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  1. Bell

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Yeah that's all good and fine, and it is pretty difficult to make a base as is with nails being pretty hard to find ( at least in my experience) but it's almost not possible to make the accomplishment, because it's so hard to find any storage at all, which is why I recommended a mod here that would make that a little better.
  2. Bell

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    It's so rare to obtain storage found via spawning, I feel like there should be some kind of storage made craft-able. There's nothing wrong with hoarding to some extent, after all most survivors goal is to survive and make it as easy as possible for them.
  3. Bell

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    Just wondering why most of the commonly obtainable storage was removed?
  4. Mod name: Base Furniture mod 2.0 Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1847114006&searchtext= Reason to be added: Adds a few really nice looking furniture pieces to the game that could add to the role-play, and are still useful and functional and within reason for how useful they are. For example, a leader of a large group could have a rifle case behind him, and could have a prized rifle in it and it could have been handed down to him from his father or taken from the leader of another group who he killed, but also they just look really nice. The rifle racks also look really nice and as far as I know there isn't a model of them currently in the game, you could make interactive armories, or someone could set up a weapon shop somewhere and people could look through it. The shelves and storage boxes as well they look really nice and the Shelf shows all the items on it, which is really cool and aesthetic, and better storage is always a good thing as long as it doesn't hold TOO much, and I'm pretty sure this one doesn't so yeah that's why we should add it. I don't know what the fridge does but it's probably cool as well thanks.
  5. Vincent Lorenzo, is related to all other members of the Lorenzo family, originated in New York. Vincent grew up on the streets, which led to his demise. Eventually Vincent decided he had to grow up and be a man in order to be able to take care of his mother and father as they grew older, so he started making good grades, and landed himself a position in a collegiate level college, and decided he was going to study to become a marine biologist, and decided to finish his degree by studying the marine life along the coast of Cherno, and the outbreak stared around the time that the infection started which led him to become stranded. Now he does whatever it takes to survive.
  6. Chad Adams, is a normal teenager who didn`t really ask for any of this to happen, he got to the island because of because of a senior trip he took in order to blow off some steam, after spending the last 13 years of his life in school. His destination wasn`t even supposed to be in Chernarus. Unfortunately enough for him the flight he was taking had to make a stop in order to change planes because of a problem with the engines. When he landed everything went very bad, and he was forced to do whatever he had in order to survive. Having very little experience with survival or guns in general, Chad Grew up with a more privileged life style than most people in San Antonio, Texas. The little survival he did know he learned from his dad, he was a really old fashioned man who saw it necessary that Chad learn these things.
  7. *Vincent accidentally puts his radio on that exact channel and hears the message from Kwame* *Vincent takes a long drag from a cigarette exhales, and puts the cigarette back in his mouth.* "The Plantation, I haven`t heard that name in months, well here I am, Kwame, I`ll find you at some point, friendo, see yah soon" *Vincent turns off the radio and continues his nap after putting out the cigarette*
  8. Server and location: Server one, Southwest of Pulsovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 18-09-2016, 02:03 Your in game name: Vincent Lorenzo Names of allies involved:Donovan Lorenzo, Rob Sly, Jimmy Kolens, Nathan Steele Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/a Detailed description of the events: So, I spawned in just after the server restarted and noticed a man on the Plantation, I informed him that my other group members wanted him to get off of the plantation, and that he did not need to be here, I kindly asked him to leave, he then refused to leave, I pulled out a gun and said, "I`m not going to ask you to leave again friendo, we do not want you here", he then initiated on me and told me to put my gun on my back, Donovan Lorenzo at this point saw the shotgun being aimed at my chest, and took a shot at the man ( and missed?) he then raised his shotgun and shot me in the chest without making any demands or anything.
  9. * Vincent sighs and holds down the PTT on his Radio* "Sorry Rob, I can`t just sit around and let this happen, I care for all of you in the plantation, but I`ve change since our first time meeting, I`m done killing for pointless reasons. * Vinnie releases his PTT button and takes a breath, while contemplating what to say Then presses his PTT button again* " I`ll be joining Gator and the rest of the people, that actually enjoy helping people, I hope some of you have a change of heart, No hard feelings friendos, and may god have mercy on your soul, I`ll be seeing you guys soon" * Vinnie Release the PTT on his radio, and tosses it in the lake next to the plantation before heading off*
  10. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 05-09-2016, 20:46, Kabanino Supermarket. Your in game name: Vincent Lorenzo Names of allies involved: Gator Rogers, Alan Huntly Name of suspect/s: Logs Will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/a Detailed description of the events: So, a group of Russians? were harassing my friend Gator Rogers in Kabanino, so I walking all the way from Stary, approached the men so they would lose interest in my friend Gator,so that we can both leave, they lose interest in him and begin to follow me all the way from Kabanino church, over to the Kab supermarket, they eventually surround me and start making remarks, at which point I also make remarks back to them, they then initiate, tell me to drop my gun and follow them, at which point I`ve dropped my gun and I begin to follow them, I tell my friends who are in radio with me to take the shots at them, one of them gets shot, and then they make no demands at all and just turn around and shoot me.
  11. *A voice comes over the radio* Are you sure about that? Because I do remember a particular event last weekend... *Silence* *Vincent Lorenzo Hears this message over his radio* *He pushes down his PTT button and firmly speaks* "Last weekend with the alliance? If I recall correctly, we put bullets in all the men we thought were important and left them there." *Vinnie Chuckles, and turns off his radio*
  12. You were the one to stop complying an tell everyone else to run, later having the standoff at Vybor factory with that lil landmine trick of yours. Bell your voice is distinctive and their will be kill logs of your death at the industrial Boy, I haven`t died in a week there won`t be logs of shit.
  13. I was not at all involved in this situation I don`t even know what happened, if you`d like to tell me I am please tell me how and show me some proof.
  14. *A man dressed in a Red Check shirt and blue jeans walks up the stairs of a red two story building at the end of Novo* *Static can be heard through a Radio as the man begins to speak on his radio* "Hello, my name is Bell Johnson, I`ve returned to the place where I met my best friend, Joey Winchester. I don`t know where you are Joey, you`ve been gone for a long time, well it doesn`t really matter now. *Bell begins to pull a magnum from a drawer and load one bullet into it and continue speaking on his radio* "Well I will sincerely miss all of you that i`ve met along my journey not only my friends I`ve grown close to, but my enemies who have shaped me into the man I was." *Bell spins the chamber of the magnum and pulls the hammer back on it before whispering one last word into his radio* "Bad Luck" *He closes his eyes smiles and pulls the trigger, a shot followed by a loud thud can be heard over his radio that was taped down to stay on* *Perma death of Bell Johnson.*
  15. The thing is I didn't attempt to rob you and I know we never had prior confrontations on the airfield which is why I questioned you. If there was a chance you were apart of a group and I took the risk of letting you engage on us first we wouldn't have any advantage. There's no gear rp involved because again I didn't try to rob you for your "gear." If I did rob you it wouldn't have been valid at all. Maybe if you had answered the questions I asked you and just listened to my orders you wouldn't be here now. Maybe if you would have had any legit reason for initiation we wouldnt be here now? Do you have any video evidence of the situation? What evidence do you have that he was robbing you for your gear? Can you provide us with any substantial information that proves this is the case? Additionally, how can you tell whether or not you were getting good RP if you decided to not comply before the robbery could properly develop? It`s pretty obvious it`s not going to be good rp when I start out being 100% friendly to his friend and then he decided to initiate on me without any reason?
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