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  1. hAwkzyyRP

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Looking forward to this, I'm sure it will be a blast to cross paths with y'all ingame. Much love
  2. hAwkzyyRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great character development between both of our characters today @RiZStream shout out to you man, thank you for the great roleplay. Small shout out to @PhoenyxxRP for dealing with our shit And thanks for the roleplay to the people that showed up aswell.
  3. Name: Antonio Tarantino Age: 20 Nationality: American Antonio Tarantino grew up in a suburban area, his father was strict and never let him dabble to much in a life outside of football and school. He really didn’t mind though he liked the attention he got as an athlete. Throughout high school, he was top dog, everyone wanted to be his friend. After highschool he went to college like most of his peers but instead of going on a football scholarship, he decided that he wanted to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Restaurant Management. Something about being a chef excited him, maybe the thrill? Perhaps just the idea of making food for others. He worked hard throughout college. He was a bit of a party animal though and enjoyed going to all the campus frat parties. After Antonio graduated, he opened his own restaurant on a street corner in New York. That's where his career took off, and he became one of the most renowned chefs in America. Antonio Tarantino wanted to expand his business within the country as a start, but his father had other ideas. Being apart of an Italian family isn’t the easiest thing, you need contacts and you have many friends of the family that will ask you for favors. The idea that was put in place was to expand the family business to Chernarussia, have multiple grand openings and throw as many parties as possible to strengthen relations with the Chernarussian mafia. In exchange the Italian mafia would receive weaponry and illegal substances.
  4. hAwkzyyRP

    S1 - Tisy - Invalid Kill

    Anthony Torrez POV: I was hanging out talking with some of the people at their base location at Tisy Military. I asked them if they possibly had any form of belt I could trade for or be given, but they said no so I decided to go search around the military area for this specific item. I went towards the tent area at the military base and I ran into two men which were heavily armed, I said "Hello" to both of them in a friendly tone. In return I was told to put my hands up by the individuall called Luke Runningham, which lead to me attempting to take the individuall out by shooting at him. I don't exactly recall what the intiation was word by word since the situation seemed completely valid in my opinion so I didn't bother saving a recording of this situation.
  5. Name: Andrej Reznov Age: 26 Nationality: Chernarussian Andrej Reznov, born and raised in Krasnostav. He had a rough childhood and was born to a very abusive and poor family. Ethnically Russian he always was torn between his home and his blood. When the civil war broke out in 2009 he took arms alongside his communist brothers. Together they fought and shed blood in the name of equality. The common goal was to turn Chernarus to a Communist/Socialist state as it did prior to being a Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union but unfortunately the imperialist dogs won. Andrej fled to the black mountains where him and his closest friends have been training to reassert communist ideals in an independent South Zagorian state. Commanded by our ruthless leader “Andrian Federov” we will make our mark upon the world. Andrej would do anything in his power to assure the survival of his brothers and to achieve their common goal. Andrej wanted to be apart of something challenging, he wanted to make a name for himself and become more renowned than he already is by achieving his goal and killing imperialist dogs.
  6. hAwkzyyRP

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Was a short run but a lovely one, much love! o7 Oh also, Wong is a real homie! Lastly o7 to the people that was lost along the way!
  7. hAwkzyyRP

    New Map - Issues

    Loot honestly seems like it is in a bad spot at the moment, I 100% agree with most others on this one. I haven't found any high end military weaponry yet and I've circled most military bases about three times in a row now. I have not found a helicopter crash yet, however to the people that are saying that just because we aren't finding the exact weaponry that we WANT to find easily it doesn't necessarily mean that we are PICKY, and I don't think saying that is fair at all. I also haven't found any explosives or high end ammunition such as (5.56x45, 7.62x39 & .308) I've also had struggles finding specific colored clothing such as: Tactical Helmets, Plate Carriers, Tactical Belts & Pouches. Same thing goes for 60rnd Mags or 75rnd Drum Mags for the high end military weaponry. Quality of Life is rather important, and personally for myself it makes it more appealing when it is high. In my opinion you should be able to go out for about 2-3 hours and find everything you wish for and then be good until you die. Being able to find the equipment you wish for a lot easier is Quality of Life to me. I rather be able to find loot easier then searching for something for hours upon hours to only be afraid that I'll lose it at somepoint and that I'll have to search to find it for hours once again. I don't personally mind how the Infected are at this very moment, but to balance it out I do feel like the loot has to be upped most definitely. Just thought I'd share my opinion with y'all! The amount infected I had to deal with once I visited one of the military locations
  8. Name: Vasili Ivanovich Age: 25 Nationality: Russian Vasili Ivanovich, born and raised in Novosibirsk. He lived a simple life and joined the russian military as soon as he could, after about two years serving in the armed forces he got selected for spetsnaz training. That's where his career took off, and he became one of the most renowned soldiers in russia. Vasili had a rough childhood, which meant that the only friends he made was when he began his military career. Those were the only people that mattered to him, the people that he could call brothers. Everything he went through in his childhood only made him stronger and he learnt many things from his brothers, that is probably why he was apart of so many successful operations during his time in spetsnaz. Vasili would do everything in his power to assure the survival of his brothers, he would even sacrifice himself. When he was finished with spetsnaz, he was contacted by Legion Corporation. A group was going to be deployed in Chernarus, and it was possibly going to be their most difficult contract yet. Vasili wanted to be apart of something more challenging, so he accepted their offer and he is currently dynamically associated with Legion Corporation. He wanted to make a name for himself and become more renowned than he already is by operating in other countries.
  9. hAwkzyyRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Much love my man @WombatLover69, you're a cool swede aswell
  10. hAwkzyyRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Love you @WongRP
  11. hAwkzyyRP

