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  1. Emanuele had a great job and life before the outbreak. He is Italian, and he was an Estate Manager for an American Billionaire. HE was used to travel the world to do property research for his boss..and he was sent to Chernarus to find a perfect spot where to build a great VIP lodge for his Boss when he was going on hunting. After the outbrake he was forced to stay there and now, his only task is to try to go back to Italy to find his wife. He miss Laura so much. SHe was the other half of the apple for Emanuele. He is really focused on how to exit the country, trying to go back home. He normally is a really kind and good man, but he will do everything to achieve is goal and if this will include killing people he won't stop.
  2. Eminx

    S1: RDM in Zelenogorsk 24/11/2016

    I repeat myself and I'm sorry for what happened, but i thought you already shot to us because my friend told me that, so in that moment i did not thought to just stop and wait because I thought you were already shooting...that's all. i'm not telling that i was right i'm just telling you what drove me to do that...a thing that unfortunately made me make a mistake for which i'm sorry. Let's wait for a staff decision. Thank you again Emanuele
  3. Eminx

    S1: RDM in Zelenogorsk 24/11/2016

    Hello. I asked you to drop the weapon and you can clearly hear that while you are saying don't shoot me don't shoot me. I asked it to you. As for the interaction i tell you this: Since Denis, (my friend) told me that someone was shooting to him i thought that the player skipped the interaction(i don't know why) and just started to shoot...so that's the reason why we were scared and I shot you. I thought you would be just shooting us without paying attention to the interaction so i decided to shoot. Of course after seeing your video is clear that i was wrong because you did not shot to us, but in that moment and after what my friend told me i just tried to survive and protect us....because (i repeat myself) i thought there was someone just trying to kill us. So I'm not telling you that it is your fault, but i'm just explaining what we felt in that moment, also because we already had a bad experience the day before (killed pretty fast by 4 guys) so we were suspicious about everything. We are really sorry about what happened and I'm not trying to find any excuses, I'm just telling the truth about what I did and why and also which situation Denis and I faced. Thanks Emanuele
  4. Eminx

    S1: RDM in Zelenogorsk 24/11/2016

    Hello Mental Saradomin and Petra. I'm sorry bout what happened. This is my report. Denis Guercino and I were at the police station. Suddenly we heard gun shots (we heard like 2-3 gunshots) get stucked in the wooden wall. Denis (my friend) told me that there was someone shooting him from outside. He guessed that the shot where coming from outside. After that i heard someone coming inside and i thought someone was coming to kill us. So when i saw her entering the room i shot her in the arm to try to intimidate her, then i asked her to drop the weapon after i told her that i shot because she tried to shoot to Denis. i haven't seen her dropping the gun but i only seen her turning to me while saying "don't shoot me" but we were too scared and we felt in danger, that's why i shot her. I have seen the video recored and it is clear that she did not shoot to Denise, but we didn't know that and there were many things in that situation that let us felt like if we were in danger. We are not bandits or killers, we just tried to survive, especially after we got killed yesterday from some bandits in balota for nothing.....but this is another story. As for the 30 minutes thing. I had to log off because i had to go to pick my wife up at work so i did not even thought about that rule (my fault). So to end this report, Petra is right, she is not guilty, but I did not shot her on purpose just to kill her, but because we felt in danger, you can see and hear in the video Petra posted taht after the shot you can clearly hear the bullet noise when hitting the wooden wall, so Denis thought that Petra was shooting to him and we were pretty scared and worried because nobody did initiate on us... I has been a bad misunderstanding and I apologies to Petra for that also on Behalf of Denis. This is my report about waht happened. Let me know what I have to do....thank you both. All the Best Emanuele
  5. HEllo All, i'm coming from Italy!!!
  6. Hello guys, I'm new, my request has just been approved. I'm Italian and I live in Venice. I really enjoyed DAYZ since the first mod. I hope to spend some fantastica adventures with you all. My name in Game is Emanuele Corsini Take care!
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