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  1. 🔥 Broski serving time, he been gone for so long 🔥


  2. Antonio Tarantino POV: I was spending my day rolling dynamically with the wonderful people in the Syndicate. We all over heard a radio broadcast that Hector was looking for prisoners so we decided to send a radio broadcast in response to his broadcast, telling Hector to meet us in Nadbor so an extraction could take place. Unfortunately... Mr. Hector didn't show up so we made our way to his lovely prison compound, where we met a few people on the outside. These people where in a car and decided to take their leave as soon as we showed up, also one of the people standing outside of the compound ran into the compound straight away and I assume that was Steven based on the other POVs that have been posted. We went up to the compound started conversating with the individuals inside, we told them that we where the ones that sent that broadcast in response to their broadcast. We also confronted them in regards to why they decided to not show up, when they where looking for prisoners. Their response was quite simple and plain, not very detailed in other words. They said that it didn't seem trustworthy or something, I don't fully recall but I do know it was very simple. I was infront of the compound conversating with our hostage for majority of the time so I barely had the time to focus on anything but conversating with the individuals inside and our hostage. I do know that attempts where made to get rid of the hesco barrier by ImNovaa, as it was misplaced. We asked the individuals inside for a hatchet and towards the end we where given one and the hesco barrier got removed. Unfortunately during this period when we attempted to get the hatchet to remove the misplaced barrier, Mr Hector was mainly yelling and asking us on multiple ocassions who was the one who placed it there in the first place. We ended up telling him that it was The Syndicate and it really seemed like he was trying to gather evidence instead of focusing on the roleplay taking place at the time. Server had crashed on multiple occassions during this interaction. One of the individuals inside told us towards the end that the only way the prisoners would be extracted into the prison was if we left and made sure that we where in their line of sight and that we had to leave the prisoners with their hands up infront of the prison gate. After this we decided to initate on the whole compound where I initiated for myself to gain attackers rights and Grazy initiated for The Syndicate, we ended up killing two out of the three individuals in the compound and the last individual surrendered. We had some decent roleplay with this individual once we broke in and after we finished our business we left the scene.
  3. Had a solid break during the busy holiday period spending time with family and friends, feeling it's about that time to come back and be apart of something new lads
    @ImNovaaa, @ImBlisna, @ImS8tn, @ImTommy152, @ImNathan, @ImGrazey & @MasonWB

    Much love to the real ones! You know who you are ❤️

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  4. Congratulations on approval, much love guys!
  5. Best of luck bringing this back man! Hope we cross paths ingame soon!
  6. What's the 27 Clu-u-u-ub? We ain't making it past 21

    😢 RIP - Juice WRLD 😢

    💙 🙏 The world is emptier without you 🙏 💙

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      Damn, can't believe this young dude died.

  7. Best of luck lads, much love to you all! Looking forward to meet this group more in the future!
  8. Brother nex to brother, looking for roleplay! Great video bro @NozzyRP Slava RP boys
  9. In regards to that matter man I had been up for about 24hrs and I pretty much contradicted my own statement. It appeared to me later on that there was actually multiple people who wished to do it and at the end of day I can't actually speak on behalf of other people. I personally didn't want you executed and you will have to ask everyone else individually as everyone is entilted to their own opinion and wishes.
  10. Anthony Torrez POV: We ran up on CJ and this other guy I don't remember his name exactly however we start conversating with both individuals. We ask them about the armband and why he is wearing a wolfpack armband, bands asks CJ to give it to him and he proceeds to give the armband to bands. We proceed to initiate on both individuals as one of us recognize CJ and we escort both individuals to a piano house in vybor. As we're escorting them bands decideds to hit CJ three times because he didn't respond to a question of his. We tell them to drop all of their radios, weapons, vest, backpack, belt or any sort of lethal object and then we tell them to go upstairs with one hand raised. After asking both of them a couple of questions together we seperate the other individual that was together with CJ to another piano house in vybor and myself and bands starts asking CJ questions about what sort of vision he has with his group and what sort of future goals he may have. We also confront him on some actions that he had taken against our group on previous occassions and try to figure things out and why he had taken these actions against us. We also made the demand that him or his group where never to carve 5.0.3 on to someones back again. I told bands and them that I personally wanted to let CJ go and that he could be on his marry way. Bands had one last demand and that was that CJ had to kiss his boot and refused to do so because it would only mean disrespect towards himself. Bands repeated the demand once again and he did not do it so he shot him.
  11. We have indeed talked privately and wish to close the report as we have come to an understanding.
  12. Anthony Torrez POV: I went to the well in Vybor to get some water and once I got there I found three guys. We greeted eachother and I had to kill an infected because it sprinted at me while as I had finished drinking water. I proceeded to ask them if they had searched the clinic for any supplies and I was told that it had already been searched. They proceeded to ask me where I was headed and if I was meeting anyone. I told them that I was headed north and to the airfield to meet up with a couple friends. One of the lads then proceeded to ask me if I had a radio so that he could contact one of his friends called magpie. I tell him that I know who magpie is and that he is a good guy. I then proceed to tell him that I don't have a radio and I have to be on my way. As I'm leaving I ask him if he was trying to do the radio trick on me where you borrow another persons radio and then hold them up. He comes running after me and asks me "What radio trick, what are you talking about fucking radios, you take one more step you're fucking gone" this is where he initiates on me and I turn around and gun him down. He makes me go unconscious, I get back up and shoot one of the guys standing pretty much on top of me and end up dying to the last guy. I would also like to point out that I was being shot at by and M4A1 while I was unconscious by an individual that hadn't even initiated on me. I'd also like to add that the OP was the only one who had initiated on me, so that means that Max & Jett had no rights on me. If possible I would like to counter report @jacobwood02 for that. I would have had no clue to if there was multiple people involved in that hostile situation because it was dark and also because only one of them initiated on me and at first when I met with them it didn't seem like they where together. I would also like to add that I had no allies involved in this situation at all I was simply gathering supplies after dying in a firefight at Novodmitrovsk and so did @Kez. I was sat in an OOC channel at this point just hanging out and talking to some of the fallen members from that firefight. I'll also be posting a video I got from that whole situation. I use shadowplay highlight when I record and it only saved the about 1 min and 30 seconds of our interaction. I also had my mic muted on shadowplay unfortunately so I do apologize for that but @Max Simons video should cover that. I would also finally like to add after watching @Max Simons video that there is no way that I could have known that those three people where allied, we barely conversated and pretty much cut straight to the case and parted ways, we didn't go into those details. But that shouldn't matter anyway since only one of them initiated and I had only seen one running at me since it was night time. If the OP wishes to solve this I am willing to talk it out aswell.
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