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  5. Taking a break from dayzrp, snapchat me if you need me

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      I know where you'll be. That charger is an investment, remember! Grove street doesn't run itself ;)

  6. 3 Am, Work tomorrow but still sitting here playing CS... Fml


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      Then turn your PC off dingus

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  7. POV: Me and Strawberry was at NWAF where we first met 4-5 bounty hunters or whatever, we talked for a few mins and then headed towards the hangars where he heard shots and saw a guy being chased by zombies, We helped him by killing the zombies and talked to the guy, few short mins after talking to the guy I hear a shot, and turn around seeing strawberry dead. I run to the firestation where I spot someone ontop of the roof on the ATC aiming his rifle around where Strawberry died, I shoot him in the head a few mins later.
  8. Arturo Vaso was a sensetive, yet troubled soul who loved violence more than anything. When he was young he was kind of hard to manage but became easier once he grew older, he'd always seem to be the troublemaker in school, he'd always get into fist fights with other students, arguments with the teachers which would lead up to him being one of the ''Bad guys'' in school. He'd get bullied alot in his younger age which would make him walk home from school at times and sitting upset at home doing nothing for the rest of the day. Though in his life his biggest battles was sometimes with himself. Once Arturo was a teenager his father came to him with the news that his mother was dead, this broke Arturo and he started doing more bad things such as robberies with knives and breaking into houses. He got busted by the police first when he was aged 14, he'd break windows and pop car tires just for the fun of it. Once he was 18 his life had become increasingly blurred and he didn't even know what to do anymore, he was nothing but a young man stuck in the storm thinking of a way out of the criminal life, that's when he got the phone call from one of his best friends saying that his work place was in dying need of more men who could Operate Heavy Equipment, Arturo quickly made an application and just 1 week later he started working for the company. He'd earn some money but he still wasnt happy, he was still confused as everyone would walk around him smiling and having a great time whilst he was just upset. 1 Month after working he'd earn a good amount of money which he would spend on getting himself out of Norway, he bought himself a plane flight to Chernarus where he'd hopefully change his life and he could become a different man and change his lifestyle completely. As soon as he arrived in Chernarus he realized he forgot to get himself an apartment and had to live in a hotel for 3 months which was expensive, he'd later lend money from his friends in Norway so he could pay for the hotel room. 3 Days later he'd got himself a job at a grocery store, first day at work was horrible for him considering he didn't know how to speak Chernarussian and was having trouble understanding what the other employees were trying to say to him and telling him to do. He'd go to work everyday hoping it would be better but it was all the same, until one day they got a English man who knew how to speak Chernarussian working there. He'd Translate for Arturo whenever he had trouble understanding the other employees and things was starting to get easier for Arturo. A few days later Arturo would go to work but then the outbreak happened and he'd quickly get back to his house to gather his things and set out to the forest for a little bit until things would calm down. Once things calmed down he started heading out of the forest and roam around Chernarus as the troubled soul he is. WIP
  9. Back 2 RP after 1 month break.


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      Tell me about it, PM me if u alone and bored af

  10. First time playing siege in monts, won 6 times in a row.


  11. Home sweet home


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