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  2. Thanks for having me, I enjoyed my time roleplaying with you nice people (except for @Rutkiy) I'm excited to see what you lovely lads do in the future.
  3. Pecker came to Chernarus after his cousin invited his brother Ciaran to come work for a company called 'The Pedlars'. All seemed good for the first few months until the McCoomer brothers noticed some shady business going on, and afraid of it tarnishing the great family name, they decided to call it quits. Pecker never managed to make it to meet up with his his brothers and the group known as "the pedlars". On his arrival to Chernarus he was pulled to one side as the boarder guards noticed his papers were not in working order. Pecker did the only thing he knew and lashed out, he had been off his medicine for a while and ended up fighting and breaking a guards nose and biting the ear off another. He was incarcerated on the prison island of Storozh awaiting deportation. Until the outbreak happened, where he managed to escape with the help of his brothers, Now they roam the lands from Chernarus, day by day looking for some slaps.
  4. Banning words I can understand but banning styles of RP seems like a bit of a yikes tbh Also the rules seem to be written pretty vaguely and open to some classic staff case by case verdicts. By that logic you are a transformer in real life
  5. What is exactly banned under "Extreme racist behavior" other than the n word ?
  6. This group seems to be neat, congrats on getting unarchived. I've also noticed that @Dongle's character backstory is only 4 lines, maybe staff should have a look at that, not sure how the supports missed that. @Hofer @Jade @Para @Peril
  7. GMAK

    Rutkiy's Edits

    Nice vid, but it was missing this.
  8. I have reevaluated my views and think this wouldnt be the best idea, all side projects always die within weeks.
  9. This seems pretty cool, I'd like to try it out
  10. GMAK

    Old Timers

    Thanks man I appreciate it. I noticed your character backstory was only 3 lines so I reported it , hopefully you fix it before we meet in game
  11. GMAK

    Old Timers

    We need carers and you're pretty neat Sorry it didn't work out. Welcome
  12. GMAK

    Old Timers

    Sorry that was a mistake man, removed you. Unless
  13. GMAK

    Old Timers

    The Old Timers are a group of retirees stranded in Chernarus, who against all odds survived the end of the world. While on a trip to the country with the "Open Arms Retirement Home" the infection hit and they were stuck here. Their carers abandoned them and fled for themselves, leaving the "Old Timers" to fend for each other. This betrayal made them cautious of outsiders and all younger people. They had no one else to look out for them beside each other. Open Arms Retirement Home was a retirement village located in Austin, Texas. They cared for numerous elderly people while still allowing them to live as much of a normal life as possible. People from all around the world were apart of this community. Jim Pickett ,Douglas Montgomery, Jeremiah Woods and Burke Johnson quickly bonded due to their involvement in the Vietnam war. They shared war stories with the other members and were well respected within the Open Arms Retirement Home. One day another member shared his story of how spent 25 years in jail. Charleston King told them about how he lost custody of his kids and it led to him becoming an alcoholic who robbed a family one night while drunk. They felt bad for him and decided to look out for him in the retirement home. These five men began to be known as the "Old Timers" around the retirement home, due to them recalling the past any time they could. Every year during the summer the retirement home would organize a trip for the seniors. It was usually just a weekend journey to a neighboring city but this year they would be going on a trip across southern Europe. This was very exciting for all the old timers, most of them had never even been to outside of the United States. Jim and Douglas relished the chance to see some of the battlefields that their fathers fought in. The trip would take the group all across Europe, first stopping in France. Here they would see the beaches of Normandy before travelling to Paris for a couple of days. Next up they would venture to Italy, seeing the sights of Rome before making their way to Greece to visit the numerous ancient sites. From here they would visit the country of Chernarus before travelling to Russia where their trip would end. The gang at a castle in France The trip was going well and everyone was enjoying it, each of the countries were very interesting to visit. Next up on the list was Chernarus. Everyone was very excited to travel here. After the civil war they had heard great things about the country and were eager to learn more about its history. The Old Timers were particularity interested in the history of the civil war . During trip to Chernarus they visited the capital city of Lopotevgrad. Here they visited the popular tourist destinations and learned the history of the region. They enjoyed their time here but it was time to leave. Just before leaving however their plane was stopped on the Runway and they were all told to leave it and return to the airport. Their luggage was searched and they were all interviewed about who they were and why they were in the country. They didn't understand why this was happening to them and were not told anything other than they would not be allowed to leave today and had to return to their hotel until they were told they were permitted to depart. Days later martial law was declared in the country and they feared this meant that they were stuck here. A man at the hotel told them that he could arrange for them to fly from a small airfield in the North East of the country to Russia, where they would be able to fly back to the United States. They were weary of this but were desperate to get home before they country destabilized more and it would be unsafe to be there. They all agreed that this was the only way they could leave the country in the near future and all set off on a bus to the small town of Balota. They drove for hours and eventually arrived at the airfield. Here they saw no plane in sight and feared they were scammed. One of their carers exited the bus and went to a nearby building to ask if there would be any plane taking them to Russia. While he was inside the Old Timers were suspicious of how quite the airfield was. They agreed if anything happened they would stick together. A few moments later the carer who went in to the building ran out bleeding heavily. Behind him were two men dressed in military uniforms. The group feared that he was being apprehended by the military for trespassing on the Airfield, but to their horror the two soldiers began tearing the man apart with their hands. There were numerous screams from the people on the bus and this attracted the attention of the lunatic soldiers. They rushed the bus, the remaining carers tried to get the group off the bus and away but when they were leap at they used the elderly people as human shields before retreating into the woods. The Old Timers stuck together defending each other from any attack before retreating into the woods as well. They ventured further north looking for any help before realizing this was happening all around them. They were disgusted what had happened and what the carers had done to them. They knew they had to stick together to survive and that they could only trust each other. @Elmo - Pat Kenny @GMAK - Jim Pickett @Ryan Shepherd - Ryan Shepherd @Banshee - Charles Baker @Jerry - Slim Wise @brk - Burke Johnson @Cuchulainn - Charles Kingston @Challenger - Liam Tyson @Burns - Logan Burns @ImAtrix - Lucas Bridgewater @Whitename - Ales Novotny @Banksyy - @Lil TimmyBB - Timothy Smith - Ensure the survival of the Old Timers [Indefinite] - - Find a suitable home for the Old Timers [Day 50] - - Establish good relations with groups [0/5] - - Explore the region [Day 55] -
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