. I'm going to assume ya'll are doing a lot of shooting also." "God damn, where are my manners ? John Johnson here of John Johnson Construction. I've seen the aftermath of a few firefights in my time. Messy business and a lot of damage" "A lot of damage that needs to be repaired, and if the news of the Saviors relocating up north is true, and brand new home to be built." "So Saviors and District, I have no ill will towards any of you. I understand war is war, things happen." "If you are in need of a construction assistance, John Johnson Construction is the guys you're looking for." "Building the future. Restoring the past." * After a good day of building John Johnson sits back in his favorite robe and sips on a glass of home made orange juice *
  14. GMAK

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Love the look of the new graphics , really original idea.