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"We’re all fighting battles no one knows about."

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  1. hAwkzyy

    S1 Berezino KOS x3. No RP/BadRP, Baiting

    Detailed description of the events: So basically we had just gotten back from a base raid, and my man Logan was out trying to find a hatchet/axe to get some wood. All of suddenly Logan calls out on the radio that he is being shot at by some guy and he is trying to conversate with him telling him to stop shooting and that they need to speak before continuing with situation as he had no clue why he was being shot at. Logan gives us his location myself and the rest of our mates decide to go and find out what is going on and we find Logan dead on the ground. I spotted this guy who had a camo hat on and red t-shirt on. I asked him for his name and if he was the one who shot Logan, because still we had no clue of what was taking place and we tried to calm down the situation. The guy in the building told us that he wanted to stay inside the building and he told us he was getting shot at, he then proceeded to kill my man Ryan Rivers and I question him by doing so still trying to figure out what was going on. I asked him to describe his looks, he was hesitant at start until he showed himself in the stairway of the apartment building. I told him to come outside, tell us his name and to speak with us. He offered to put his hands up and come outside but then later on changed his mind and told us that his brother would come and speak to us because the situation seemed sketchy. We promised that we would not harm him as we where still trying to figure out what was taking place. Then from nowhere I get shot and drop dead to the ground. Note: We're trying to speak with them on multiple occassions and we simply made no progress and out of nowhere I was shot.
  2. Name: Anthony Torrez Age: 21 Nationality: American Anthony Torrez grew up in a suburb area, his father was strict and never let him dabble to much in a life outside of football and school. He really didn’t mind though he liked the attention he got as an athlete. Throughout high school, he was top dog, everyone wanted to be his friend. Even though most of his friends talked about the nerds and outkasts Anthony was friends with them as well. He wasn’t the typical jock. After highschool he went to college like most of his peers but instead of going on a football scholarship, he decided that he wanted to get a degree in criminal justice. Something about being a cop excited him, maybe the thrill? Perhaps just the idea of keeping scum off the streets. He worked hard throughout college and even met his wife there. She was getting her degree in psychology. They met during sophomore year and enjoyed each other's company from the start. He was a bit of a party animal though and enjoyed going to all the campus frat parties. Thats actually where him and Hailey met. She liked to party too. After Anthony graduated, he applied to the police academy in hopes that he would be accepted and he could start the path he wanted his life to go. But his father had other ideas, he was sent to Chernarus to work there instead within their Police Department and hopefully teach them the American way of dealing with criminals, the correct way. Anthony Torrez used to believe that there was something good in every human being before the outbreak, unfortunately the world isn't always the way you wish for it to be. After witnessing citizens murdering each other for food and supplies & bandits torturing survivors for sports he realized how the people could really be like when they're desperate enough. Now he survives for one sole purpose and that is to stop the corrupt & defend the innocent.
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