    S1: KOS in Cherno - 2019-08-11 - 12:30

    Server and location: Server 1 - Cherno Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 12:30 UTC Your in game name: Anthony Torrez Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I had been away from playing for about 11 hrs since I had some family issues going on and decided to get on and get some work done. I joined server one and as I usually look around our compound to make sure there is no one there snooping around the tents attempting to steal things I see a man in a ghillie suits. At first I don't have my gun out and try to see an armband as it might be a fellow wolf pack member or someone who is apart of Legion Corp. I pull my gun out and start running towards him to start an conversation and as I stand still trying to find him I get shot on sight.
  12. hAwkzyyRP

    S1 Dolina 04:30 Killing of Complying hostage

    Anthony Torrez POV: I was relaxing at our camp in Polana and all suddenly I hear Falk talking on the radio calling out that he is in need of food and water since he is going to starve to death. About five minutes after that I hear him call out that there are two sketchy guys following him from Dolina that he earlier met when he was shooting infected around the outskirts of Dolina. As myself and Vladimir was already heading from Polana to meet up with him, we suddenly hear him speaking through his radio saying "My hands are up" me and Vladimir double time it and run towards him. We spotted Falk and two other men at the small dirt road leading to Dolina. I see a man in a gasmask and as Vladimir tells me to take the shot, I take the shoot and end up killing him. I see Falk laying down on the ground with his hands on his head as he is complying and this other man in a orange medical backpack guns him down. After this happend we receive more backup from other Wolf Pack members and The Legion. We spot the man with the orange backpack running up the woods and we send out search groups to clear the woods and after clearing the trees for 40 minutes, we have no sight of the last individual any longer. Later upon we get back to Polana, and some Legion Corporation members call out that they searched the Polana Factory and spotted the last individual in a bush and they had him gunned down. After that I go back into our compound and sit down to relax myself.
  13. hAwkzyyRP

    S1 Polana | NVFL & Baiting

    Anthony Torrez POV: So a couple of hours before this situation we had a couple of Ex-Merciless members trying to break into our base with hacksaws and @Hunter cought them in the act, we as in Wolf Pack & Legion chase them all the way to Polana Factory and end up killing a couple of them. Later on that day someone walks up to our base all by himself, I questioned him and asked him what his name was and he first told me his name was Charlie. I asked him if he was affilitied with any group and he said no. I kindly invited him to our community tent where we give food & drink to the other survivors. After he grabbed some food he told me that he wanted to speak with Luka or Phoenyxx in which I responded with "I'm not certain if they're awake last I knew they had a meeting of sorts but I will have a look for you, hold on" they weren't around and I came back saying that they where asleep. We talked about nonsense for a while, until he asked me "You truly don't know who I am do you?" In which I responded with a "No?" He told me that he lied about his name and that his actual name was Clay Briggs and that he was apart of the situation earlier at the Factory. In all rights because this character and his friends tried to break into our compound my character started acting more hostile towards him, questioning him and calling him a cannibal etc. I went to the back of our compound and spoke through the radio saying that he was here. It really seemed like he wanted to provoke a reaction which could lead to a fight, as he always tried offending The Wolf Pack & Legion Corporation. I also forgot to add that at the start he wanted to do some trading, so he wasn't questioned straight away. He also attempted to get an reaction by throwing an grenade by our church in Polana and upon him leaving Polana the first time he threw another grenade to deal with infected so he claimed. We had Luka laying down in the window playing everything through his radio, this Clay Briggs called the Legion Corporation murderers & liars. Luka then contacted the Legion Corporation and they came questioned him told him to take his leave and he took his leave. He later on came back and more of us where awake at that point, we questioned him and told him to leave Polana and to not come back. Upon him coming back he did similiar things like he did on his last visit. I stayed within the camp as they escorted him out. I'd also like to add that upon him coming back the 2nd time he attempted to cut our combination lock and we cought him, we questioned him for it and he went "Did I?" "Was I?"
  14. hAwkzyyRP

    S1 Polana | NVFL & Baiting

    Sorry for the delay of my POV getting to it now, was asleep
  15. hAwkzyyRP

    S1 Berezino KOS x3. No RP/BadRP, Baiting

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I personally do not agree with my ban, since I had no idea that stripping a player of all their gear is viewed as BadRP in any shape of form. I personally at that point wished to obtain certain clothing that the people we stripped had on them so I could have a more tactical approach during night time and not be seen so easily by others that do not have Night Vision. It was more of me looking to gain certain clothing to blend in with terrain, my character in roleplay usually have two different cloth sets around for day time and night time and that is only for the better cause of his own survival, since he is aware that there are other aggressive groups out there. And I saw it as an valid reason to strip search the people of their equipment and clothing. I also had no clue that you must never do so since I can't seem to find anything in the rules stating otherwise, and if I knew that it was bad roleplay I would not have done so. At the given time I saw it being something valid my character would have done to benefit his own survival. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would also like to add at the given time it was quite hard to roleplay with any of these guys as they where only shouting out loudly that we where breaking rules and we wanted to keep the organic roleplay throughout the whole sitatuion and not break character. And if they would have been calm and not broken character throughout the situation I'm certain that more of us and especially myself would have given them more in depth robbery roleplay. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I'd like to get unbanned and my points removed, I'd like to perhaps approach and speak to the staff team and see if it could be made a rule if that is the case so other people don't do the same thing in the future. What could you have done better?: I could have emoted a lot more by typing through text chat by using //, I could have emoted that I took his clothes off or searched all his pockets to give the other part more enjoyable roleplay.
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