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    The House

    Congrats ya'll
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    Kameníci | The Sons of Chernarus Media

    I'll give beans to any video with hot niBBa in it
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    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Managed to yoink a suppressor right out of his hands
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    New Moon Media Thread

    Ahaha good shooting boys, I tried to surrender in green house when I was out of bullets but I think @Finn sniped me. Was fun tho lets do it again sometime.
  5. Great day of RP, so much stuff happened. Was kinda getting sick of RP but today has me wanting to play even more now than ever. Shout out everyone I met, I'm not 100% sure of everyone's forum name but I'll try tag em. Whoever John Danger is you had some of the best RP I've had in a long time, some hilarious moments. A great mercenary for hire would recommend 10/10. @EndeavourRP Some solid RP today, glad to finally meet you in game after seeing the radio messages on the forums. Falk and the old man had some good talks and even saved me getting cut up by some slave traders. First person on the server I've told the old mans real name to. Brotherhood - Not sure which of you guys were interrogating us in Stary but you guys had some great hostage RP was scared for a second the old man was about to get cut up. @MoodyOG and The Saviors - You boys had some good RP up in Gorka, that investigation was loads of fun. Shame about the end result but @OxeN is one crazy African. @Syoto You're a lot better with your fists than a weapon, watch where your aiming that thing. @OxeN "Awimba Muncho" - Never know what situations this crazy African mudafucka will get you into, rip M4 at least you got a waterproof bag instead. @brk Boi you need to conduct your "dealings" earlier and get in game miss too much shii. A dirty window peeker. @Banshee R.I.P @Ryan Shepherd Get better internet. Hope to see all you guys in game soon -"Old Man"
  6. In the video he says "Hands Up" at 11 seconds, I'm killed at 14 seconds. This gives me 3 seconds to comply. I can be heard in the video saying "Ohhh god damn". I am unable to finish saying "damn" before being killed. In now deleted discord messages I spoke with Jango were he told me numerous lies and even admits that he shot too soon and he's "in the wrong". I have screenshots of these messages before he deleted them and can provide them to any gamemaster/admin handling this report.
  7. Server and location: S1 - NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10/14/2018 12:45 PM (CEST) Your in game name: Jamal Dominique Names of allies involved: Ryan Shepherd Name of suspect/s: Jango Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Detailed description of the events: Me and Shepherd are walking around the airfield we meet two guys and rp a lil bit, then we meet jango and rp a lil bit. A big group shows up and we rp with them a lil bit. I'm not 100% sure if Jango is with them or not but he was rp'ing like he wasn't. After a lil bit they initiate on us and I'm immediately killed by Jango. Shepherd has a video and can provide more details of what happened after my death as he was not killed.(edited) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Shepherd has a video of it
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  10. Jamal Dominique issa Soundcloud rapper from the United Stated. Better know as his stage name Xan Man Dan he gained notoriety with songs glorify the use of potently dangerous drugs. After uploading his debut song "I got Xan's hoe" to Soundcloud he quickly became a viral hit with his catchy flows and repetitive lyrics. He capitalized on his new found fame by releasing more hits in the coming weeks, songs such as "Bitches Love Xans" and "Eat a Xan out the Booty" further rocketed his fame and cementing himself as an up and coming rap artist. XMD was a relentless worker always in the studio till late night, but unbeknownst to his fan he maintained this work rate by abusing drugs such as Cough syrup and Xanax. Months passed an although releasing numerous singles he was unable to reclaim past glory and began to spiral further in the dark hole of drug use. In and out of rehab but unable to kick his drug habits XMD moved to Europe to concentrate on hits and get away from bad influences. While in Europe he met with other soundcloud rappers and together they formed the "Xan Clan" a group of rappers glorifying drug use and fast women. Soon they gained a cult like following in the underground rap game in Europe. Numerous hits followed and the group began touring in Europe. While on tour XMD began once again addicted to Xanax and other drugs, this dude was bugging out fucked up off pills. While on tour in Chernarus Xan was caught at the border with pills in his suitcase, he was arrested by the police force. While in jail Xan heard a ton of shit going on outside and was left unattended and uncuffed, he thought there was a riot and saw a chance to escape so he ran for the trees expecting to be chased by the po po. After running for miles he realized he was not even being chased. Alone and cold in the wood Xan knew he had to get to the nearest town and find some Xans.
  11. When I'm not rp'ing I like to do art


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      Damn this is sick! Keep at it!

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    lil boat bye
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    If I could bean that i would my good sir.

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    S1 - RDM - 22:00 Server Time - Kab Hill

    -User was warned for this post-
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