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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Was on the discord Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and my good friend @Challenger were having a discussion on the Official DayzRP discord about old times and I mentioned my admiration for perma banned player John Moody, I forget that you are not allowed to glorify banned players and was rightfully given points but I feel this was enough of a punishment and shouldn't of been banned from the discord. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be unbanned from the discord, points are deserved What could you have done better?: Not mention John Moody on the official DayZRP discord, if I wanted to talk about John Moody and the Saviors I should of done it on a different discord in private
  2. Day valen happy tines!

    1. GMAK


      Let's ERP for old times sake

  3. Good to see some friendly roleplayers Best of luck lads
  4. Exceptional work lads, a great listen. RIP Tony Melony
  5. On the dead locs rip this man
  6. Darnell was an eastside crip all his muthafucking life, then one day the 5.0 tried to kill him so he got the fuck out the country. Darnell left the homies and his family and went to a little country called Livonia. Darnell aint got no homies here but he ready to fuck up any cracker who get lippy with his ass and thats on the dead locs. Some POlice got lippy to Darnell and he popped one of them in the jaw, after this he was sent to prison. While in jail Darnell heard a ton of shit going on outside and was left unattended and uncuffed, he thought there was a riot and saw a chance to escape so he ran for the trees expecting to be chased by the po po. After running for miles he realized he was not even being chased. Alone and cold in the wood Darnell knew he had to get to the nearest town and find some Xans.


    1. Cuchulainn
    2. Banshee




  8. ???????????????????


  9. I vote for GMAK

  10. GMAK

    Rutkiy's Edits

    If this high quality content doesn't win @Fae's love for you I don't know what will
  11. Why did he say "the gypsies" in the most posh English accent ?
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